Argentina’s Sensational Yesica Bopp Returns and Female Fight News

Yesica Bopp Returns and Female Fight News April 2, 2018


By David A. Avila

Almost every point on the globe has action taking place led by Argentina’s legendary Yesica “La Tuti” Bopp defending her light flyweight title this weekend.

Bopp, 33, defends the WBA world title against fellow Argentine Soledad Frias on Friday April 6 in Buenos Aires. This will be the 18th defense of the WBA title by Bopp since capturing it in June 2009 against Paulina Cardona.

The popular Bopp has more than just a cute look and popular posters. She has super speed in her hands and feet and can box circles around most opponents. Since turning professional the dirty blonde light flyweight lost only once, that came against Mexico’s Jessica Chavez in Mexico.

After taking a year off in 2015 while giving birth, Bopp returned to the ring wars at full force and has ripped off six consecutive wins. Recently, Bopp has proclaimed interest in fighting against Americans in the United States.


Former 2012 US Olympic bronze medalist Marlen Esparza leads a fight card on Friday April 6 in Los Angeles. It’s the main event on a Golden Boy Promotions boxing card and she faces France’s Laetizia Campana (2-4) in an eight round flyweight clash at Belasco Theater in the downtown area. It will be televised by Estrella TV.

Esparza, 28, was the first female fighter signed by the Los Angeles-based organization and has been carefully guided to this point. Trained by Virgil Hunter, the former coach of Andre Ward, the flyweight from Houston has been molded slowly into a professional style prizefighter.

“I love the transitioning I had to make to this point,” said Esparza by phone. “Boxing was becoming boring for me. But learning the pro style has made me fall in love with the sport again.”

Recently, Golden Boy signed another light flyweight Seniesa Estrada of East L.A. The two prizefighters are undefeated and headed to a collision course for this summer.

“That’s the fight I want among others,” said Esparza about fighting Estrada. “I want to prove Seniesa is not in my class.”

Esparza also expressed interest in fighting Argentina’s talented Yesica Bopp. Suddenly, the light flyweight scene has blossomed in North America.

“I want all of those fights,” said Esparza.


Speaking of American fighters, Brooklyn’s Melissa St. Vil travels to Finland to challenge undefeated Eva Wahlstrom for the WBC super featherweight world title. This is her first world title challenge.

“I’m really excited about fighting for the world title,” said St. Vil enthusiastically. “I don’t care where I fight.”

St.Vil, 34, held the WBC Silver title and now is gunning for the WBC world title and it’s the first time fighting for a major sanctioning body world title belt. She formerly held the IWBF title.

Wahlstrom, 37, has remained undefeated despite facing lofty competition such as Kenya’s Fatuma Zarika the current WBC super bantamweight titlist and Argentina’s Anahi Sanchez the former WBA lightweight world titlist. But all of her fights have taken place in her home country of Finland.

This world title fight originally was scheduled to take place on March 3, but due to poor ticket sales the title fight was moved to this current date.

Both fighters remained calm about the change.

Wahlstrom said on social media that St. Vil’s exuberant personality is definitely a plus for selling tickets. St. Vil has fought numerous times in other fighter’s hometowns and countries.

“I just like to go in there and fight my fight,” said St.Vil, adding that she sparred with numerous New York City prizefighters to prepare for this title challenge. “I don’t look at video tape. Fighters don’t always fight the same way.”

This will be the fourth world title defense for Wahlstrom.


Female Fight News


Sabrina Perez (16-0-1) defeated Lilian Silva (4-5-1) by split decision after 10 rounds on Saturday March 31. The win gives Perez the Argentine featherweight title and took place in Chivilcoy, Buenos Aires. Also, Gloria Yancaqueo (5-9-3) beat Alejandra Zamora (6-2) after four super featherweight rounds.

On Friday April 6, light flyweights Yesica Bopp (33-1) and Soledad Frias (13-10-4) fight 10 rounds for the WBA title at Villa Dominico, Buenos Aires. Bopp is considered one of the best fighters pound for pound.



Aimee Addis (4-0) defeated Janay Harding (1-2) by decision after four rounds on Thursday March 29. The super welterweight bout took place in Queensland.

On Saturday April 7, lightweights Deanha Hobbs (5-0) and Arlene Blencowe (4-4) meet in a six round fight in Brisbane.



On Saturday April 7, bantamweights Eva Voraberger (22-5) and Nina Radovanovic (12-1) meet in a 10 round fight for the interim WBC title at Wiener Neustadt. Radovanovic, 26, fights out of Serbia and has a three-fight winning streak. Voraberger, 28, fights out of Austria and has a two-fight winning streak. Both girls last loss came to Mexican fighters.



On Saturday April 7, featherweights Taynna Cardoso (1-0) and Simone Da Silva (15-11) fight in 10 round bout for Brazil title in Sao Paolo.



On Saturday April 7, light flyweights Kim Clavel (2-0) and Ana Compean (0-2) meet in a four round bout in Quebec. Also, lightweights Ariane Goyette (0-0) and Samathan Johnson (0-0) meet in a four round fight.



On Friday April 6, super featherweights Eva Wahlstrom (21-0-1) and Melissa St. Vil (10-2-4) meet in a 10 round clash for the WBC title at Helsinki.



Helene Lascombe (2-0) beat Marine Tollet (0-2) by decision after four rounds on Saturday March 31. The featherweight fight was held in Vigneux.

Elhem Mekhaled (8-0) beat Nina Pavlovic (0-1) by decision after six rounds on Saturday March 31. The lightweight fight was held in Rhone.



On Saturday April 7, flyweights Oezlem Sahin (23-1-1) and Teona Pirosmanashvili (2-2) meet in an eight round fight at Wuppertal.



On Sunday April 8, bantamweights Yuko Henzan (5-6-4) and Phannaluk Kongsang (3-4-1) meet in an eight round bout in Tomigusuku, Okinawa.



On Saturday April 7, featherweights Cynthia Ogunsemilore (0-0) and Habibat Ismail (0-0) meet in a four round bout at Lagos.



On Saturday April 7, featherweights Machieka Pareno (1-0) and Jean De Paz (0-1) meet in a four round contest in Bogo, Cebu.



On Saturday April 7, super lightweights Patricia Berghult (9-0) and Dora Tollar (2-2) meet in a six round fight in Norrkoping.



Karen Dulin (3-14) defeated Jillian DiAuto (1-1) by decision after four three-minute rounds on Saturday March 31. The lightweight match took place in Quincy, Mass.

On Friday April 6, flyweights Marlen Esparza (4-0) and Laetizia Campana (2-4) meet in an eight round main event at Los Angeles, California. It will be televised by Estrella TV.

On Friday April 6, featherweights Britain Hart (2-2) and Rosalinda Rodriguez (5-0) meet in a four round fight in Indianapolis, Indiana.

On Saturday April 7, flyweights Ava Knight (14-2-4) and Mayela Perez (19-21-4) meet in a six round fight in Las Vegas, Nevada.