Kenia “La Gema” Enriquez Returns

Kenia Enriquez Fights Brenda Ramos in Tijuana on Friday

Fresh from a convincing victory Kenia “La Gema” Enriquez returns to the ring at her hometown in search of more conquests.

Enriquez (16-1, 8 Kos) faces Brenda Ramos (8-2, 4 KOs) of Monterrey, Mexico in an eight round light flyweight bout on Friday July 1, at the Grand Hotel in Tijuana, Mexico. It’s been two months since the former world champion last performed.

Like most female Mexican fighters Tijuana’s Enriquez has no fear. She does not look to maintain a perfect record against lesser fighters with losing records. Instead, she seeks to grab another world title.

Formerly the WBO flyweight champion, the quick and deadly Enriquez dropped down in weight to her natural division and seeks to dominate it by wrecking everybody’s dreams standing in her way.

In her last fight she met a cross border adversary in San Diego’s Amaris “Diamond Girl” Quintana at the Inglewood Forum on April. They had sparred before and planned to face each other with the proper circumstances. Nothing was more proper than fighting in front of 16,000 fans eager to see two well-trained and ferocious female fighters.

“My last fight was the biggest fight of my career against a fighter (Quintana) that nobody had been able to knock out,” said Enriquez who fought on the Gennady Golovkin and Roman “Chocolatito” Gonzalez fight card on April 23. “It was on the same card as the two best (male) fighters pound for pound so it was very important.

Enriquez floored Quintana in the first round with a perfectly placed snapping left hook on the charging San Diego fighter. At first it looked like the fight would not continue but Quintana roared back with double intensity. Finally, in the fifth round, Enriquez unleashed a flashy three-punch combination that forced the referee to stop the fight 16 seconds into the round.

“She’s like me. She (Quintana) likes to fight and she’s able to take punches,” Enriquez said after that fight.

Now Enriquez faces Ramos a knockout puncher who faced the younger Enriquez sister Tania last November and was defeated by knockout after a fierce struggle.

“The fighter I face on Friday is brave and good. She’s faced national champions and that gives you experience,” said Enriquez, 22, who was also an amateur star. “I don’t think it will be an easy fight but I like challenges. I want to fight the best including the champion. I want a world title again.”

With her ability to box and punch she’s rocketed up various standings in her weight division. Aside from being a striking beauty she has a good outgoing personality until she enters the boxing ring. Then, an immediate change takes place and she bears a look of an executioner. She’s executed eight opponents so far out of 17.

Enriquez is on a quest to become a champion once again and the best prizefighter possible.

“I like challenges and I like facing good fighters,” she said.

She’s a true gem.