Female Fight Chatter

Female Fight Chatter May 16, 2016


By ThePrizefighters.com staff

Mariana “Barbie” Juarez (43-8-4, 17 Kos) retained the WBC International super flyweight title by unanimous decision against Japan’s Tamao Ozawa (10-3) on Saturday May 14.

Juarez, 36, is a former flyweight and super bantamweight world champion fighting out of Mexico City, Mexico. The fight took place at Arena Coliseo in Mexico City. It was the co-main event along with Marco Periban who handed German Rafael (10-1) his first loss as a pro in a light heavyweight clash. Periban, 31, is the boyfriend of Juarez.

The brunette female prizefighter has long been Mexico’s most recognized female star alongside her male counterpart Saul “Canelo” Alvarez of Guadalajara, Mexico. She also has two sisters currently fighting professionally in Mexico City.

Female fighters have come and gone as Juarez continues her quest toward another world title. Among those she’s fought include Ana Maria Torres, Elena “Baby Doll” Reid, Arely Mucino, Ava Knight, and Shindo Go to name a few.



In Buenos Aires, Adela Peralta (8-0) added the vacant WBO super lightweight title to her resume with a unanimous decision win over IBF super lightweight titlist Marisa Nunez (7-6-2) after 10 rounds on Saturday May 14. Peralta, 28, took the IBF title away from Nunez, 32, who won the title by decision against Monica Acosta in September 2014.

In Buenos Aires, Laura Griffa (11-0) defeated Silvia Zacarias (8-20-5) by unanimous decision after six rounds on Saturday May 14, in a featherweight match. Griffa, 30, last fought in November 2015 when she won the Argentina super bantamweight title against Marisa Portillo. Zacarias, 31, has lost eight consecutive fights and not won a bout since 2012.

In Buenos Aires, Natalia Reynoso (4-0) defeated Yamila Olivera (0-1) by knockout in the second round of their super lightweight match on Saturday May 14. Reynoso, 28, lives and trains in Buenos Aires.

In Buenos Aires, Micaela Lagos (1-0) knocked out Carla Massa (0-1) in the second round of their featherweight match on Friday May 13. Both women were making their pro debuts. The female fight was set at three-minute rounds instead of two-minute rounds.



In Montreal, a cruiserweight contest was won by Vanessa Joanisse (2-0) by unanimous decision after four rounds with Annie Mazerolle (2-2) on Friday May 13. Joanisse, 20, lives in Saint Andre Avellin, Canada. It was the second time in two months the pair of women fought each other. Joanisse won the first bout too. Mazerolle is 32 and also fights out of Canada.



In Pasacaballo, a featherweight clash ended in a knockout win for Yolis Franco (18-9-3) over Yoleima Blanco (0-10) in the second round of their match scheduled for eight rounds on Friday May 13.



In Tallinn, Elena Gradinar (1-0) won her pro debut over Olga Zabavina (0-3) after four rounds in a featherweight bout that took place on Friday May 13.



In Nord, Licia Boudersa (5-1-1) won by points against Sara Marjanovic (1-4) after six rounds of a featherweight fight on Saturday May 14. Boudersa, 23, lives and trains in Nord, France and now has a three-fight win streak. Marjanovic, 28, fights out of Belgrade, Serbia and now has lost four consecutive fights.

Laititia Arzalier (10-1) faces Aline Scaranello (9-3) for the vacant WBF minimum weight title on Saturday May 21. The title match takes place in Herault, France. Arzalier, 32, lives in Herault, France. Scaranello, 27, lives in Santa Paulo, Brazil.



In Budapest, Gina Chamie (14-6) defeated Veronika Hornyak (4-11) on points after six rounds in a super featherweight contest on Sunday May 15. Chamie, 26, defeated Hornyak for a third time in two years. Hornyak, 22, has a 10-fight losing streak and has not won a fight in three years. Both women fight out of Hungary.



In Torino, a flyweight title match saw Loredana Piazza (12-3) win the vacant EBU title after 10 rounds by unanimous decision against Sandy Coget (7-5-1) on Friday May 13. Piazza, 36, finally won a title after three previous attempts. Coget, 27, lives and trains in Courrieres, France and had her three-fight win streak snapped.



In Kobe, a minimum weight fight Minayo Kao (2-2) defeated Natsuki Tarui (0-4) by decision after four rounds on Monday May 16.

In Okinawa, a flyweight bout took place on Sunday May 15 and Yumemi Ikemoto (1-0) won her pro debut against Yumi Narita (0-1) who was also making her pro debut. Ikemoto, 20, lives and trains out of Okinawa. Narita is 27 and lives in Himeji, Japan.



In Reynosa, a bantamweight title fight between Yazmin Rivas (34-9-1) and Venezuela’s Ana Maria Lozano (12-4-1) was ruled a technical draw after an eye injury was sustained by Rivas during a clash of heads. Because it was only the third round, the bout was ruled a technical draw according to WBC rules. The fight took place on Saturday May 14.



In Kozle, a super lightweight match saw Oleksandra Sidorenko (4-0) win by unanimous decision against Klaudia Szymczak (2-8) after six rounds on Saturday May 14. Sidorenko is originally from the Ukraine but now lives and trains in Warsaw, Poland. Szymczak, 27, is also from



Sofya Ochigava (0-0) and Firuza Sharipova (0-0) make their pro debuts against each other on Saturday May 21, in a super featherweight bout set for eight rounds. The female bout takes place in Moscow.

Yana Denisova (0-1) faces Tina Rupprecht (3-0) in a minimum weight clash set for six rounds on Sunday May 22. The fight takes place in Tambov, Russia. Denisova, 22, lives in Tambov, Russia and is very tall at 5’4” for the weight class. Rupprecht, 23, lives and fights out of Bayern, Germany.



In Sturovo, four female bouts took place on Tuesday May 10. Edina Kiss (7-1) returned to the win column after losing to Amanda Serrano by knockout last month in Puerto Rico. Kiss, 26, defeated Alexandra Vlajk (10-4) by unanimous decision after eight rounds. Zsofia Bedo (16-37-1) beat Anita Hortobagyi (4-8) by unanimous decision after six rounds in a lightweight contest. Renata Domsodi (14-9) gained a win by unanimous decision against Dora Kerekes (2-6) in a featherweight pairing. Melinda Lazar (4-3) was victorious over Bernadett Czegeledi (1-5) after a four-round super welterweight clash.



In Dar Es-Salaam, a bantamweight clash between Chiedza Homakoma (0-0-1) and Lulu Kayage (6-2-2) ended in a split draw after four rounds on Saturday May 14. Kayage, 25, lives and trains in Dar Es-Salaam, Tanzania.



In Lutherville, Maryland, a flyweight bout saw Tyrieshia Douglas (11-1) defeat veteran Anahi Torres (13-14-1) by unanimous decision after eight rounds on Saturday May 14. Douglas, 27, lives in Baltimore, Maryland. Torres, 27, fights out of Mexico City, Mexico and moved up in weight for this fight.

Federica Bianco (1-1) meets Elisa Collaro (0-0-1) in a bantamweight fight on Thursday May 19, in Rochester, New York. Bianco, 37, fights out of New York City. Collaro, 25, was born in Italy but now lives in New York City.