Amanda Serrano Fights in L.A. and Female Fight News

Female Fight Results April 9, 2018 Amanda Serrano in L.A.


By David A. Avila

Boxing’s top knockout artist Amanda “The Real Deal” Serrano makes her MMA debut on Friday April 13, in Los Angeles, California. The famous Shrine Auditorium will be the site for the winner of five boxing world titles in five weight divisions.

Normally we at refrain from writing about MMA but when it comes to Serrano, the best puncher female boxing has seen since Ann Wolfe, we need to share with our followers the Puerto Rican slugger’s first adventure into another combat sport. Serrano takes into the cage her 26 knockouts in 36 pro fights.

MMA has too many offensive and defensive facets to worry about in terms of learning its skills. It’s the reason that organizations like UFC are struggling to maintain its stars. Few MMA fighters can dominate and build a following like in boxing. That’s why boxing has grown bigger and bigger while MMA has recently begun to endure falling numbers in television viewing.

Now Combate Americas has gambled that the Latino market has yet to be tapped and Serrano leads the charge. She will be paid far more by MMA than she ever received in boxing, but for the men it’s the other way around. Male boxers get far more in the top end than MMA males. It’s why Conor McGregor made $100 million in boxing and never topped $10 million in MMA.

Female MMA is different.

Serrano will be making far more than she ever did in boxing but still plans to return to boxing and collect more titles in different weight divisions.

“After this fight I’m scheduled to fight for the 140 pound world title,” said Serrano. “They (WBO) allow me to challenge anyone of their champions. They have me as their super champion.”

That’s a lofty status and well deserved by the Brooklyn-based Serrano who arrives in Los Angeles on Wednesday and will be in a public weigh-in on Thursday reportedly at the Mayfair Hotel at 1256 W. 7th Street. It takes place from 10 a.m. to noon in the heart of downtown Los Angeles.

Serrano is scheduled to fight Bakersfield, California’s Corina Herrera (3-4) in a three round fight held in MMA’s 125-pound flyweight division.


One of Argentina’s foremost fighters performed this past weekend as Yesica “La Tuti” Bopp won by knockout. This coming Friday the other legendary fighter Marcela “La Tigresa” Acuna meets fellow champion Daniela Bermudez in defense of the IBF super bantamweight title. It’s a sensational showdown between two formidable prizefighters.

Bopp and Acuna are both considered superstars in Argentina and around the world. Acuna staked her claim to fame by facing both Lucia Rijker and Christy Martin in her two first pro fights. Who else would be willing to face two killers like that for her debut into the sport?

It’s mind boggling.


Eva Wahlstrom edged by Melissa St. Vil via split decision. A knockdown missed by the referee allowed the Finnish fighter to retain the WBC super featherweight title last Friday. The bout took place in Helsinki, Finland. The titlist has never fought outside of her country.

A clip of the knockdown was posted on social media and it seems to show Wahlstrom was dropped by a left hook-right cross combination. If you look at St Vil’s leg it was nowhere near Wahlstrom’s feet. The missed call allowed Wahlstrom to keep the title. Hopefully they can have a rematch.


Marlen Esparza knocked out her opponent Laetizia Campana in the third round as rival Seniesa Estrada watched from the audience. After winning, Esparza pointed at Estrada to signify that she was next on her hit list.

Esparza, a former Olympic bronze medalist, and Estrada both are signed by Golden Boy Promotions. And each had their fights televised nationally. After many months of back and forth chatter via social media, the two are finally primed to clash in a showdown. The only thing left to settle is the weight class.

East L.A.’s Estrada can clearly make 108 or less while Houston’s Esparza seems to have a problem getting below 112. But Estrada might be willing to allow the fight to remain at 112. Most of her opponents have been above 112. It’s difficult to find foes in the U.S. below 108 pounds and getting opponents from Mexico requires visas. That’s proven to be quite a problem in these days.

Regardless, it finally looks like the feud will be settled.

Neither fighter knows how the battle of words began but both are willing to settle it in the boxing ring this summer.

Female Fight News


Cintia Castillo (8-2) won by technical knockout in round two over Marta Juncos (5-28-4) on Saturday April 7. The featherweight fight took place in Cordoba.

Ayelen Granadino (1-0) defeated Daniela Molina (0-1) by unanimous decision after four rounds on Saturday April 7. The light flyweight match took place in Buenos Aires.

Yesica Bopp (34-1) stopped Soledad Frias (13-11-4) in the sixth round on Friday April 6. The WBA light flyweight world title fight took place in Villa Dominico, Buenos Aires.

On Friday April 13, super bantamweights Marcela Acuna (46-6-1) and Daniela Bermudez (22-3-3) meet for the IBF super bantamweight world title at Hurlingham, Buenos Aires. Also, super featherweights Brenda Carabajal (13-4-1) and Gloria Yancaqueo (5-9-3) meet in a six round bout.



Deanha Hobbs (6-0) won by split decision over Arlene Blencowe (4-5) after six rounds on Saturday April 7. The lightweight match was held in Brisbane.



Eva Voraberger (23-5) won by split decision over Nina Radovanovic (12-2) after 10 rounds on Saturday April 7. The battle for the interim WBC bantamweight title took place in Wiener Neustadt. Also, Doris Koehler (13-16-2) won by decision after six three-minute rounds over Michaela Reibauer (0-1).



Florence De Coster (2-0) defeated Sandra Zekic (2-12) by technical knockout in the fifth round on Monday April 2. The lightweight match was held in West-Vlaanderen.

On Saturday April 14, flyweights Sanae Jah (14-2-1) and Claudia Ferenczi (16-62-7) at Brabant Wallon.



Kim Clavel (3-0) won by knockout in the first round against Ana Compean (0-3) on Saturday April 7. The light flyweight match took place in Quebec.



Eva Wahlstrom (22-0-1) won by split decision over Melissa St. Vil (10-3-4) after 10 rounds on Friday April 6. The WBC super featherweight world title fight took place in Helsinki.



Anissa Benyoub (1-0) was the winner by decision after four rounds versus Ksenija Medic (0-8-1) on Saturday April 7. The super lightweight contest took place in Mazeres sur Salat.



On Friday April 13, super flyweights Jasseth Noriega (21-4-2) and Eloisa Martinez (2-7-1) meet for the Mexican title at Colonia Portales, Mexico City. Also light flyweights Sheila Segovia (0-1-1) and Johanna Loukkanen (0-0) meet in a four round bout.

On Saturday April 14, light flyweights Silvia Torres (18-0-1) and Jessica Nery Plata (21-2) meet for the WBA world title at Mexico City.



Machieka Pareno (2-0) defeated Jean De Paz (0-2) by unanimous decision after four rounds on Saturday April 7. The featherweight match was held in Bogo, Cebu.



On Saturday April 14, flyweights Cristina Garrobo (1-0) and Kitti Kolompar (0-2) meet in a six round bout at Castilla La Mancha.

On Saturday April 14, bantamweights Paloma Ramos (1-2) and Mary Romero (2-2) meet in a four round bout at Madrid.



Patricia Berghult (10-0) won by first round knockout over Dora Tollar (2-3) on Saturday April 7. The welterweight fight took place in Norrkoping.



On Wednesday April 11, flyweights Seren Cetin (0-0) and Dondu Nazlica (0-0) meet in a four round bout at Kharkov.


United Kingdom

On Saturday April 14, welterweights Nina Bradley (4-0) and Borislava Goranova (11-53-3) meet in a six round fight at Leicester, England.

On Saturday April 14, super flyweights Ashley Brace (7-0-1) and Xenia Jorneac (8-2) meet in a 10 round fight for the vacant EBU title at Cardiff, Wales.

On Saturday April 14, lightweights Kallia Kourouni (8-1) and Monika Antonik (1-9) meet in a eight round fight at Bethnal Green, London, England.



Marlen Esparza (5-0) won by knockout in the third round versus Laetizia Campana (2-5) on Friday April 6. The flyweight match took place in Los Angeles, California.



On Saturday April 14, featherweights Mariam Moreno (7-0-2) and Michelle Uribe (0-4) meet in an eight round fight at Los Teques. Also, bantamweights Karam Batiz (3-1-1) and Yesenia Perozo (0-1) meet in a six round bout.

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