Layla McCarter Wins in Mexico

Layla McCarter Wins in Mexico – It’s no secret that in the land of pyramids female prizefighting has taken root and flourished to the nth degree.

Layla “The Amazing” McCarter knows this so she accepted an offer to travel to Mexico to soak in the atmosphere, meet the people and perform inside the boxing ring.

McCarter (37-13-5, 9 Kos) spent a week in Mexico City, formerly known as Tenochtitlan, and knocked out Yolanda Segura (16-13, 10 Kos) in the first round of a super lightweight clash on Saturday April 16. It’s what she does and her skills have made her the best female prizefighter in the world pound for pound.

“In the fight, I planned to go for an early knockout but really didn’t expect it to be over so quick. 48 seconds is almost disappointing because I didn’t really have time for showmanship. As we all know though, anything can happen in a fight and I didn’t want to risk everything so when the opportunity came, I took advantage,” said McCarter from Mexico City.

The Las Vegas prizefighter wanted a fight and did not fear fighting in another country where decisions can often go to the native fighter. She’s already fought and won in Japan, Canada, South Africa, and New Zealand. And Mexico intrigued her because of its crazy fans for the sport of prizefighting.

She is fearless.

“My whole career has demonstrated that. The real disappointment though is the lack of real opportunities to fight and make money in boxing, especially at the top level,” she says.

McCarter took a jet to the high altitude of Mexico City and arrived more than a week ago. Since 2007 no one has been able to defeat the not particularly big female fighter who has been fighting since 1998. Size has never mattered to McCarter.

Her opponent Segura began fighting in 2008 and had fought Ana Julaton twice and lost twice. McCarter wanted to get in work as she targets any of the female prizefighters in the world who are considered the best in her weight class or above.  Segura, though 42, has a tough reputation as a survivor. But McCarter, is simply the best in the world at any weight division. Segura was swatted like a fly in 42 seconds not 48 seconds.

“I expected it to go a little longer but I was very calm and confident and wanted to end it as early as possible,” said McCarter adding that she wasn’t sure how the altitude might affect her and was worried about the actual boxing ring.

No worries. McCarter has shown she packs power. After years of gathering skill, experience and perfecting her accuracy she can knock out anyone regardless of size. Take her win in 2012 in South Africa where she knocked out Noni Tenge a tall super welterweight to win the WBA super welterweight world title. Last year she knocked out the dangerous punching Diana Prazak in the BKB pit in Las Vegas. She definitely has knockout power.

But she’s on a quest. She wants to prove in the boxing ring that no other female fighter is better.

“I’d like to fight anyone, anywhere!” said McCarter. “I have little more to prove but I’d love to keep fighting if it can make sense at some point. I’m thoroughly disappointed with promotions in the USA right now.”

Meanwhile, the fun-loving McCarter strolled around the Zocalo and Chapultepec Park taking in the sights and meeting the people of Mexico City. She also climbed the pyramids and hit the various tourist spots.

“Actually the best discovery was how friendly and helpful most Mexican people are. It’s really pleasant to know they well go out of their way to help others,” she said.

When McCarter returns to the USA on Tuesday it will be her 37th birthday.