Mikaela Mayer Shuts Out Baby Nansen in NYC

Mikaela Mayer Dominates Baby Nansen in NYC


By David A. Avila

Fighting for the second time in New York, Mikaela Mayer was extended until the final bell once again in winning by decision on Saturday.

It must be something in the air.

Still, Mayer (5-0, 3 KOs) continued her unbeaten streak with a dominant performance over New Zealand’s Baby Nansen (6-3-1) at Madison Square Garden in New York City. A win was never in doubt despite the lack of a knockout.

Mayer battered Nansen in every round but the tough New Zealander showed why she has never been knocked out let alone knocked down.

For the first time in Mayer’s career including her vast amateur background, the Southern Californian fought six rounds. It was one of the goals her promoters and coaches had hoped she could learn and it was achieved.

Like every fight since her professional debut Mayer opened up with the big guns firing at long range with a Tommy Hearns-like right cross, then in close with the face-wrecking left hook. She connected early and flush with it several times especially during an exchange of blows. The New Zealander took the blows and though backed up by the force, did not go down.

It seemed to surprise the taller Mayer.

Mayer entered the second round seemingly intent on checking Nansen’s chin with even more force behind her punches. Both women exchanged furious blows with Nansen connecting with rights several times and Mayer landing left hooks flush. But it was a right cross by Mayer that seemed to stagger Nansen a bit. She quickly recovered.

Mayer targeted the body early in the third round and was on attack throughout the frame. Nansen seemed bothered by the body attack and kept her distance for all two minutes. Another Mayer right cross to the head connected solidly.

The fourth round saw Nansen open up with a one-two combination that landed. Mayer answered with a left hook to the body and both exchanged blows freely. A one-two combo by Mayer landed and the round ended. It was the most competitive round of the fight and the former Olympian showed signs of tiring.

Mayer opened up the fifth round with a lead right-left hook combination that connected and Nansen returned fire with an overhand right. Both exchanged with a flurry of blows and Nansen emerged with a bloody nose. Both continued to look for openings to unload and another exchange seemed to draw blood from Mayer’s nose too at the end. As she walked back to her corner Mayer seemed to inspect Nansen as she walked back to her corner.

Though Mayer had seemed slightly gassed in the previous two rounds she appeared eager for the sixth and final round. The speedy super featherweight attacked and connected early forcing Nansen to hold. Mayer seemed determined to end the fight before the final bell and was in full stalk mode. Nansen seemed looking to counter with one big blow while avoiding the incoming fire from the Southern California blonde.

After six two-minute rounds all three judges scored the fight the same 60-54 for Mayer. It was the first time she completed six rounds and Mayer looked capable of going four more.

Mayer has contended she wants a title fight this year.

Is she ready for a world title opportunity?


(Photo by JP Yim)

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