Amanda Serrano Gets OK for Sixth Title in Sixth Division This Fall

Amanda Serrano Gets Greenlight for Sixth Weight Division Challenge in Fall


By David A. Avila

Multi-world champion Amanda “The Real Deal” Serrano will challenge for the junior welterweight world title and a sixth world title in a sixth weight division in late autumn, said Lou DiBella president of DiBella Entertainment on Friday.

“We’re working with Showtime on a date. We think most likely somewhere between mid-October and mid-November,” said DiBella who promotes Serrano.

The WBO ordered that its junior welterweight champion Ana Laura Esteche (13-4-3) defends against Puerto Rico’s Serrano (33-1-1) and begin a purse bid. In the USA, negotiations have begun to have the historic event televised.

Serrano, 28, already captured world titles in the bantamweight, super bantamweight, featherweight, super featherweight and lightweight divisions. Argentina’s Esteche holds the WBO junior welterweight title and the IBF and WBA versions as well.

With the WBO agreeing that Serrano is worthy of a world title shot in the 140-pound weight division, the door is open.

“I was really happy to read that the WBO granted us our petition. It’s something I want to do to cement my legacy in boxing. As of now I’m the only female to hold world titles in five divisions, but I’m greedy. I want more,” said Serrano chuckling.

In her previous fight the Puerto Rican southpaw knocked out Hungary’s Edina Kiss in the third round last July 21 in Puerto Rico. She received a hero’s welcome and her fight was televised live throughout the island.

Since July 2016, the brunette left-hander with explosive power has won world titles in the bantamweight, super bantamweight and featherweight divisions after already having titles as a super featherweight and lightweight. It was a tremendous run of wins that has never been achieved by any woman or man.

“Amanda has been doing this a long time. She has the highest knockout ratio of any woman in the world,” said DiBella who has promoted the Brooklyn resident for more than two years now. “She’s got a tremendous track record and resume and is one of best pound for pound fighters. Yet, it’s still hard to make a living.”

MMA on hold

Recently, Serrano has publicly stated that she was quitting boxing to focus mainly on an MMA career because of the disparity in purse in female boxing with men’s boxing. She also signed with an MMA manager former UFC champion Miesha Tate. But with the WBO mandating a title match with Esteche and the strong possibility of Showtime televising the historic event, the Brooklyn-based fighter has boxing back on her mind.

Serrano also realizes Argentina’s Esteche is the biggest opponent in terms of size she has ever faced. It’s a dangerous fight.

“It will have to be considered my toughest test not because of her being the most skillful fighter I’ve faced but because of her size. She’s coming down to 140 from God knows how high and that’s an advantage to her,” said Serrano mindful of how boxers walk around at heavier weights. “I usually gain 15 pounds after weigh in. But on this one I won’t gain anything. If she gains like me between weigh in and fight night I’ll be fighting a 155-pounder.”

Esteche, 26, recently fought and defeated Adela Celeste Peralta the former champion this past June. It was the second time in seven months she faced and vanquished Peralta in a battle described as a firefight. She is a tough customer who has improved greatly in the past two years.

Serrano does not have an easy task.

No other female prizefighter has ever achieved five world titles in five weight divisions and now Serrano chases a sixth. It’s a staggering goal.

In men’s boxing only Oscar De La Hoya and Manny Pacquiao have won six titles in six weight divisions with Pacman winning seven. Knowing she is breaking records has kept Serrano hungry.

“All in all no one can do it like me and how I do it. Every world title I’ve won is by KO. All five divisions,” said Serrano.

Her promoter considers her the most exciting female fighter in the world.

“It’s a pretty amazing story and achievement if she can do it. Five weight classes up in the same year,” DiBella said. “I think she has a tremendous sense of history.”

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(Photo by JP Yim)