Heather Hardy vs Ana Julaton and Female Fight News Feb. 12, 2018

Female Fight News Feb. 12, 2018 Heather Hardy vs Ana Julaton


By David A. Avila

Normally we do not cover MMA but an extraordinary matchup pits Heather “The Heat” Hardy against Ana “The Hurricane” Julaton in two clashes: one in the cage and another in the boxing ring. It’s a two-part confrontation.

It has never happened before either in male or female prizefighting history. Moreover, the two female fighters have well established credentials especially in the sport of boxing.

Hardy (1-1) first meets Julaton (2-3) in a flyweight MMA match on Friday Feb. 16, at Mohegan Sun Arena in Uncasville, Ct. The Paramount network will televise the fight. An agreed second meeting in a boxing ring will take place sometime in late spring or early summer.

In boxing, Hardy (20-0) and Julaton (14-4-3) have excellent records, but first they collide in MMA at 125-pounds.

Julaton conceived the dual confrontation idea this past summer after seeking a fight with the undefeated New York City prizefighter. After failure to come to terms the two were placed on the same MMA fight card several months ago. Both lost.

During media interviews both were given the same question about fighting each other. Hardy remembers it occurred during media interviews when both were present.

“I said if she wants to fight I will fight her next,” said Hardy, 36, via telephone.

Brooklyn’s Hardy holds the WBC International featherweight title that she won via decision against Shelly Vincent in the summer of 2016. It was televised nationally and electrified fans everywhere with its compelling drama and action. The next year Showtime decided to televise female boxing. No doubt the fight between Hardy and Vincent led to endorsement of female fight coverage by television.

Opposing the Brooklyn featherweight will be Filipina prizefighter Julaton a former super bantamweight world champion. Now fighting out of Las Vegas, the well-known boxer originally from San Francisco has a strong karate and kempo background in mixed martial arts but MMA is more than punches and kicks.

“You have to understand your identity,” explains Julaton, 37. “In MMA there are so many positions to lose. You keep working on your strength. It all depends on the fighter to understand who you are.”

Julaton calls herself a standup fighter who can kick. Though she started boxing professionally a mere 10 years ago, she has traveled all over the world in pursuit of perfecting her craft and building a legacy: first in boxing now in MMA. It has not been easy.

“There is so much bullshit,” said Julaton, who has a very strong following especially among Filipinos. “In any sport having the mileage and experience you see thing s differently.”

Hardy also has a strong following in the New York City area. Once she began fighting in front of a televised audience the exposure was immediate.

“After my last MMA fight the exposure on Spike TV is a platform that gave me five times the followers,” Hardy said. “I spent a lot of time bitching about opportunities so now I have one in front of me.”

Both agreed to fight each other in a boxing ring later in the year.

“This is crunch time,” said Hardy. “I don’t know how many fighters cross back and forth from MMA to boxing, but this is the first time two champions test the waters.”

Friday night. Bellator 194. It’s a captivating fight between Hardy and Julaton.


Female Fight News


Cristina Cuevas (5-7-2) beat Gladys Segui (3-4-1) by decision after six rounds on Saturday Feb. 10. The welterweight fight took place in Villa Gobernador Galvez, Santa Fe.

Anahi Sanchez (18-3) knocked out Ruth Aquino (8-4) in the fifth round on Friday Feb.  9. The super lightweight fight took place in Venado Tuerto, Santa Fe. Also, Anyelen Sanchez (6-0) beat Natalia Alderete (3-1) by decision after four rounds.

On Saturday Feb. 17, super flyweights Debora Dionicius (26-0) and Terumi Nuki (9-2) fight 10 rounds for the IBF world title in Cutral Co, Neuquen.



Kim Clavel (2-0) was the winner by decision after four rounds against Jessica Guerrero (3-3) on Saturday Feb. 10. The light flyweight match was held in Shawinigan, Quebec.

On Thursday Feb. 15, super welterweights Marie Eve Decaire (10-0) and Marisa Nunez (7-8-2) meet in a 10 round fight for the NABF title in Montreal, Quebec. Also, Jessica Camara (3-0) and Guadalupe Ortiz (2-5) fight in a four round welterweight bout.



On Saturday Feb. 17, super flyweights Isis Macarena (4-0) and Daniela Asenjo (5-2-2) meet in eight round fight for Chile title in San Francisco de Mostazal.



Jenifer Rodriguez (4-2-2) knocked out Yurleidys Hernandez (0-1) in the third round on Friday Feb. 9. The bantamweight fight ook place in Barranquilla.



Elhem Mekhaled (7-0) defeated Marion Montanari (2-4) by decision after eight rounds to win the French title on Saturday Feb. 10. The featherweight fight took place in Limoges.



On Saturday Feb. 17, featherweights Nina Meinke (6-1) and Vissia Travato (10-0) meet in a 10 round fight for the GBU and WIBF titles in Ludwigsburg.



Diana Laura Fernandez (17-2) won by knockout in the eighth round over Noemi Bosques (11-11-3) to win the WBC International title on Saturday Feb. 10. The super flyweight fight took place in Juarez, Chihuahua. Fernandez, 23, lives and trains in Juarez. Bosques, 34, fights out of St. Petersburg, Florida in the USA.

On Saturday Feb. 17, flyweights Montserrat Alarcon (10-3-2) and Arely Mucino (25-3-2) meet in 10 round fight for the IBF world title in Guadalajara. Also, Yareli Larios (12-1) and Jessica Barcenas (0-0) fight in eight round featherweight fight.

On Saturday Feb. 17, bantamweights Mariana Juarez (47-9-4) and Gabriela Bouvier (13-7-1) fight for WBC bantamweight world title in Mexico City.



Shione Ogata (9-6) won by decision over Floryvic Montero (3-4) after eight rounds on Sunday Feb. 11. The light flyweight match was held in Paranaque City, Manila. Also, Machieka Pareno (1-0) won a majority decision vs. Jean De Paz (0-1) in a four round featherweight bout.



Elena Saveleva (4-0) defeated Nevenka Mikulic (7-11-1) by unanimous decision after 10 rounds on Saturday Feb. 10. The flyweight match took place in Saint Petersburg, Russia. Saveleva, 33, is a former amateur champion and is co-promoted by Salita Promotions. This is her first title as a professional.


South Korea

Min Ji Lee (1-1-1) and Eun Bit Hwang (1-0-1) fought to a draw after four rounds on Saturday Feb. 10. The light flyweight match was held in Namyamgju.



Farah El Bousairi (2-0) defeated Paloma Ramos (1-2) by decision after six rounds on Saturday Feb. 10. The bantamweight clash took place in Santa Ponsa, Isla Baleares.



Pamela Treand (7-0) won by technical knockout in the second round over Tamar Nazarashvili (3-1) on Saturday Feb. 10. The super bantamweight match took place in Nyon.


United Kingdom

Rachel Ball (2-0) won by decision after six rounds versus Bojana Libiszewska (5-27) on Saturday Feb. 10. The featherweight match was held in Walsall, Midlands.

Terri Harper (2-0) beat Borislava Goranova (11-53-3) by decision after four rounds on Saturday Feb. 10. The super welterweight fight was held in Denaby Main, Yorkshire, England.



Ikram Kerwat (9-1) defeated Angel Gladney (9-14-1) by decision after eight rounds on Thursday Feb. 8. The lightweight match was held in Pensacola, Florida as part of the fight card for boxing great Roy Jones Jr. farewell fight.

Alycia Baumgardner (5-0) defeated Nydia Feliciano (9-10-3) by unanimous decision in a super featherweight fight on Saturday Feb. 10. The match took place in Philadelphia.

On Saturday Feb. 17, featherweights Jennifer Han (16-3-1) and Lizbeth Crespo (12-3) fight 10 rounds for the IBF world title at El Paso, Texas.

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