Layla McCarter vs Melissa Hernandez on Big Card

Layla McCarter and Melissa Hernandez Ready to Perform and other female news

All eyes in the female boxing world will be looking toward the south when a couple of America’s best Layla “The Amazing” McCarter and Melissa “Huracan” Hernandez clash on a major fight card.

Seldom are women included.

McCarter (37-13-5) and Hernandez (22-6-3) have long been considered among the top female prizefighters in the world. Both meet a fourth time on Saturday July 16, in Birmingham, Alabama in an eight-round super lightweight bout. Fox Sports 1 may televise it.

For many across the nation it’s the first time they will see top female prizefighters.

It’s not the main event. A fight between WBC heavyweight titlist Deontay Wilder (36-0, 35 Kos) and Chris Arreola (36-4-1, 31 Kos) is the headlining event and will be televised on Fox. Much respect must be given to Wilder for asking that McCarter be added to the major fight card.

Yes it was Wilder who asked that McCarter be included on the fight card.

“Deontay called and told me had been working on it. I’m shocked too. Especially that he recognizes the discrimination against women,” said McCarter after Wilder kept his promise of putting a female fight on his own fight card. “He had said a while back that when he was heavyweight champion he was going to put a woman on the card.”

McCarter’s team searched for a suitable opponent. Her last fight was in April and took place in Mexico City where she knocked out Yolanda Segura in 42 seconds. She needed someone skillful and that’s where Hernandez fit the bill.

“She is better than anybody else I can get,” said McCarter of Hernandez. “She has charisma, is colorful and she can fight.”

McCarter should know. They have fought each other three times before and Hernandez is the last to be able to beat McCarter. That was in April 2007.

“I was last person to beat her and she was the first person to beat me. So in ending my boxing career, I thought why not give it another shot,” said Hernandez who is tentatively planning this as her retirement fight.

Hernandez also has special significance because she was involved in the last female boxing bout that was televised on a major fight card. Her win over Jeri Sitzes in May 2009 was televised by Showtime. It’s a primary reason she wanted this fourth fight with McCarter.

“I’m glad to see quality female boxing on big cards. The difference it makes to me is that it’s an actual fight with two people that belong on TV not these paper-promoter made champions,” said Hernandez who lives in Miami. “These days it seems you get on big cards with the boys when you have social media followers and not actual skill. So, on this card, you’re getting to see skilled females fight.”

McCarter has long been considered the best female fighter pound for pound. Hernandez is not that far behind. Both have multiple world titles in different weight divisions. Few other female boxers can compare with them. Few others are willing to fight overseas like this duo.

“These are two quality female fighters,” said Luis Tapia who trains McCarter. “Layla has fought in other countries five times and won every time.”

Other female fighters agree about the talent of McCarter and Hernandez and the importance of this fight.

“It’s very passed due,” said Kaliesha West a former two-division world champion from Southern California. “I only hope more televised champions such as the “Brown Bomber” (Wilder) demand legendary female boxers to fight on major cards. It’s time someone takes a stand.”

Both McCarter and Hernandez have been chasing fame and respect in the boxing world. Both are extremely familiar with each other’s fighting style and skill.

“I wanted to have somebody good to fight,” said McCarter whose last three of four wins came by knockout. That lone exception was Hernandez. “I want to beat somebody good. She is rated number two. She has guts.”

Hernandez knows what to expect from McCarter inside the boxing ring.

“I just have to fight my fight. Layla is very good at fighting hers,” said Hernandez.

Though no world title is at stake there is much more to be won for the sport of women’s boxing. Many other female fighters and retired fighters will be watching with a keen interest.

“We want to show the world that we own a place in the boxing world,” said Sindy Amador who retired two years ago after a serious eye injury. “We need exposure.”

Seven years have passed since a female fight of significance was shown on American television.

“He’s a good dude (wilder). I love that about him,” said McCarter about the WBC champion using his influence to put women on the fight card. “He understands discrimination.”


Female Fight News


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Anahi “La Indiecita” Sanchez (13-0) defends the IBF super featherweight world title against Tamara Nunez (6-6-3) on Friday July 15 in Pergamino. Sanchez, 24, lives and trains in Pergamino a section of Buenos Aires. This is her first defense of the title. Also, Andrea Sanchez (2-0-1) faces Maria Elizabeth Sanchez (0-0) in a flyweight bout set for four rounds.

Macarena Ledesma (3-0) meets Tania Pereyra (0-1-1) in a lightweight clash set for four rounds on Saturday July 16 in Garin, Buenos Aires. Ledesma, 22, fights out of Garin.



In Chengdu, a super featherweight clash saw Melissa St. Vil (8-2-3) emerge victorious by unanimous decision against former super bantamweight champion Katy Castillo (18-2) after 10 rounds on Saturday July 9. St. Vil, 32, fights out of Brooklyn, New York. Castillo, 25, fights out of Santa Domingo, Dominican Republic.



Nikki Adler (14-0, 8 KOs) defends the WBC super middleweight title against Elene Sikmashvili (8-1, 4 KOs) in a match scheduled for 10 rounds on Friday July 15, in Saarbruecken. Adler, 29, fights out of Augsburg, Germany and is making the first defense of the title she won a year ago. Sikmashvili is from Tbilisi, Georgia.

Ramona Kuehne (24-1, 9 KOs) defends the WBO and WIBF super featherweight world titles against Ikram Kerwat (6-0, 5 KOs) on Saturday July 16 in Berlin. Kuehne, 36, is making her eight consecutive world title defense and fights out of Berlin, Germany. Kerwat, 32, lives and fights out of Frankfurt, Germany and is originally from Tunisia.



In Osaka, a light flyweight match saw Akari Arase (3-2) beat Sarasa Ichimura (2-2-1) by decision after four rounds on Saturday July 9. Arase, 34, and Ichimura, 20, both fight out of Osaka, Japan.

Yumiko Shimooka (2-2) meets Nanae Suzuki (1-0) in a light flyweight match set for four rounds on Friday July 15 in Tokyo, Japan. Shimooka, 34, and Suzuki, 24, both fight out of Tokyo.



In Monterrey, a super flyweight battle saw Debani Balderas (3-1) defeat Monserrat Ramirez (0-1) on points after four rounds on Saturday July 9.

In Queretaro, a flyweight bout saw Eloisa Martinez (1-3-1) win her first pro bout by split decision over Adriana Valdez Meza (0-1) after four rounds on Saturday July 9. Valdez was making her pro debut.

Ibeth “La Roca” Zamora (25-5) defends the WBC light flyweight title against Keisher McLeod Wells (8-2) on Saturday July 16 in Mexico City. Zamora, 27, fights out of Mexico City and is making her seventh defense of the title since 2013. She is contemplating a move up to the flyweight division. McLeod, 39, lives and fights out of Brooklyn, New York and held the WIBA flyweight title.



In Moscow, a super bantamweight fight saw Tatiana Zrazhevskaya (1-0) win her pro debut by technical knockout of Olga Zabavina (0-4) in the fourth round. The fight took place on Monday July 4. Zrazhevskaya is 24 and fights out of Voronezh, Russia.



In Sturovo, a bantamweight clash saw Timea Alfoldi (3-0) defeat Agnes Nick 5-2) after six rounds on Sunday July 10. Alfoldi, 22, is a southpaw fighting out of Budapest, Hungary. It was Nick’s second consecutive loss.



In Samut Prakan, a flyweight fight between debuting fighters saw Sopida Satumram (1-0) win by decision over Tassana Paladsrichuoy (0-1) after six rounds on Friday July 8.

In Bangkok, a clash between flyweights saw Daorueng Saknarong (1-2) get her first win as a pro by technical knockout of Saengdao Kor Klomkiew (0-1) in the fourth round on Wednesday July 6. The fight was scheduled for six rounds.



Kali Reis (9-5-1) faces Althea Saunders (3-2-2) in a middleweight bout set for eight rounds on Friday July 15. The fight takes place in Lincoln, Rhode Island. Reis, 30, recently won the WBC middleweight title last April in New Zealand but will not be defending it in this fight. Saunders, 41, fights out of Atlantic City, New Jersey.

Poula Estrada (5-0) meets Paola Ortiz (1-5-1) in a six-round flyweight bout on Saturday July 16, in Lancaster, California. Estrada, 23, fights out of Lancaster, California. Ortiz, 22, is from Houston, Texas.

Rosalinda Rodriguez (3-0) fights Samantha Salazar (1-0) in a bantamweight showdown on Saturday July 16. The four-round bout takes place in Erie, Pennsylvania. Rodriguez, 29, lives and trains in Miami, Florida. Salazar, 30, lives in Dallas, Texas.