Seniesa Estrada KOs Rachel Sazoff in L.A.

Seniesa Estrada Kos Rachel Sazoff in L.A.


By Yuriko Miyata

LOS ANGELES-Rated No.7 in WBC light flyweight division Seniesa Estrada earned a flashy knockout victory in just 38 seconds against southpaw Rachel Sazoff (0-4) at the Exchange L.A. in downtown Los Angeles on Thursday.

Although there was an obvious gap between the two fighters’ abilities, such a swift victory by Estrada should bring her good credit.

At the beginning Sazoff seemed to hit Estrada’s face with her left hand. But Estrada saw it was the perfect time to counter her left hook and knocked the visiting opponent down. Then she did not show any hesitation to finish up the brave woman with vicious combinations and another left hook sent Sazoff to the canvas again. Referee Sharon Sands immediately halted the contest to call it KO according to California rules.

Apparently it was mismatch, but it should be noted that it was the first loss by knockout for Sazoff and she was tenacious enough with former Olympian Marlen Esparza to last four full rounds in March.

It was the second KO triumph for Estrada since her third fight in 2014. The prospect with a remarkable win over former IBF minimumweight champion Nancy Franco last year already has her next fight scheduled on July 21st.

(photo by Al Applerose)