Seniesa Estrada Wins by TKO in L.A.

Seniesa “SuperBad” Estrada Wins On ESPN


By Felipe Leon


LOS ANGELES-Undefeated East Los Angeles fighter Seniesa “Superbad” Estrada (13-0, 3KO) stayed busy and scored her third stoppage of her career with a third round TKO win over Puerto Rico’s Amarilis Adorno (1-7) in the swing bout of the Golden Boy Promotions fight card at the StubHub Center in Carson, California.


The Estrada-Adorno fight was sandwiched in between Gary O’Sullivan’s stoppage of Berlin Abreu and Ryan Garcia’s unanimous decision over Jayson Velez on ESPN.


Earlier this year Estrada became only the second woman to be signed under the Golden Boy Promotions banner (since then they have added Maricela Cornejo to their female roster) and is coming off an impressive win over the tough Sonia Osorio last March at a sold-out Belasco Theater.  Adorno had not seen action since the summer of 2016 when she lost a unanimous decision to Noemi Bosques.


Estrada had not qualms admitting the fight against Adorno was nothing much than a “stay busy” fight, than a test of her skills.


“Yeah, definitively it was a stay busy fight,” Estrada said after the win over Adorno.  “They called me a couple days short of two weeks for this fight.  Of course I wanted to fight on ESPN and I wanted to fight so I took it on short notice to stay busy.  I want to stay busy as much as possible that is why I took the fight.  Definitely in my next fight I will be in there with a level of opponent I should be facing and hopefully fighting for my first title in my next fight.”


For the majority of her fights and in hopes of finding opponents, Estrada has had to fight over her ideal weight limit of 108 pounds but against Adorno, who was slightly shorter than Estrada, the Southern California fighter was able to come in at the light flyweight limit.


“If I fight at 108 most girls weigh the same as me the next day and I feel stronger and better fighting at 108,” she said regarding her ideal weight class.  “Bigger girls like at 112 they blow up the next day to 125 and they drop all the way down from that weight to fight, I am a lot smaller going in there.  I think my footwork and my boxing skills help me win but at the same time I would like to continue to fight at 108 where I should be.”


Hometown power


From the opening bell and knowing what she had in front of her Estrada broke character and instead of boxing came out like a bull in a china shop. She went after the slightly shorter Adorno with power shorts, hooks from either fist, missing many but landing a large number. Adorno looked like a fish out of water not expecting the quick onslaught from the hometown fighter but was able to survive the round.


“That was the game plan, to be aggressive and stay on her,” Estrada said of her strategy in the opening stanza.  “She had never been stopped before.  She fought Noemi Bosques, who is a bantamweight, and she went the distance with her three times so I noticed that when Noemi and these other girls fought her they would hit her and then move.  My trainer was like, ‘no, you gotta hit her and stay there, let her feel the effect of the punches,’ so that is what I did from the start.”

Estrada settled down in the second to her usual athletic boxing style, darting in and out and switching stances.  Adorno looked more comfortable with this version of Estrada in front of her and tried to match that was coming at her but not with much luck. Estrada scored with a combination that began with a straight right hand to the body and ended with hooks to the head that pushed Adorno against the ropes.

Near the end of the round Estrada scored a punch to the right eye of her opponent that opened a nasty gash at the brow line of the Puerto Rican.

In between rounds Adorno’s corner worked in the gash applying grease in hopes of stopping the bleeding and sent out their fighter with a hope and a prayer.

It didn’t take long for Estrada to laser in on the cut.

Seconds into the third round Estrada began attacking her opponent looking to take advantage of the blood. Adorno was game and returned fire but the cut began to bleed over her eye. The referee Zack Young paused the action to have the ringside doctor take a look at the gash and after just a couple of seconds stopped the action.

Official time was 38 seconds of the third round.


“I knew either way I was going to stop her,” Estrada answered when asked if she was disappointed of the anti-climatic ending.  “Obviously she got the cut because of my punches, because of my left hook, so I was going to keep working that left hook until the cut was so bad they would stop it or maybe dropped her.”


What is next?


“Any fight they want to give me I will take,” she said confidently.  “I know of course Golden Boy they maybe want to build up the fight with me and Esparza and have me go my way and fight for a title and have her continue to build her record.  I am not sure what their idea is but I am just ready to face whoever is next.”