Seniesa Estrada and Lorraine Villalobos Win in SoCal

Fight Analysis: Seniesa Estrada and Lorraine Villalobos Win in SoCal


By Sindy Amador

Two female bouts took place over the weekend in Southern California.

In the co-main event of the night rising star Seniesa “Super Bad” Estrada (10-0) remained undefeated despite facing a well-experienced fighter in Aracely Palacios (8-7) from Durango, Mexico (my hometown) last Friday at the M3 Anaheim Event Center in Anaheim, Calif. Rebel-T Promotions staged the two female bouts.

Though barely breaking .500 on the win column of her pro record, Palacios had an amateur record of 42 wins and three losses and was a medalist three consecutive years. She had also experienced elite competition against world champions Isabel Millan, Yuliana Luna Avila and Candy Sandoval.

Everybody in Southern California knows “Super Bad” Estrada of East Los Angeles but fans and experts have been waiting to see how good she truly is against superior competition. She showed it.

Estrada does her talking in the ring and proved it with her amazing speed, footwork, defense, feints and a variety of combinations from the complete fighter.

I’ve seen Estrada so many times and always knew her skills and talent but this was the best Seniesa I’ve ever seen. It’s a joy to see her improve more and more mixing her talent with very hard work. She dominated the entire fight.

Throughout the fight Palacios was carefully blocking Estrada’s punches but couldn’t throw any counters or attack enough to make a competitive fight. Ultimately Estrada got the victory by unanimous decision after the six round flyweight contest.

I have to say I was very excited to have met a professional fighter from Durango, Mexico my hometown. Palacios told me before the fight she felt well-prepared for this fight and even moved to Saltillo, Mexico to train with current minimum weight champion Mayela “La Cobrita” Perez who I fought and no doubt is a great fighter. She is a champ for a reason.

After the bout was a different sentiment for Palacios who admitted it was a very difficult fight and could not decipher the way to win.

“Estrada was just too fast. I didn’t feel her power but her speed overwhelmed me. I do feel I won the last two rounds,” said Palacios.

She also felt it was a great experience and is looking forward to returning to the U.S. for more fights.

The winner Estrada said there were positives and negatives from the fight.

“I felt great in this fight, very sharp and very comfortable in there. The weight difference sucked because I always want to stay at 108 pounds. But it’s not always easy because I don’t want to pass up on opportunities to fight. The day of the fight I weighed 109 and my opponent was 117.7,” said Estrada. “But my skills got me the easy win. I just thank God for the opportunities that are coming my way and I want to continue to stay busy and represent women’s boxing in a positive way.”

Pro debut

Lorraine Villalobos (1-0) finally made her pro debut facing Mexico’s Elvia Trevino (2-2) in a four round light flyweight match.

Trevino hails from Matamoros, Mexico and started her amateur career when she was 16 years old and sported an amateur career record totaling more than 50 fights. She has been a professional fighter since 2012 with only four fights until now.

Even with all of Trevino’s experience Villalobos looked like the more experienced one in the boxing ring.

Villalobos came out confident and determined throwing a flurry of punches from the opening bell to the end.

The Los Angeles-based fighter dominated every round with speed, power and a great mix of combinations over and under and a perfect left hook that could be loudly heard through the arena. She did incredible being she is so little but looking like a giant against her opponent who did not seem to get a chance to do anything but protect herself.

Villalobos shined like a star and got her first win by unanimous decision 40-36 on all three judge’s cards.

“It was definitely different compared to amateurs. It was a great experience and I look forward for the next one,” said Villalobos, 21, after the fight. “The biggest challenge for me is finding opponents my weight. We were normally supposed to fight at 101-103 but there’s no one that weight so we moved up to 107 for my pro debut.”

Villalobos also mentioned she felt stiff and tense due to inactivity in competition for two years. But she looked amazing despite the layoff. I’ve been a witness of her hard work and training. Her boyfriend is Christian “Chimpa” Gonzalez a local boxing star. Both share the same passion for boxing.


Sindy Amador is a former light flyweight world champion from Moreno Valley, California Amador retired in 2014 and now writes for



Photo by Al Applerose


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