Too Dangerous Crew – Female Fighters That Can Battle With Anyone

Female Fighters – Whether it’s women’s or men’s boxing you can always find someone who may not have a spotless and sterling record, but if you get in the boxing ring with one of these fighters you can easily be in a fight for your life.

We’ll call them the “too dangerous crew,” the group of female prizefighters who may have many losses on their records, but they can fight anyone in the world on equal ground. Usually these girls provide the best fights every year. Don’t be fooled by their records. They can compete with anyone. Here they are in no particular order.


Female Fighters of Note

Crystal Morales (9-10-1) 29, Oxnard, Calif. – Despite more losses than wins the feisty Southern California prizefighter won the lightweight world title two years ago. She’s a brawler who can box, but chooses to please the fans. Morales, 29, has plenty of skills and could easily defeat anyone in the super featherweight to welterweight division. It doesn’t matter who she fights, she battles according to the opposition. She was tabbed to face Layla McCarter but the fight was nixed by the Nevada State Athletic Commission that apparently doesn’t know enough about women’s boxing. Morales can fight anyone.

Victoria Cisneros (12-18-2) 30, welterweight, New Mexico USA. – the former sparring partner and foe of Holly Holm has long been a guarantee to take any fight against anyone. Aptly nicknamed “La Reina de Guerra,” or Queen of War, Cisneros recently traveled to Mexico and knocked out Yolanda Segura in three rounds. She’s fought numerous world champions some more than once. A real brawler, Cisneros just plain loves to fight.

Tenkai Tsunami (21-11) 31, Japan, a bantamweight – at 5’2” the Japanese fighter has a go-for-broke style that can end a fight in a knockout or battering. Formerly a super flyweight world champion, Tsunami is willing to travel to fight with anyone. Fans in Mexico are well aware of Tsunami who has fought every top flyweight from Mariana Juarez to Jessica Chavez. She has crackling power that keeps her in every fight.

Ana Arrazola (24-11-2) 33, Mexico minimum weight – the southpaw from Mexico City may not be blessed with speed, height, or power. She simply knows how to fight and is technically proficient. No one steamrolls Arrazola. When she fought Kenia Enriquez for the flyweight title she made adjustments throughout the fight that allowed her to remain competitive. She’s a real professional who never loses her head in a fight. Arrazola is always on point.

Galina Ivanova (16-11-4) 37, bantamweight Sofia, Bulgaria – she may have as many losses and draws as wins, but the southpaw from Eastern Europe is good enough to fight for world titles on multiple occasions and win. The veteran has boxing knowledge and knows how to use it. She’s nearing the end but still has some good fights inside of her. No one has ever dominated Ivanova.

Jolene Blackshear (9-7) 45, flyweight San Diego – Around the San Diego area the petite flyweight has sparred with numerous top female boxers. After debuting in 1995, Blackshear waited for nine years before returning to pro boxing in 2009 and defeating Melissa McMorrow. Despite seven losses Blackshear is a handful with good solid skills. Blackshear has knockout power and knows how to set up a knockout. She’s a very clever fighter.

Maria Elena Villalobos (13-13-1) 42, featherweight Mexico – The pressure fighter from Mexico City is never in a bad fight. Villalobos has fought as low as 111 pounds and as high as 124-pound featherweight. She’s fought numerous world champions but has been unable to crack the win column against any. She’s come close.

Loli Munoz (12-17-3) 39, super lightweight Spain – A tall lightweight fighting out of Barcelona, Spain, the long armed Munoz knows how to use that length with her jabs. Despite losing her last five consecutive fights, Munoz is very talented and has never been knocked out. She’s fought the best including Layla McCarter, Melissa Hernandez and Delfine Persoon. Most of her losses took place outside of her native Spain. Munoz is a battler.