Farias vs. Braekhus & Female Fight News for Week of June 6

Female Fight News for week of June 5 Cecilia Brakehus and Erica Farias


By David A. Avila

A rather quiet month of June greeted women’s boxing around the world, but with summer around the corner things begin to heat up.

One of Europe’s biggest stars Cecilia Braekhus performs and promotes her first fight card in her hometown in Bergin, Norway this Friday. It’s difficult enough simply preparing for a defense of her numerous world titles, but for this affair she has on the promoter’s coat too.

“It’s very strange I think.  Of course it’s some work and a very interesting process. You are on the table both as the boss and portioning the whole fight with two different pair of eyes as a boxer and promoter,” said Braekhus by phone on Monday. “Sometimes you have an inner discussion with yourself. It’s been very interesting. I’m learning so much. I know every detail from A to Z. It’s definitely a huge learning process.”

Most fighters only know their role as a fighter and getting paid for their work. But the promoter’s role is a dizzying position that can drive a person to insomnia.

“Luckily I have a great team in K2 Promotions and people for things I can talk and discuss. My own team is the sports part, and then we have ticket sales and the arena part, sponsors and the media part. It’s a lot of people altogether,” Braekhus, 35, said. “You cannot be involved in every little detail or you would not have time to train.”

The undefeated welterweight champion Braekhus (30-0, 8 Kos) faces Argentina’s Erica “Pantera” Farias (24-1, 10 Kos) the current super lightweight champion who is moving up in weight to challenge for the throne. The WBC, WBA, WBO, IBF, IBO titles will be the prize.

Braekhus trained in Spain for this fight.

“We went to Spain for the weather and to get peace and quiet. Here (Norway) my name is the biggest and I don’t have any place to be free from pressure from the media and fans. I get a little more involved than I should,” she said.

Once again the fighter known as “the First Lady” prepared with American trainer Johnathon Banks who also works with Wladimir Klitschko. So far the combination of styles has resulted in more aggression.

“I always had power but Johnathon wants to use that in the ring; to use that power and put that in use. It’s a process but he’s been nicely managing me to do that,” said Braekhus who has been much more aggressive in her past two fights against Klara Svensson and Anne Sophie Mathis. “He also gets me away from that pattern that I always have to outbox others. He convinced me that I do have the power to knock girls out and overwhelm them with my power.”

Argentina’s Farias has consistently shown she loves aggressiveness too. The WBC super lightweight titlist has long been one of her country’s strongest fighters.

Farias, 32, is a former lightweight world champion and now the current super lightweight titleholder. She has long sought a mega-fight to prove to the boxing world of her talent.

“We are one step closer to fulfilling a great dream that for years I always wanted,” said Farias on social media. “Thanks to my dear people who always give me the stamina let’s do everything to bring us the five titles!”

It’s a great welcome to the summer.


More super lightweights

Speaking of Argentine fighters, this past week one of the best fights of the year took place in Buenos Aires where Ana Esteche fought Celeste Peralta for the WBA, WBO and IBF super lightweight titles. Farias has the WBC version.

It was the third collision for these two fighters and the meeting seemed to produce the best show yet. For more on this fight read our own Diego Morilla’s story on the fight on this web site.


Female Fight News for week of June 6 and more


Ana Esteche (13-4-3) squeaked by Adela Celeste Peralta (8-2) by split decision to retain the WBA, IBF and WBO super lightweight world titles on Saturday June 3. The world championship took place Buenos Aires. (For more on this read Diego Morilla’s story on this site.) Also, Anyelen Espinosa (3-0) beat Romina Gorosito (0-4-1) by decision after a four round light flyweight bout.

On Saturday June 10, super flyweights Jorgelina Guanini (7-0-1) and Noelia Gutierrez (6-4) meet in a six round bout in Mar del Plata, Buenos Aires.



Daniela Asenjo (5-1-2) was victorious by unanimous decision after four rounds versus Ruth Pasternostti (0-2-1) on Friday June 2. The super flyweight match was held in Valdivia, Chile.



Oscarri Zagarra (1-0) knocked out Everlides Altamar (1-2) in the second round of their match on Thursday June 1. The minimum weight fight took place in Cartagena.



On Saturday June 10, featherweights Elena Gradinar (5-0) and Galina Ivanova (16-15-4) meet in an eight round contest in Narva.



Umi Ishikawa (4-0) was the victor by unanimous decision after four rounds against Nichakon Sisakunkhiri (0-1) on Tuesday May 30. The minimum weight fight was held in Tokyo.



Jacky Calvo (10-2-2) and Yesenia Gomez (13-4-2) fought to a majority draw after eight rounds on Saturday June 3. The flyweight clash took place in Cancun, Mexico. Calvo, 20, fights out of Mexico City. Gomez fights out of Cancun. This was a rematch of a fight that took place in April that also resulted in a draw.



On Friday June 9, welterweight champion Cecilia Braekhus (30-0) meets Argentina’s Erica Farias (24-1) in a fight scheduled for 10 rounds. The world championship match for the WBC, WBA, WBO, IBF and IBO titles takes place in Bergen, Norway. Farias is a former lightweight world champion and current WBC super lightweight titlist who will move up in weight for this fight. Other bouts will be super featherweights Valgedur Gudstensdottir (1-0) and Marianna Gulyas (14-24) in a four round bout; plus super welterweights Joanna Ekedahl (0-0) and Nikolett Papp (4-0) in a four round contest.



On Satuday June 10, super flyweights Casey Morton (4-0-3) and Phannaluk Kongsang (0-2) meet in a six round fight in Mandaue City, Cebu. Morton, 33, fights out of San Francisco, Calif.



Davinia Perez (3-0) was victorious after six rounds with Nadia Barrelas (0-1) on Friday June 2. The super bantamweight fight took place in La Linea de Concepcion, Andalucia, Spain.



On Saturday June 10, super lightweights Patricia Berghult (7-0) and Aleksandra Vujovic (2-1-1) meet in a six round match in Jonkoping, Sweden.



Jennifer Salinas (20-4) defeated Marquita Lee (3-5) by unanimous decision after six rounds on Saturday June 3. The lightweight fight was held in Mashantucket, Conn. Salinas, 34, is a former super featherweight and super bantamweight champion now fighting out of Rhode Island. Marquita Lee, 26, fights out of Northern California.

On Saturday June 10, heavyweights Sonya Lamonakis (10-2-2) and Laura Ramsey (10-7) meet in an eight round clash for the vacant UBF title in Worcester, Mass. The New York City heavyweight Lamonakis is 42 and a former IBO titlist. Ramsey, 47, fights out of Winter Haven, Florida and is a former GBU middleweight champion.

On Saturday June 10, super middleweights Sydney LeBlanc (4-1-1) and Ashleigh Curry (7-11-4) meet in a four round bout set for three-minute rounds in New Orleans, Louisiana. For ticket information call (501) 909-1364.



Ogleidis Suarez (23-3-1) was the victor by decision after eight rounds versus Vanessa Colina (1-2) on Saturday June 3. The welterweight match was held in Turmero, Venezuela. Suarez, 29, fights out of Caracas. Colina, 28, is from Ocumare del Tuy, Venezuela.