Katie Taylor Wins Pro Debut and More Female Fight News

Katie Taylor Wins Pro Debut by KO in England


Two of the most decorated amateur female boxers in the world entered the boxing ring as prizefighters in the past two weeks. It marks a significant moment for women’s boxing worldwide.

Katie Taylor who is perhaps Europe’s most celebrated amateur female boxer made her pro debut against Karina Koprinska (7-15-3) on Saturday in London, England. The Irish boxer who won Olympic gold in 2012 proceeded to storm the ring and knock out the Polish veteran of 25 pro fights in less than three two-minute rounds.

Taylor’s victory follows the emergence of American star Claressa Shields the two-time Olympic gold medalist who fought and defeated another American amateur star in Franchon Crews in Las Vegas on Nov. 19. Never before had three female boxers of such stature entered the prize ring with such fanfare almost simultaneously.

It’s been reported, but unsubstantiated by this outlet, that Shields garnered $50,000 for the four round super middleweight bout against Crews who took home a reported $20,000. These two debut purses are a huge mark up for female boxing.

Can this be the beginning of a new era in equality for women’s paydays?

It’s a massive privilege and a massive night for women’s boxing,” Taylor told the Irish Times after her fight at Wembley Arena before 3,000 fans. “I’ve been training so hard these last couple of months.”

Taylor won numerous European and World championships as an amateur but fell short of winning a second gold in the Rio Olympics this past summer. Still, fighting in the pros with smaller gloves and no head gears makes a significant difference. Will it aid or detract from her performances?

For years many wondered if Taylor, Shields or any of the amateur stars would venture into the pro boxing world. Now, at least three have dispensed with the head gear and bigger boxing gloves to challenge the pro fighters. Will there be others?

Taylor, 30, is set to return to the prize ring on Dec. 10, in the Manchester Arena to face Switzerland’s Viviane Obenauf (9-1) a Brazilian-born lightweight who is the same age. The female contest is part of the under card of IBF heavyweight titlist Anthony Joshua who defends against Texan heavyweight Eric Molina.

Shields,21, is looking to return to the boxing ring early in 2017, as is Crews. Will there be other amateur stars such as Mikaela Mayer, Ginny Fuchs or Marlen Esparza looking to enter the prize ring too. Several former amateur stars of the past have also mentioned looking to come back though retired for many years.

Last month, Showtime executive Stephen Espinoza spoke of televising female fights in 2017. Several pro stars like Cecilia Braekhus, Layla McCarter, Amanda Serrano, Heather Hardy and Jennifer Han are among those mentioned as candidates to lead the charge into television. Equal pay has been promised.

HBO was among those watching the Shields fight with Crews in Las Vegas, Are they next in line?

Female boxing stands on the threshold of a new world.


Female Fight News



Sabrina Perez (15-0-1) defeated Mexico’s Alondra Garcia (16-3-1) by unanimous decision after 10 rounds to win the vacant WBO bantamweight world title. * (For more on the story read Diego Morilla’s piece.) Also, Cintia Gonzalez (3-3) beat Alejandra Morales (2-14-3) in a super bantamweight bout. The fights took place on Saturday Nov. 26, in Isidro Casanova.

Anahi Lopez (8-0-1) defeated Luna Torroba (10-5-2) to win the Argentine flyweight title by decision on Saturday Nov. 26, in Junin, Argentina. Also, Debora Gomez (2-1) won by unanimous decision after four rounds versus Maria Cano (0-1).

On Saturday Dec. 3, in Navarro, super flyweights Debora Dionicius (23-0) and Michelle Preston (8-7-1) meet in a 10-round bout for the IBF world title. This is Dionicius’s seventh world title defense and the second time she faces Preston. It was Preston who was defeated by Dionicius for the IBF title back in Nov. 2012. Preston, 38, fights out of New Zealand. Dionicius is 28.



On Saturday Dec. 3, in Mansfield, Queensland, super bantamweights April Adams (4-0-1) and Lee Dittmar (2-3-1) meet in an eight round contest for the vacant Australia title.


Anne Sophie Da Costa (22-2) won by knockout of Fatuma Yazidu (11-3) in the fourth round of their battle for the vacant WBF light flyweight title on Saturday Nov. 26, in Saint Dizier, France.



Jennifer Retzke (16-3-1) stopped Elene Sikmashvili (9-4) in 1:09 of the second round of their middleweight clash for the vacant super welterweight title on Saturday Nov. 26, in Moabit, Berlin. The bout was set for three-minute rounds and Sikmashvili came to the fight overweight. Retzke snapped a two-fight losing streak that came against Mikaela Lauren and Cecilia Braekhus. Also, in a super lightweight match, Verena Kaiser (7-0) knocked out Lela Terashvili (8-6-1) at 1 second into the sixth round.

On Saturday Dec. 3, in Karlsruhe, super featherweights Kallia Kourouni (6-1) and Irma Adler (16-6) meet in a 10 round contest for the WIBF title.

On Saturday Dec. 3, in Nordrhein-Westfalen, featherweights Elina Tissen (20-2) and Gabriella Busa (4-6) meet in a 10-round bout for the WIBF title.



Kleopatra Tolnai (10-9) stopped Tia Sandorfi (3-2) in the second round of their super bantamweight clash on Sunday Nov. 27, in Budapest, Hungary.

Edina Kiss (11-2) won by technical knockout of Agnes Nick (7-4) in the first round of their super bantamweight clash on Thursday Nov. 24, in Budapest, Hungary. Also, Nikolet Papp (2-0) beat Tunde Berki (3-6) by decision in a six round welterweight fight. Plus, Katalin Menes (2-0) defeated Eva Kolos (3-7) on points after six welterweight rounds.

Bojana Libiszewska (2-20) defeated Rita Kenessey (4-15-1) by decision after a four round super featherweight fight on Tuesday Nov. 22, in Budapest, Hungary. Also, Monika Atonik (1-0) won her pro debut by decision versus Beata Salgo (0-9).



On Saturday Dec. 3, in Dublin, super flyweights Linda Lecca (12-2-2) and Christina McMahon (7-2) meet in a 10-round contest for the WBA world title. Lecca, 28, holds the interim title and hails from Lima, Peru. McMahon, 42, is attempting to snap a two-fight losing streak that came to world champions Alicia Ashley and Zulina Munoz. She defeated the current WBC bantamweight champion in Zambia in May 2015.



Miyo Yashida (5-1) beat Kana Fukada (3-2-1) by unanimous decision after a six round bantamweight match on Sunday Nov. 27, in Kagoshima, Japan.



WBC light flyweight titlist Ibeth Zamora (27-5) knocked out Nina Stojanovic (9-1) in the third round of their scheduled 10-round bout on Saturday Nov. 26, in Torreon, Mexico. Zamora was entering her first foray of the WBC flyweight tournament that has already seen Jessica Chavez, Esmeralda Moreno, Ana Arrazola have already captured wins in the tournament. Zamora, 27, is considered one of the top female fighters pound for pound and already has wins over Jessica Chavez, Esmeralda Moreno, and Ana Arrazola.

Yareli Larios (10-0) stopped Estefania Franco (0-4) in the second round of their featherweight match on Saturday Nov. 26, in Tlaquepaque, Mexico. Also, Marcella Ceballos (1-0) won her debut by technical knockout of Julia Ramirez (0-1) in the first round of their featherweight fight. Plus, Victoria Torres (2-0) stopped Joana Garcia in the third round of their bantamweight clash.

On Saturday Dec. 3, in Acapulco, flyweights Lourdes Juarez (17-2) and Noemi Bosques (11-8-2) meet in an eight round bout. Juarez, 29, is the younger sister of Mariana Juarez who fought Bosques in February 2016. Bosques, 33, fights out of St. Petersburg, Florida. * (For more on the story read Felipe Leon’s story.)



Inna Sagaydakovskaya (3-0) won by knockout of Yuliya Smyzhina (0-1) in the second round of their scheduled six round super welterweight match on Friday Nov. 25, in Moscow, Russia.



South Korea

Eun Hye Lee (9-1) captured the vacant WIBA flyweight title by knockout of Nongnun Mor Krungthepthonburi (5-4-1) in the second round of their scheduled 10-rounder on Saturday Nov. 26, in Incheon, South Korea.



Eva Naranjo (7-0) won by technical knockout of Olga Zabavina (0-6) in the second round of their super flyweight contest on Saturday Nov. 26, in Valencia. Also, Katharina Thanderz (3-0) beat Azahara Sanchez (0-1) by decision in a super featherweight bout.

On Friday Dec. 2, in La Coruna, Galicia, bantamweights Marta Branas (8-0) and Katherine Quintana (0-9-1) meet in a six round bout.


United Kingdom

Katie Taylor (1-0) won her pro debut by knockout of Karina Kopinska (7-15-3) in the third round of their lightweight contest on Saturday Nov. 26, in London, England. The former London Olympic gold medalist is one of the most decorated female boxers of all time. (For more on Taylor read story above.)



Lisa Porter (1-0) won her pro debut by unanimous decision over Haley Pasion (1-1) after a four round lightweight match on Saturday Nov. 26, in downtown Los Angeles. Porter used a steady jab and crisp punching to defeat Hawaii’s Pasion.

On Friday Dec. 2, in Lincoln, Rhode Island, featherweights Shelly Vincent (18-1) and Marquita Lee (3-2) meet in an eight round bout. Vincent, 37, returns to the ring after losing a hotly contested super bantamweight clash against New York’s Heather Hardy in one of the top female fights of the year. Lee, 26, fights out of Northern California.


Photo by Irish Times