Klara Svensson Wins Battle of Stockholm and Female Fight News

Klara Svensson Wins Battle of Stockholm and Female Fight News

Who knew the Swedes could be so mean?

Klara “The Swedish Princess” Svensson won the Swedish battle over Mikaela ‘Destiny” Lauren for the interim WBC welterweight title on Saturday in Stockholm.

Svensson (17-1), a super lightweight, was forced to go up a weight division, but it didn’t matter against the bigger Lauren (27-4) who was dropping down a weight division for a chance to smack her rival. For weeks the two have been exchanging smack talk and insults like American presidential candidates.

But all along Svensson had said she would show bigger doesn’t mean better and proved it in 10 rounds against the taller Lauren.

Trained by American Joey Gamache, the true 140-pounder Svensson moved up a division and showed off her superior boxing skills to win by unanimous decision at Hovet Arena.

It was widely known before the fight that each woman seeks a fight with Cecilia Braekhus the undefeated Norwegian welterweight now fighting under the K2 Promotions banner. Now it looks like it could be Svensson.

Lauren had previously fought Braekhus but was turned away with a loss. It appears she is out of the Braekhus running.

Svensson’s only loss came against Argentina’s talented Erica Farias in Denmark a year ago. It is the only time she suffered a defeat and losing to Farias is no embarrassment.

Meanwhile, Braekhus faces Anee Sophie Mathis in a rematch on Oct. 1, in Oslo, Norway. After that, it could be Svensson. Or better yet, maybe American female fighter Layla McCarter who hasn’t lost a fight since 2008, when Brakehus began boxing.


Other Female International Fight news  


In Florencio Varela, a battle for the Argentine super flyweight title saw Maria Rivera (10-4-3) emerge the victor by decision after 10 rounds against Vanesa Taborda (8-8-3) on Saturday Sept. 10. A bantamweight fight saw Debora Dionicius (23-0) remain undefeated by unanimous decision after eight rounds against Alejandra De Lujan Rios (8-8-2). Also, Jorgelina Rivas (4-0-1) beat Lilian Silva (2-4-1) by majority decision after four rounds.

In Pocitos, a fight for the vacant Argentine bantamweight title saw Maria Roman (9-4-1) win by decision over Anahi Salles (5-15-2) after 10 rounds on Saturday Sept. 10. Roman, 33, fights out of San Juan, Argentina. Salles, 26, fights out of Carmen de Patagones, Argentina.

In Caseros, a battle for the interim WBA featherweight title saw the great Marcela “La Tigresa” Acuna (44-6-1) defeat Brenda Carabajal (12-2) by unanimous decision after 10 rounds on Friday Sept. 9. (For more read story by Diego Morilla on this site). A super featherweight fight saw Karen Carabajal (12-0) win by decision over Natalia Aguirre (7-9-3) after six rounds.



In Mansfield, a lightweight fight saw Deanha Hobbs (2-0) defeat Gentiane Lupi (4-3-1) by technical knockout in the third round of their clash on Saturday Sept. 10. Hobbs fights out of Brisbane, Australia. Lupi, 40, fights out of Wellington, New Zealand.



In Toronto, a featherweight clash saw Sandy Tsagouris (15-2) defeat Galina Ivanova (16-12-4) by decision after eight rounds on Friday Sept. 9. Tsagouris, 35, has a five-fight winning streak. Her last loss came in 2011 and is a former featherweight world champion. Ivanova, 38, is a southpaw from Bulgaria and also a former world champion.

In Langley, British Colombia, a battle for the Canadian featherweight title saw Sarah Pucek (7-2-1) emerge the winner by majority decision over Lucia Larcinese (7-12-1) after 10 rounds. Pucek, 29, was fighting in her hometown. Larcinese, 44, fights out of Montreal. It was their second confrontation. Pucek won their first by decision in 2012.



Olga Julio (23-16-1) meets Basilia Mancilla (1-5-1) in a flyweight bout set for eight rounds on Friday Sept. 16, in Barranquilla, Colombia.



Maja Milenkovic (4-7) meets Zsofia Bedo (18-38-1) in a four round lightweight bout on Saturday Sept. 17, in Baden-Wurttemburg.



In Ishikawa, a super bantamweight fight saw Asami Jinnari (4-2) win by technical knockout of Haifei Zhao (0-1) in the fourth round on Sunday Sept. 11. Jinnari, 32, lives and trains in Kanazawa.

Miki Matsuda (1-1) meets Wakako Fujiwara (1-2-1) in a super bantamweight fight set for four three-minute rounds on Sunday Sept. 18 in Hyogo. Also, Yumi Marita (0-1) faces Shizuka Nakamura (0-3) in a light flyweight match.



Consolata Musanga (3-1-2) meets Jane Kuvalani (16-14-4) in a six round super featherweight bout. Everline Odero (7-8-2) faces Asha Ngedere (4-5-2) in a six round lightweight match on Saturday Sept. 17, in Nairobi.


New Zealand

In Kapiti, a super featherweight contest for the vacant New Zealand title saw Rebecca Jennings (5-1) emerge the winner by unanimous decision over Daria Smith (0-2) after 10 rounds on Saturday Sept. 10. Jennings, 33, fights out of Wellington, New Zealand.



Ewa Piatkowska (9-1) faces Aleksandra Lopes (16-3-2) for the vacant WBC super welterweight world title set for 10 rounds on Saturday Sept. 17, in Gdansk, Poland. Piatkowska, 31, fights out of Warsaw, Poland. Lopes, 36, fights out of the USA but was born in Poland and has a six-fight winning streak.



In Stockholm, a battle for national pride saw Klara Svensson (17-1) defeat Swedish rival Mikaela Lauren (27-4) by unanimous decision after 10 rounds on Saturday Sept. 10. Svensson, 28, also captured the interim WBC welterweight title with the win. Lauren, 40, dropped down in weight from the super welterweight division to make the fight. Both women fight out of Stockholm, Sweden and are bitter rivals.



In Interlaken, a lightweight contest saw Viviane Obenauf (8-1, 4 KOs) knock out Klaudia Szymczak (2-9) in the first round on Friday Sept. 9. Obenauf, 29, fights out of Birsfelden, Switzerland but was born in Brazil.



In Inglewood, Calif. a light flyweight bout saw Seniesa Estrada (8-0) handily defeat Mexico’s Nancy Franco (15-10-2) by unanimous decision after eight rounds on Saturday Sept. 10. At first the decision was erroneously announced that Franco was the winner. But after a quick talk, Estrada was announced the winner to the relief of the shocked audience.