Naomi Arellano vs Kim Clavel in Canada

Kim Clavel Back in Action and More News


By David A. Avila

Canada’s Kim Clavel faces her third consecutive Mexican light flyweight when she meets Naomi Arellano for a regional title on Friday May 12.

It’s also her first match since experiencing a loss.

Four months ago, Clavel (16-1, 3 Kos) lost the world title, but now she’s gunning for the WBC International light flyweight title against Arellano (9-2, 5 Kos) on Saturday at Place Bell in Laval, Canada. FITE.TV will show the Groupe Yves Montand fight card.

Another Mexican opponent, but not all are the same. Mexican style doesn’t apply to all fighters in the land of the Aztecs.

Clavel has athleticism-plus and normally that’s enough to guarantee a win except against the elite. They are all athletic when you look at the top light flyweights of the world.

Back in January, Mexico’s Jessica Nery Plata arrived with her pressure style and ability to use her long arms effectively. Though Clavel gave an outstanding effort, it was her first look at that style. She lost seven rounds to three.

When Clavel defeated Mexico’s Yesenia Gomez for the WBC light flyweight title that fighter was protected for years against the likes of Kenia Enriquez and Plata.  Basically, the Canadian was facing the third or fourth best light flyweight of Mexico and vanquished her.

Now the high-spirited Clavel will look to reload her bullet train toward another world title opportunity or at least a showdown against one of the other titlists. So many to choose from if you consider the minimumweights too.

First, there is Seniesa Estrada, Yokasta Valle, Naoko Fujioka, Tsunami Tenkai, who are all able to fight from minimumweight to flyweight if necessary. Then there are the light flyweight contenders like Evelin Bermudez, Leonela Yudica, and Tania Enriquez.

That’s a murderer’s row.

Arellano, 28, recently fought the extremely tall flyweight Gabriela Fundora and did fairly well considering the height, reach and weight disadvantages. This time the Mexican fights someone her own size and weight.

It should be a very good test for both.


Chantelle and Katie

Next week the battle of the isles takes place as undisputed super lightweight champion Chantelle Cameron defends her titles against undisputed lightweight champion Katie Taylor.

Their contest takes place in Dublin, Ireland. DAZN will stream the fight.

Not a lot of chatter about this incredible battle looming in the Americas, but expectations should rise the closer it gets.

Cameron and Taylor are no strangers to each other. They clashed numerous times as amateurs with Taylor winning the bulk. But this is the pros and they are going to hit 100 mph for 10 rounds. It’s all about who has the fuel and can make the better adjustments.


Amanda and Heather

Last week it was announced that Amanda Serrano will face Heather Hardy in a rematch. This time the two New Yorker’s will meet in Dallas, Texas on August 5.

Serrano is honoring a promise to fight Hardy again. Their first match took place in September 2019 at Madison Square Garden Theater. Hardy, then the WBO featherweight titlist, avoided a first-round knockout and eventually lost a spirited battle and the title against Serrano who is now undisputed featherweight world champion.

Both Brooklyn-based fighters will meet on the Jake Paul-Nate Diaz fight card streamed on DAZN pay-per-view.


More Fight News


Jennifer Williams (2-0) defeated Karla Soria (1-2) by decision after four rounds on Saturday May 6. The welterweight fight was held at Brantford.

On Friday May 12, light flyweights Kim Clavel (16-1) and Naomi Arellano (9-2) meet 10 rounds for a regional title at Laval. Also, featherweights Caroline Veyre (3-0) and Emma Gongora (6-2) meet eight rounds; and flyweights Alexas Kubicki (6-0) and Linda Contreras (2-3-2) meet eight rounds.



Wenfeng Guo (1-0) beat Xingyue Zheng (0-1) by decision after four rounds on Monday May 1. No location given for the welterweight match.



On Friday May 12, flyweights Justine Lallemand (8-2-1) and Amy Naert (8-1) meet six rounds at Charleville.



On Saturday May 13. Minimumweights Sarah Boormann (15-0) and Yadira Bustillos (7-0) meet 10 rounds at Offenbach for an interim title.



Chiara Gregoris (2-0) won by decision over Gordana Marjanovic (0-5) after six rounds on Saturday May 6. The light flyweight bout was held at Rome.

Stephanie Silva (8-0) defeated Mailys Gangloff (8-4) by unanimous decision after 10 rounds on Friday May 5. The EBU super flyweight title fight was held at Tivoli. Bantamweight Johanna Wonyou (9-0) defeated Simona Salvatori (8-1) for the EBU title by unanimous decision. Bantamweights Gloria Peritore (1-0-1) and Giacoma Cordio (1-0-1) fought to a draw after six rounds.

Flora Pili (7-0) won by split decision after 10 rounds versus Silvia Bortot (11-2-1) on Friday May 5. The EBU super lightweight title fight took place at Padua. Lightweight Martina Righi (4-1) beat Nadia Flalhi (5-2) by decision after 10 rounds for the Italian title.



Riyuna Yoshikawa (6-1-1) won by unanimous decision after eight rounds against Kaoru Iga (6-3-1) on Wednesday May 3. The minimumweight bout took place at Izumi.



Julissa Guzman (12-2-2) knocked out Rosa Diaz Peralta (7-7) in the first round on Saturday May 6. The lightweight match was held at Tijuana.


South Africa

Simangele Hadebe (13-3-2) won by unanimous decision after eight rounds versus Phannaluk Kongsang (11-12-1) on Saturday May 6. The flyweight bout was held in Johannesburg. Also, welterweight Hedda Wolmarans (8-0) knocked out Monalisa Sibanda (6-10) in the third round.



Sheila Martinez (6-3) won by unanimous decision after 10 rounds against Natalia Francesca 4-2) on Saturday May 6. The EBU featherweight title fight was held at Albuixech.


United Arab Emirates

On Saturday May 13, super bantamweights Nastaran Fathi (8-1) and Ellen Simwaka (12-5-2) meet 10 rounds at Dubai.


United Kingdom

Lauren Price (4-0) defeated Kirstie Bavington (7-4-2) by unanimous decision after 10 rounds on Saturday May 6. The British welterweight title fight took place at Birmingham.

Jordan Barker (6-2) defeated Vaida Massiokaite (4-19-5) by decision after six rounds on Friday May 5. The super lightweight bout took place at Rotherham, England. Bantamweight Tori-Ellis Willetts (1-0) knocked out Klaudia Ferenczi (20-102-9) in the third round.



Rianna Rios (7-0) won by decision after six rounds against Cara McLaughlin (1-6) on Saturday May 6. The bantamweight fight was held at Washington DC.

Middleweights Kaitlin LaVigne (2-2-1) and Jordanne Garcia (4-2-3) fought to a majority draw after six rounds on Friday May 6. The fight took place at Kansas City, Kansas.

Maryguenn Vellinga (4-3-2) defeated Marlen Avila (0-1) by decision after four rounds on Friday May 5. The flyweight match was held in Salt Lake City, Utah.

On Friday May 12, super lightweights Shamara Woods (1-0) and Simone Aparecida (17-24) meet four rounds at Orlando, Florida.