Layla Wins in Alabama, Hernandez Retires and more

Layla Wins in Alabama, But Melissa Retires and other female fight news

Elite female prizefighters Layla “Amazing” McCarter and Melissa “Huracan” Hernandez performed on the big stage before the Alabama crimson fans.

“It was kind of empty when we fought but the fans were great,” said McCarter.

McCarter (38-13-5, 9 Kos) defeated Hernandez (22-7-3, 7 Kos) by unanimous decision on Saturday in Birmingham, Alabama. The battle of pound for pound best females was not televised but was demanded to be included by WBC heavyweight champ Deontay Wilder who also won that night.

“I saw him leaving the arena. He gave me a big hug even though he was injured. He stopped to hug me,” said McCarter of seeing her sponsor after the fight card. “He’s a really nice guy. He tore his biceps and he was going to the hospital. They took him on the ambulance.”

On another down note, Hernandez, 36, announced she was retiring from boxing. It was not something she desired but said economics demanded she find another means of work.

“Only way I think I could stay in the ring is if I got a crack at Cecilia Braekhus. Since I don’t see that happening after this fight I’m done,” said Hernandez before the fight on Saturday. “The hard work I’ve put in really doesn’t match the bank account. Pay equality is something that really needs to be talked about in boxing.”

The Puerto Rican born Hernandez has been fighting since 2005 professionally.

McCarter, 37, and Hernandez fought each other four times in the boxing ring. They are considered among the very best female prizefighters today. Many consider McCarter at the top and Hernandez very close.

“She rates right up there toward the top. She’s a challenge so many fighters are not willing to fight. I respect her a lot. I wish her the best. I have a lot of respect for her,” said McCarter of Hernandez. “She was the last one to beat me.”

The Las Vegas lightweight handed Hernandez a loss after eight rounds. But like all the other previous confrontations, it was tough going.

“It wasn’t perfect, but we made the best of it and won,” said McCarter.

After the fight Hernandez told McCarter that she expects to be followed by the Las Vegas fighter.

“We laughed,” said McCarter. “I told her who the hell else am I going to fight? You got to stick around.”

The will be doing a story later this week on Melissa Hernandez’s retirement.


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In Garin, a lightweight bout saw Macarena Ledesma (4-0) remain undefeated with a win by unanimous decision over Tania Pereyra (0-2-1) after four rounds on Saturday July 17. Ledesma, 22, fights out of Garin in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

In Pergamino, Anahi Sanchez (14-0) retained the IBF super featherweight title by majority decision after 10 rounds with Tamara Nunez (6-7-3). *For more read story by Diego Morilla on this site.

Brenda Carabajal (10-2) and Maria Capriolo (5-5-4) fight for the Argentina super featherweight title on Friday July 22, in San Salvador de Jujuy, Argentina. The fight is scheduled for 10 rounds. Carabajal, 25, fights out of San Salvador de Jujuy. Capriolo, 34, lives in Villa Carlos Paz, Argentina.



Olga Julio (22-16-1) faces Neisi Torres (13-4-1) in a super bantamweight bout set for seven two-minute rounds. The fight takes place in Barranquilla, Colombia on Friday July 22. Julio, 30, is a former challenger for the super flyweight division. Torres, 22, fights out of Barranquilla.



In Berlin, a lightweight clash saw Ramona Kuehne (25-1, 10 Kos) stop Ikram Kerwat (6-1) at one second into round six in a non-title fight on Saturday July 16. Kuehne, 36, is the current WBO super featherweight titlist. It was 32-year-old Kerwat’s first loss as a pro. Both females fight out of Germany.

In Saarbruecken, WBC middleweight titlist Nikki Adler (15-0, 9 Kos) knocked out challenger Elene Sikmashvili (8-2) at 41 seconds into the ninth round on Friday July 15. It was her first defense of the title. Adler is 29 and fights out of Augsburg, Germany. Sikmashvili fights out of Georgia.

In Munich, a middleweight clash saw Christina Hammer (19-0, 9 Kos) stop Melinda Lazar (5-4) by technical knockout in the sixth round on Friday July 15.

Milena Koleva (7-6-1) meets Tamuna Salukvadze (2-5) in a super lightweight contest set for six rounds. The card takes place on Saturday July 23, in Schmargendorf, Berlin. Also, Nina Meinke (1-0) faces Jasmina Nadj (5-13-3) in a four round featherweight bout.



In Budapest, a six round lightweight fight saw Zsofia Bedo (17-37-1) stop Dora Kerekes (2-8) by technical knockout in the second round on Sunday July 17. Bedo, 29, fights out of Sezekesfehervar, Hungary. Kerekes, 22, is from Budapest.



Ilaria Scopece (2-0) and Andrea Lakatos (1-10) meet in a flyweight contest set for six rounds on Saturday July 23. The match takes place in Piemonte, Italy.



In Tokyo, a light flyweight bout saw Yumiko Shimooka (3-2) win by split decision against Nanae Suzuki (1-1) after four rounds on Friday July 15. Shimooka, 34, and Suzuki, 24, both fight out of Tokyo, Japan.

Tomoko Okuda (1-1) faces Miki Matsuda (1-0) in a super bantamweight match set for four rounds on Wednesday July 20. The card takes place in Osaka, Japan. Okuda, 33, fights out of Sakai, Osaka. Matsuda, 24, is from Himeji, Japan.



In La Paz, a light flyweight bout saw Anabel Ortiz (22-3) defeat Kareli Lopez (9-7-3) by unanimous decision after eight rounds on Saturday July 16. Ortiz, 30, is the WBC minimum weight titlist moving up to light flyweight. She just fought last month in defeating Jolene Blackshear. Lopez, 27, fights out of Mexicali, Mexico.

In Mexico City, WBC light flyweight titlist Ibeth “La Roca” Zamora (26-5) won by technical knockout of Keisher McLeod Wells (8-3) at 1:35 of the seventh round due to an arm injury. The world title fight took place on Saturday July 16. Zamora, 27, is considered number two or three on the many best female pound for pound lists. This was her seventh defense of the title since March 2013. She is considering moving up to the flyweight division. McLeod Wells, 39, fights out of Brooklyn, New York. It was her first loss in five years. Also, a flyweight bout saw Sonia Osorio (8-2) defeat Leticia Uribe (3-7) by decision after four rounds.

Jessica “Kika” Chavez (26-4-3) defends the WBC flyweight world title against Esmeralda La Joya” Moreno (33-8-1) on Saturday July 23, in Cancun, Mexico. Chavez, 28, is making her fourth world title defense and fights out of Mexico City. Moreno, 29, also fights out of Mexico City and holds the IBO, WIBA and GBU super flyweight titles. This is a rematch. Their last fight took place in 2011 at the light flyweight division and saw Moreno emerge the victor.



Melania Sorroche (11-1-1) returns home to face Katherine Quintana (0-8-1) in a bantamweight fight set for six three-minute rounds. The match takes place on Friday July 22, in Valencia, Spain. Sorroche, 25, recently fought and lost a split decision to Mayerlin Rivas in a female tournament held in Venezuela last month in June.

Eva Naranjo (5-0) clashes with Maribel de Sousa (1-7) in a six round bantamweight fight on Saturday July 23. The fight takes place in Valencia, Spain. This is the second meeting between the two female fighters. Also, in another female bout, Katharina Thanderz (1-0) fights Jessica Sanchez (0-1) in a four round super featherweight contest.


United Kingdom

Ashley Brace (3-0) meets Claudia Ferenczi (11-52-6) in a bantamweight fight set for six rounds. The contest takes place on Saturday July 23, in Merthyr, Wales. The 25-year-old Brace fights out of Ebbw Vale, Wales. Ferenczi is only 23 but already has 70 bouts in her career. She was only 14 when she began fighting and lives in Slovakia.



In Erie, Penn. a bantamweight clash saw Rosalina Rodriguez (4-0) win by unanimous decision after four rounds with Samantha Salazar (1-1) on Saturday July 16. Rodriguez, 29, fights out of Miami, Florida. Salazar, 39, fights out of Dallas, Texas.

In Kissimmee, Florida, a featherweight contest saw Chasity Martin (3-0) win by unanimous decision after four rounds against Ivana Coleman (1-7) on Friday July 16. Martin fights out of Pompano Beach, Florida. Coleman fights out of Slidell, Louisiana.

In Lincoln, Rhode Island, a middleweight clash saw WBC middleweight titlist Kali Reis (10-5-1) defeat Althea Saunders (3-3-2) by decision after eight rounds in a non-title fight on Friday July 15. Reis, 30, fights out of Rhode Island.  Saunders, 41, fights out of Atlantic City, New Jersey.


(Photo by Ryan Hafey)