The Pound for Pound Best Top 10

Best of the Best Female Fighters Pound for Pound


By David A. Avila

(Photo by Skysports)

  • Claressa Shields (13-0, 2 Kos) – It’s already been seven years since Shields entered the professional ranks as a two-time Olympic gold medalist. Time flies. Now 27, she has fought 111 rounds and lost no more than 10 rounds total. That’s amazing. Shields has the capability of fighting from 154 to 175 if necessary. The bigger money is super welterweight to middleweight. And guess what, she is getting better and entering her prime. I’ve never seen a more gifted female fighter in all my years covering boxing.


  • Katie Taylor (22-0, 6 Kos) – Now 36, the Irish rose has been the catalyst for the women’s movement that was sinking away into oblivion before her arrival. Now, six years later, Taylor has been at the forefront of a renaissance for female prizefighting. Million dollar paydays aside, the undisputed lightweight champion has earned the plaudits with blood, guts and skill. Next is a second engagement against Puerto Rico’s Amanda Serrano in Ireland.


  • Amanda Serrano (44-2-1, 30 Kos) – The undisputed featherweight is now 34 and looking for more. Her battle against Mexico’s Erika Cruz once again lit up New York City and the world. Serrano continues to give to the sport with her willingness to provide fire to prizefighting. Decades from now fans will recall the Brooklyn fighter’s fearless attitude and all-around excellence. Next will be the rematch with Katie Taylor in Ireland this coming May.


  • Seniesa Estrada (23-0, 9 Kos) – the multi-division champion seeks to become undisputed in the minimumweight category. At 30, Estrada keeps establishing dominance in the lighter weight division. The East Los Angeles fighter continues to add layers to her incredible weaponry. She has the best left hook in the boxing business. And her right can pack power too. Her upcoming matchup against Tina Rupprecht will match speed for speed in Fresno come March 25.


  • Alycia Baumgardner (14-1, 7 Kos) – now training out of Detroit, the 28-year-old keeps getting better. Timing and power are her assets, but she showed even better timing against Elhem Mekhaled to become undisputed super featherweight world champion. A rematch against Mikaela Mayer will add another big payday, then that winner can face the winner between Katie Taylor and Amanda Serrano. Baumgardner has a polished pro style of fighting. She sits in the pocket and delivers bombs with left or rights.


  • Chantelle Cameron (17-0, 8 Kos) – at 31, the British fighter proved that at super lightweight she has no peers to challenge to become undisputed world champion. Cameron is in an awkward position where the biggest payday will be a rematch with Jessica McCaskill, but at welterweight. She can’t wait for Katie Taylor who will be busy with her own rematch. Once again, a battle with Chicago’s McCaskill awaits her. Expect an even more ferocious outcome.


  • Mikaela Mayer (17-1, 5 Kos) – A rematch for the 32-year-old with nemesis Alycia Baumgardner makes the most sense and the most money. Their first encounter was razor close and went to Baumgardner. Expect another close battle with each having gained knowledge of the other’s tactics and strengths. Every so often a perfect match appears. As soon as this is officially made, mark it down on your calendar.


  • Jessica McCaskill (12-3, 5 Kos) – now 38, Chicago’s McCaskill still holds the undisputed welterweight crown. Though she lost against Chantelle Cameron, she gets another crack at the excellent British fighter. Their first fight looked one-sided until McCaskill changed tactics and then it got very interesting. It was a little too late but the second half of the fight was very close. A rematch is very intriguing. Will weight make a significant difference?


  • Franchon Crews-Dezurn (8-1, 2 Kos) – undisputed super middleweight champion Crews-Dezurn seems to slip unnoticed but has endured an incredible journey to get to this point. Now 35, can you imagine that in her pro debut Crews-Dezurn fought Claressa Shields. Loses the fight, but gives her one of the toughest fights of her career. Then proceeds to win one title and another and now she is undisputed super middleweight world champion. And she seems to be getting better. Expect a big showdown with upcoming Shadasia Green or England’s big hitter Savannah Marshall. It doesn’t get easier for Crews but sometimes the boxing world is like that.


  • Savannah Marshall (12-1, 10 Kos) – after losing for the first time, the British slugger Marshall proved she was more than just a knockout specialist. At age 31 Marshall can move up in weight or stay at 160 pounds. Her ability to adjust to Shields speed and quickness later in their fight, showed abilities never seen in previous pro fights. Marshall can indeed box too. She won’t be without a world title very long.


Honorable mention

Dina Thorslund, Layla McCarter, Natasha Jonas, Kenia Enriquez, Jessica Nery Plata, Yokasta Valle, Marlen Esparza, Naoko Fujioka, and Tsunami Tenkai.


More Fight News


Maria Sol Baumstarh (7-6-1) stopped Lauren Belen (5-4-1) in the second round on Saturday Feb. 11. The South American light flyweight title match was held in Carmen de Areco.

Victoria Bustos (24-7) beat Estefania Alaniz (5-7-1) by decision after eight rounds on Saturday Feb. 11. The lightweight bout took place at Villa Carlos Paz.



On Saturday Feb. 18, welterweights Hayley Adrian ((2-0) and Suwanun Antanai (4-7) meet four rounds at Carrara.



Carolyn Redmond (6-1) knocked out Silvia Barraza (2-3) in the fourth round on Saturday Feb. 11. The super welterweight contest was held at Hamilton.



Jenny Tulcan (4-0) knocked out Karen Lopez (0-1-1) in the third round on Saturday feb. 11. The lightweight match was held in Tolima.



On Saturday Feb. 18, super middleweights Hannah Rousu (1-0) and Monica Stancheva (0-1) meet four rounds at Kajaani.



Romane Geffray (5-4-1defeated Lydie Bialic (2-2) by decision after 10 rounds on Saturday Feb. 11. The regional bantamweight title match was held at Carcassome.

Emma Gongora (6-2) won by unanimous decision after six rounds against Eva Cantos (4-12-1) on Friday Feb. 10. The featherweight fight took place at Marseille.



On Saturday Feb. 18, super lightweights Ikram Kerwat (11-3) and Nana Dokadze (3-15) meet six rounds at Stuttgart.



On Friday Feb. 17, lightweights Pamela Noutcho (3-0) and Dunja Bocan (0-1) meet six rounds at Massa.



On Sunday Feb. 19, super featherweights Rekha (2-0) and Pooja Rani (0-1) meet six rounds at New Delhi.



On Saturday Feb. 18, super featherweights Jekaterina Marcenko (5-0) and Angelika Oles (2-1) meet six rounds at Riga. Also, super featherweights Agnese Boza (8-5) and Marina Sakharov (5-17-2) meet six rounds; and lightweights Jekaterina Sorokina (0-0) and Bojana Libiszewska (7-51) meet four rounds.



Sara Koops (2-0-1) won by decision after six rounds versus Beata Juhasz (0-1) on Saturday Feb. 11. The welterweight fight was held in Netherlands.



Angelika Kryzstoforska (5-0) stopped Daisey Preston (0-5-1) in the second round on Saturday Feb. 11. The super flyweight bout took place at Stezyca. Also, bantamweight Gabriela Migda (1-0) beat Julia Kabzinska (1-1) by split decision after four rounds.



On Saturday Feb. 18, super featherweights Alba Sanchez (2-0) and Kalina Nikolova (0-4) meet five rounds at Madrid.


United Kingdom

Caroline Dubois (6-0) knocked out Feriche Mashaury (10-8) in the third round on Saturday Fe  b. 11. The lightweight match took place in Wembley, England.

Stevi Levy (8-1) defeated Bec Connolly (3-17) by decision after six rounds on Friday Feb. 10. The featherweight bout was held at Rotherham, England. Also, super welterweight Bree Burbeary (3-0) beat Joyce Van Ee (2-2-1) by decision after six rounds. And super flyweight Nicola Hopewell (3-0) won by decision after six rounds against Ivanka Ivanova (5-22-3).