Female Fight News for week of Jan. 30, 2017 Edina Kiss and more

Female Fight News for week of Jan. 30, 2017 Edina Kiss

Asian female boxing is heating up in places you would not assume and down in Mexico a politician of high ranking enters the boxing ring.

Mexico’s heralded Jackie “the Aztec Princess” Nava returns to the boxing ring after almost two years on hiatus. If you’re wondering where she was hiding it was behind a senatorial desk. She serves as the elected Senator of Baja California in Mexico City.

Nava, a former pound for pound fighter with world titles as a bantamweight and super bantamweight, will return to face the extremely dangerous Ana Lozano of Venezuela. Just last October the dangerous Lozano knocked out Spain’s undefeated Melania Sorroche in the second round.

It’s a dangerous return for Nava. (We will have more on this fight later this week.)

Female prizefighters are gearing up for the second month of the year 2017 with action taking place in Europe, North America and South America.

This past week the IBF minimum weight world title changed hands in Macao and in the country of India a pair of amateur standouts made their pro debuts against veteran pro boxers.

In the USA a former middleweight champion has a fight date in the eastern side of the country while lightweights perform in a private show on the west coast. Here’s what is going on:


Female Fight News



Anahi Lopez (9-0-1) beat Cintia Gonzalez (3-5) by decision on Saturday Jan. 28. The six round super flyweight bout saw Lopez knock down Gonzalez in the first round. Lopez, 21, fights out of Junin, Argentina and has that country’s flyweight title. Gonzalez, 34, fights out of Gonzalez Catan, Argentina.



On Saturday Feb. 4, in Mackay, Queensland, a welterweight bout between Aimee Addis (1-0) and Sarah Dwyer (1-1) takes place and is scheduled for five rounds.



On Saturday Feb. 4, in Limburg, bantamweights Jill Serron (1-0) and Wendy Vincent (0-2-1) meet in a six round contest.



Zong Ju Cai (9-1) defeated Etsuko Tada (16-3-2) to win the IBF minimum weight world title by split decision on Monday Jan. 30. The 10 round match took place in Macao. Cai, 25, fights out of Jinan, China. Tada, 35, a southpaw, was making the first title defense since winning it in December 2015.



Micaela Lujan (1-0) won her debut by first round knockout of Mileydis Mercado (0-1) on Saturday Jan. 28. The super flyweight contest took place in Puerto Colombia. Lujan, 17, was born in Argentina but now lives in Colombia.



Sanna Turenen (2-0) defeated Kinga Magyar (1-4) by unanimous decision on Saturday Jan. 28. The six round middleweight match took place in Vaasa, Finland. Trenen is 41 and lives in Helsinki, Finland.



On Saturday Feb. 4, in Saint Maur, lightweights Bilitis Gaucher (4-7-2) and Suzana Radavanovic (1-27) meet in six round bout. Gaucher, 27, fights out of Vendome, France. Radavanovic, 40, fights out of Serbia and has not won a fight in nearly seven years.



Laishram Sarita Devi (1-0) defeated pro veteran Zsofia Bedo (19-40-1) of Hungary by unanimous decision on Sunday Jan. 29. The four round lightweight bout took place in Imphal, India. Also, Pinki Rani (1-0) won her pro debut with a decision win over Slovakia’s Claudia Ferenczi (16-55-6) in a four round bantamweight fight.

Purnima Rajput (1-0) won her pro debut by decision over Gaiane Panian (0-1) on Tuesday Jan. 24. The four round light flyweight match took place in Bhopal, India. Rajput, 21, fights out of Bhopal, India.



Nancy Franco (16-10-2) beat Veronica Ixehuatl (1-5) by unanimous decision on Saturday Jan. 28. The eight round light flyweight bout took place in Guadalajara, Mexico. Also, Victoria Torres (3-0) defeated Angelica Monserrat (3-2) by unanimous decision after a six round super flyweight contest.

On Saturday Feb. 4, in Rosarito Beach, Baja California, former super bantamweight champion Jackie Nava (32-4-3) meets Venezuela’s Ana Lozano (13-5-1) in a super bantamweight bout set for 10 rounds. Lozano, 31, just recently traveled to Spain and knocked out Melania Sorroche in the second round. (look for Felipe Leon’s story coming later this week).



Edina Kiss (13-2) knocked out Agnes Nick (7-5) in the third round on Thursday Jan. 26. The featherweight bout took place in Sturovo, Slovakia. Kiss is 26 years old and fights out of Budapest, Hungary. This was her third knockout in a row since losing a title match against Shannon O’Connell in October. She has eight knockout wins.



Buasawan Wisetchat (10-13-1) knocked out Saranyaphong Theinthong (0-9) in the third round on Sunday Jan. 29. The super flyweight bout took place in Bangkok, Thailand.


United Kingdom

On Saturday Feb. 4, in Belfast, Northern Ireland, flyweights Lynn Harvey (1-1) and Agnes Draxler (9-13) meet in a four round bout.



On Friday Feb. 3, in Philadelphia, Penn. middleweights Kali Reis (10-6-1) and Kita Watkins (7-14) meet in a six round bout. Reis, 30, is the former WBC middleweight champion. This is her first fight since losing by decision to Germany’s Christina Hammer last November. Watkins, 38, fights out of Tyler, Texas.

On Friday Feb. 3, in Los Angeles, Calif. a lightweight bout featuring Katonya Fisher (1-0) and Lisa Porter (1-0) takes place. It’s a private show.