Mikaela Mayer and Female Fight News for week of Sept.25

Female Fight News for week of Sept. 25, Mikaela Mayer and more


By David A. Avila

A seismic shift took place the last few weeks with several female prizefighters showcasing their talent in the West Coast.

After many months of drought the West Coast has erupted with female prizefighters performing in Las Vegas, Los Angeles and Tucson, Arizona. This past week it was another Olympian.

Mikaela Mayer an American Olympian in the 2016 Rio Olympic Games stepped in the ring at Tucson Convention Center and let the world know unlike most amateur stars, she knows how to hit with power.

Fans often confused the amateur boxing style with those in the pro ranks. Professional boxing or prizefighting is an entirely different sport that favors hurting over scoring. Pro fighters are taught to hurt the other opponents and preferably win by knockout.

Amateurs are more bent on winning by scoring points and speed is the ultimate factor in winning. Slapping becomes prevalent in the amateur game and those that remain amateurs for many years become proficient in slapping or touching rather than hitting.

Of all the Olympians now treading in the professional ranks, including those in Europe and Asia, it appears that Mayer has grasped the pro game much quicker than the others.

Last Saturday the fans watching the Top Rank fight card in person or on ESPN caught the tall, lean and quick lightweight from Los Angeles whip out snapping counters and blows like a piston. Mayer’s opponent Allison Martinez tried her best to shorten the distance but was stymied by those quick counters and jabs.

They weren’t slaps or clubbing blows but precise strikes that penetrated and landed with speed and force. Not a trace of amateur style punching was evident.

Mayer only has two pro fights but already seems to grasp the pro style quicker than the others. There’s still a ways to go but the 5’9” athlete reminded me of a female Tommy Hearns the way she kept Martinez from entering the firing zone.

The former Olympian will be a guest caller on 2-Min Round: Hooks and Jabs on the Female Fight World this Thursday Sept. 28, at 7 p.m. Pacific Time.

Amanda and Cindy

Speaking of punchers DiBella Entertainment announced that Amanda Serrano will return to the boxing ring in November 4, on the under card of WBC heavyweight titlist Deontay Wilder versus Luis Ortiz at Barclays Center. However, the expected matchup with Argentina’s Ana Laura Esteche for the WBO super lightweight world title appears to be unattainable. Too bad.

No doubt Serrano is female boxing’s most exciting fighter and looks to be moving into the MMA world because of the larger purses. But hopefully the five-division world champion can find a suitable opponent for the November fight card. It’s going to be a shame to lose Amanda Serrano to MMA for any amount of time.

Cindy Serrano, the older sister of Amanda, will be defending the WBO featherweight title on Oct. 14, at Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York. It’s been four months since her last defense. She will be fighting on the Jermell Charlo vs. Erickson Lubin WBC super welterweight title under card. Serrano last fought in May in Puerto Rico. Sadly most of the island was devastated by the hurricane.


Female Fight News


Debora Gomez (5-1) beat Adriana Maldonado (1-8-2) by decision after four rounds on Saturday Sept. 23. The super flyweight fight was held in Villa Carlos Paz, Cordoba.

Ana Guichapani (6-0) beat Makarena Gallastegui (4-4) by unanimous decision after six rounds on Friday Sept. 22. The featherweight clash took place in Quilmes, Buenos Aires. Also, Lilian Silva (3-4-1) won by technical decision in the third round versus Iara Cortes (2-2) in a featherweight match.

Karen Carabajal (14-0) was the winner by decision after 10 rounds against Cintia Castillo (7-1) on Friday Sept. 22. The super featherweight fight gives Carabajal the vacant WBC Latino title.



April Adams (7-1-1) defeated Carol Earl (2-3-1) by decision after eight rounds on Saturday Sept. 23. The win by Adams gives her the vacant Australia super bantamweight title. Also, Tayla Harris (2-0) beat Tessa Tualevao (0-2) in a light heavyweight fight.



Elena Saveleva (2-0) won by technical knockout in the third round over Evgeniya Zablotskaya (8-15) on Saturday Sept. 23. The flyweight match was held in Borisov.



Sanae Jah (14-2-1) was the winner over Alexandra Lakatos (6-2-1) by unanimous decision after 10 rounds on Saturday Sept. 23. The flyweight fight was for the vacant WBA Inter-Continental title and took place in Brussels.

On Saturday Sept. 30, super middleweights Femke Hermans (5-0) and Ester Konecna (1-3-1) meet in a six round contest in Aalst.



On Friday Sept. 29, bantamweights Li Ping Shi (1-0) and Wanphen Sithpracha (9-1) meet in six three-minute rounds in Xi An.



On Saturday Sept. 30, minimum weights Fabiana Bytyqi (10-0) and Luisana Bolivar (4-4) meet in a 10 round fight for the WBC Youth minimum weight title in Magdeburg.



On Saturday Sept. 30, lightweights Yoanita Alexandra (0-0) and Alda Apandi (0-0) meet in a four round match at Tangerang Selatan.



On Saturday Sept. 30, four female bouts take place including flyweights Tamao Ozawa (12-4) and Eun Young Huh (8-4-1) meet in a eight round fight; Saemi Hanagata (13-6-4) fights Shione Ogata (7-6) in a eight round light flyweight bout; Yuki Kira (1-0) meets Hee Jung Shin (1-2) in a four round minimum weight bout;



On Saturday Sept. 30, bantamweights Diane Schembri (0-0) and Claire Ciantar (2-1) meet in a six round contest in Paola, Malta.



On Friday Sept. 29, flyweights Sulem Urbina (5-0) and Mitzi Rodriguez (2-6-1) meet in a four round contest in Hermosillo, Sonora.

On Saturday Sept. 30, flyweights Arely Mucino (24-3-2) and Tenkai Tsunami (23-11) meet in a 10 round contest in Cancun.

On Saturday Sept. 30, flyweights Jessica Chavez (29-4-3) and Esmeralda Moreno (35-9-1) meet in a 10 round bout for the WBC title in Ecatepec, Mexico City. This is the final of the WBC flyweight tournament.



On Saturday Sept. 30, minimum weights Gretchen Abaniel (17-8) and Chamaporn Chairin (5-1) meet in a six round fight in Paraneque, Manila. Also, Gretel De Paz (3-1) and Christine Latube (1-11-2) meet in a six round bantamweight contest.



On Saturday Sept. 30, lightweights Oleksandra Sidorenko (6-0) and Isabelle Pare (6-0) meet in a 10 round match for the vacant EBU title in Lomianki.



Nurshahidah Roslie (7-1) knocked out Siriphon Chanbuala (12-5-2) in the third round on Saturday Sept. 23. The win gives Roslie the vacant OPBF and WBC Asian featherweight title in Singapore. Also, Ai Jin (2-0) beat Rungnapa Keawkrachang (13-10-1) by decision in a minimum weight bout.



Joana Pastrana (11-1) knocked out Judit Hachbold (4-2) in the third round to retain the EBU title on Friday Sept. 22. The minimum weight title fight was held in Madrid, Spain.

On Friday Sept. 29, super welterweights Maria Lindberg (15-2-2) and Inna Sagaydakovskaya (5-0) meet for the vacant WBC Silverweight title in Bilbao, Spain.


United Kingdom

Nina Bradley (2-0) defeated Klaudia Vigh (2-20-1) by unanimous decision after four rounds on Sunday Sept. 24. The welterweight match took place in Newark, Nottinghampshire, England.



Kaliesha West (17-2-3) defeated Kirstie Simmons (8-3) by unanimous decision after six rounds on Saturday Sept. 23. The super featherweight fight took place in Rancho Mirage, Calif.

Mikaela Mayer (2-0) knocked out Allison Martinez (1-3) in the third round on Friday Sept. 22. The lightweight confrontation was held in Tucson, Arizona.

On Saturday Sept. 30, super welterweights Shayna Foppiano (0-0) and Lamarya Geary (0-1) meet in a four round fight in Boston, Mass.



(Photo by Ralph Velez)


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