Female Fight News week of Dec. 26, 2016

Female Fight News week of Dec. 26, 2016


It’s the end of the year blues when it comes to prizefighting.

After two week doldrums, the action picks up dramatically when New York’s Amanda Serrano defends her WBO super bantamweight title against Mexico’s Yazmin Rivas in Brooklyn, New York. That battle between Puerto Rico and Mexico takes place on Jan. 14.

This past week WBC lightweight titlist Delfine Persoon tried to get some last year action going and for the second time her fight ended in a disqualification.

Otherwise it was a very light week for female boxing action.

Here’s what happened and what is planned for the coming week:


Female Fight News



Victoria Bustos (16-4) defeated Cristina Cuevas (3-5-1) by unanimous decision on Friday Dec. 23. The super lightweight contest took place in Vera, Argentina. Also, Evelyn Bermudez (2-0) beat Romina Gorosito (0-3) by technical knockout in the second round of a flyweight bout.



Delfine Persoon (38-1) won by disqualification over Kenya’s Everline Odero (7-8-2) during the eighth round of a lightweight fight on Sunday, Dec. 25, in Izeqem, Belgium. It was the second consecutive time Persoon won by disqualification. It raises a question of what is happening during her fights. Persoon, 31, is the WBC lightweight titlist.



Vanessa Joanisse (3-0) beat Maria Velis (1-2) by technical knockout in the third round of their cruiserweight fight in Quebec, Canada. The bout took place on Friday Dec. 23. Joanisse, 21, fights out of Quebec.



Yuan Yuan Zhao (2-0) beat Yujie Shi (0-2) by unanimous decision after a four round featherweight fight on Friday Dec. 23. The bout took place in Suzhou, China.


Dominican Republic

Amanda Pavone (3-0) won by technical knockout of Rocio De Leon (1-20-1) in the second round on Monday Dec. 19. The super bantamweight fight took place in La Romana, Dominican Republic.



On Thursday Dec. 29, minimum weights Nami Sawai and Kisara Okamoto battle in a four round contest in Osaka, Japan.

On Saturday Dec. 31, flyweights Tamao Ozawa (11-3) and Yuki Koseki (4-2) battle in a six round contest at Kyoto, Japan.

On Sunday Jan. 1, bantamweights Yuko Henzan (2-6-3) and Chisa Tanaka (1-4) clash in a four round bout in Tomigusuku, Okinawa.



Katalin Menes (3-0) defeated Tunde Berki (3-7) by unanimous decision after a six round welterweight bout on Friday Dec. 23. The contest took place in Budapest, Hungary.



Claudia Ferenczi (16-54-6) beat Rita Kenessey (4-16-1) by decision after four rounds on Wed. Dec. 21. The super flyweight fight took place in Sturovo, Slovakia.



Gabriela Bouvier (13-7-1) won by technical knockout of Fabiana Lopes (0-4) in the third round on Tuesday Dec. 20. The super flyweight match took place in San Carlos, Uruguay. Bouvier, 25, snapped a three-fight losing streak and is a former flyweight world champion.



Leiryn Flores (6-0-1) defeated Eulimarys Camacaro (0-3) by technical knockout in the third round on Thursday Dec. 22. The light flyweight bout took place in Petare, Venezuela.