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Looking Back at 2021 USA Amateur Boxing

A Review of USA Amateur Boxing in 2021   By Lupi Gutierrez As the world opened up after the Covid-19 lockdown, so did boxing. Here’s a rundown of the amateur boxing world in 2021. In the summer of 2021, with qualifiers being cancelled and the coronavirus still in wrecking mode, it was an incredibly windy […]

Christy Martin vs Belinda Laracuente

Flashback Friday: Christy Martin vs Belinda Laracu...

Flashback Friday: Christy Martin vs Belinda Laracuente at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas March 3, 2000.     For those that follow female boxing, the “Coalminer’s Daughter” Christy Martin needs no introduction.  Arguably the first American female boxer to break through to the mainstream, Martin began boxing after participating in “tough women” contests in the […]

Christy Martin

Christy Martin: A Retrospective Look

Christy Martin A Retrospective Look at Hall of Fame Career   Another first will be lived this weekend in Las Vegas, Nevada, when the “Coalminer’s Daughter”, Christy Martin, is inducted as the first female fighter to the Nevada Boxing Hall of Fame.   The ceremony is set to take place on Saturday night, July 30th, […]

Five Landmark Dates

Five Landmark Dates in Women’s Prizefighting

Five Landmark Dates in Women’s Prizefighting – A version of boxing has been around since time immemorial.  There is evidence of it in the Middle East Before Christ.  Records of actual prizefighting go back as far as the 16th century. But the boxing we recognize and know today, with its rules and weight divisions, began with […]

Jolene Blackshear vs Sindy Amador

FLASHBACK FRIDAY – Jolene Blackshear vs Si...

Jolene Blackshear vs Sindy Amador – In every fight, whether male or female, there are lessons to be learned.  The winner, the loser and even the audience walks away with something new they can use in the future.  It is certain the night of Friday, July 26th, 2013, at the Doubletree Hotel in Ontario, California, all […]

Layla McCarter

Great Female Fights from the Past: Layla McCarter ...

When it was announced that Chevelle Hallback was put on a fight card and that Layla McCarter was the foe it raised a few eyebrows in the female fight crowd. A little later a bigger announcement followed: ESPN was going to televise the female title fight. That was in 2004 and the female fight world […]