Big Fights Looming and Female Fight News for week of Oct. 16

Female Fight News for week of Oct. 16 Big Fights Coming


By David A. Avila

Many proclaim Cecilia Braekhus the best female fighter pound for pound and she very well could be. But until the Norwegian with all the belts challenges America’s best, it remains to be seen.

Braekhus defends all of her many titles on Saturday in Norway against Sweden’s Mikaela Lauren a fighter she beat soundly seven years ago in Germany by knockout. Of course things could have changed for Lauren since that knockout loss. But, a year ago she lost soundly to fellow Swede Klara Svensson who lost soundly to Braekhus.

You get the picture.

Perhaps Braekhus seeks an easy payday and a moment to shine in front of her many followers. No one can blame any prizefighter for seeking an occasional low-risk fight that returns big dividends.

The extremely athletic welterweight world champion has never been beaten since her professional debut in 2007. She has exhibited speed, agility and some power in her 31 pro fights. Now at 36 years old, it would seem a perfect time to meet American candidate for pound for pound best Layla McCarter.

McCarter was supposed to fight this Saturday in Las Vegas but for one reason or another the fight could not be made. Though she is fighting for Mayweather Promotions it seems difficult obtaining an opponent for her. It was announced last week that McCarter’s fight was dropped.

“I’ll be getting another fight real soon,” McCarter, 38, said.

Hopefully the fight McCarter does obtain will be Braekhus. It’s the only match that makes sense for both and for fans worldwide.


A couple of interesting matches take place in Mexico as former world champions collide when Ibeth “La Roca” Zamora meets Isabel “La Estrella” Millan in a 10 round flyweight clash in Zapopan, Jalisco, Mexico on Saturday.

Zamora lost her bid for the flyweight world title when she was beaten by Esmeralda Moreno in a memorable war. Now she faces Millan a fearless flyweight for nearby Tonala, Jalisco who battled against Japan’s mighty Naoko Fujioka in Tokyo earlier this year. It’s going to be a good one.

On the same day, in Cuernavaca, Mexico, former bantamweight champion Yazmin Rivas fights young undefeated Yareli Larios the daughter of former male world champion Oscar “Cholulo” Larios. It’s a big step for Larios and much respect to her and her team for accepting such a big match against a former world champion.

A couple of other attractive matchups loom in Mexico with Lourdes “La Pequena Lulu” Juarez confronting Diana Laura Fernandez in her territory on Nov. 4. Juarez, the younger sister of Mariana Juarez fights out of Mexico City but will travel to Juarez, Mexico to face Fernandez on her turf. Both are on the cusp of world title bids and the winner will surely get the offer.


Also on Nov. 4, in Brooklyn, New York, five division world champion Amanda “Real Deal” Serrano meets Marilyn Hernandez of the Dominican Republic in a lightweight match set for eight rounds. The fight takes place at Barclays Center.

Speaking of Barclays, older sister Cindy Serrano skirmished with Edina Kiss and walked away with a split decision after eight rounds in a featherweight contest this past Saturday at Barclays Center. Many were surprised that one judge favored Kiss.

“It was a pretty easy night for me. No bruises no bumps so I’m good,” Cindy Serrano said on social media. “Aside from one crazy judge I’m super happy.”

One judge scored it 74-78 for Kiss while two other judges saw it 78-74 and 79-73 for Serrano. This must be the season of the witch.

Japan calling

Costa Rica’s undefeated Yokasta Valle has reportedly signed a contract to fight Japan’s Naoko Fujioka in a light flyweight title fight in Tokyo. The WBO light flyweight title will be the prize.

Originally this title fight was scheduled for Puerto Rico in early September, but various problems arose and the match was cancelled. Other options arose and though both fighters were willing it seemed to get lost in the shuffle. But now, Fujioka’s team has confirmed the date will be Dec. 1, in Tokyo where Fujioka resides and trains.

Both Valle, 25, and Fujioka, 42, have fought at the minimum weight but will be facing each other at the 108-pound division. Fujioka has already won world titles in the minimum weight, flyweight, super flyweight and bantamweight division. She is seeking a world title in the light flyweight division to catch Amanda Serrano who already has five division world titles.


Female Fight News


Leonela Yudica (13-0-3) retained the IBF title by unanimous decision versus Japan’s Yunoka Furukawa (9-2-2) on Friday Oct. 13. The flyweight title match was held in San Juan, San Juan. (For more on this fight read the story by Diego Morilla on this site.)

On Friday Oct. 20, super featherweights Brenda Carabajal (12-3-1) and Maria Capriolo (7-7-4) meet in a 10 round fight in Palpala, Jujuy. Also, Daniel Bermudez (21-3-3) is expected to return to the ring.

On Friday Oct. 20, super welterweights Yanina Orozco (2-0) and Micaela Cabral (2-0) meet in a four round bout in Las Heras, Mendoza.

On Friday Oct. 20, featherweights Ana Guichapani (6-0) and Paola Ibarra (4-3) meet in an eight round match set at three-minute rounds in Santa Cruz.



Deanha Hubbs (5-0) defeated Quinita Hati (0-3) by unanimous decision after six rounds on Saturday Oct. 14. The lightweight matchup took place in Brisbane, Queensland.

Susie Ramadan (27-2) won by technical knockout in the second round over Sumalee Tongpootorn (8-7-1) on Friday Oct. 13. Ramadan is a former bantamweight world champion but this fight took place in the super flyweight division in Flemington, Victoria. The former world champion says she walks around only a few pounds over 115.

On Saturday Oct. 21, bantamweights Cherneka Johnson (6-0) and Febriyanti Lubis (0-0) meet in a eight round contest at Melbourne Park, Victoria.



Kandi Wyatt (4-0) was the winner by decision after four rounds against Heidy Martinez (2-3) on Saturday Oct. 14. The super lightweight clash took place in Calgary, Alberta.


Costa Rica

Hanna Gabriel (18-1-1) avenged a previous loss to Oxandia Castillo (16-3-3) by unanimous decision on Friday Oct. 13. The super welterweight fight for the WBO and WBA world titles took place in San Jose. Gabriel had lost to Castillo by knockout several years ago. Also, Carolina Arias (13-2) was the winner by decision after eight close rounds versus Mexico’s Brenda Ronzon (0-3) in a super flyweight bout.



On Saturday Oct. 21, featherweights Elena Gradinar (6-0) and Maria Nunez (17-12-1) meet in a 10 round fight at Narva.



Visila Kolitapa (0-0) and Anaseini Dakua (0-0) fought to a draw after four rounds on Friday Oct. 13. The middleweight clash took place in Nadi. Also, Katrina Singh (1-1) beat Mable Talei (0-1) by decision after four rounds in a welterweight match.



Licia Boudersa (9-1-1) was the victor by decision over Jasmina Nad (6-20-4) after six rounds on Saturday Oct. 14. The lightweight fight took place in Lille, Nord.

Elhem Mekhaled (6-0) was the victor by unanimous decision after six rounds against Cindy Bonhiver (6-11-1) on Thursday Oct. 12. The super featherweight match took place in Perols, Herault.



Miki Matsuda (2-4) beat Akane Wada (0-1) by decision after four rounds on Sunday Oct. 8. The super bantamweight fight took place in Hiroshima. Also, Eruka Hiromoto (1-0) won by majority decision after four rounds against Kisara Okamoto (2-1) in a minimum weight fight.



Irma Sanchez (30-7-1) won by split decision against Brenda Ramos (10-6) after 10 rounds to win the interim WBA title on Saturday Oct. 14. The flyweight clash took place in Guadalajara. Also, Joselyn Ruiz (20-1) beat Karla Valenzuela (3-16-3) by decision in a super flyweight six rounder.

On Saturday Oct. 21, flyweights Ibeth Silva Zamora (27-6) and Isabel Millan (19-3-1) meet in a 10 round clash in Zapopan, Jalisco.

On Saturday Oct. 21, bantamweights Yazmin Rivas (36-10-1) and Yareli Larios (12-0) meet in a 10 round contest in Cuernavaca.


New Zealand

Geovana Peres (3-1) was the winner by unanimous decision after eight rounds against Trish Vaka (0-2) On Friday Oct. 13. The light heavyweight clash took place in Auckland.



On Saturday Oct. 21, welterweights Cecilia Braekhus (31-0) and Mikaela Lauren (29-4) meet for the second time in a 10 round clash in Stokke, Norway. The IBF, IBO, WBA, WBC, WBO titles will be the prize. Also, super welterweights Joanna Ekedahl (1-0) and Hannah Rankin (2-0) meet in a four round bout.

On Saturday Oct. 21, super featherweights Katharina Thanderz (6-0) and Maria Semertzoglou (6-2) meet in a 10 round fight for the vacant EBU title in Skien, Norway.



Kim Actub (6-8-1) was the victor by decision after six three-minute rounds versus Joan Ambalong (6-7-1) on Sunday Oct. 15. The bantamweight showdown was held in Iligan City Lanao del Norte.



On Saturday Oct. 21, bantamweights Aniya Seki (31-3-2) and Kleopatra Tolnai (13-12-1) meet in a 10 round clash for the WBC Silver title in Gumligen bei Bern, Sweden.



Rehema Abdallah (5-0-1) was the victor by knockout in the first round versus Elizabeth Michael (0-1) on Friday Oct. 13. The lightweight contest took place in Bagamoyo.


United Kingdom

Natasha Jones (3-0) was the winner by technical knockout in third round against Marianna Gulyas (14-27) on Friday Oct. 13. The super featherweight bout took place in Bethnal Green, London.



Cindy Serrano (27-5-3) won by split decision after eight rounds versus Edina Kiss (14-6) on Saturday Oct. 14. The featherweight bout took place in Brooklyn, New York. Serrano holds the WBO featherweight title but the title was not at stake.

Bertha Aracil (4-0) won by technical knockout in the first round versus Rayven Chatman (0-1) on Saturday Oct. 14. The super welterweight fight took place in Springfield, Virginia.

On Saturday Oct. 21, super welterweights Raquel Miller (4-0) and Lisa Garland (15-8) meet in a six round fight in San Francisco, California.

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