Former Champions Critique Hollywood Female Fights

Former Champions Critique Hollywood Female Fights


By Maureen Shea and Sindy Amador

Whenever female fights are showcased in Southern California, or any place in the world for that matter, fans seem motivated to witness the altercations.

Female fights almost always deliver.

360 Promotions staged its second Hollywood Fights show and included not one but two female contests at The Avalon in Hollywood, California last Wednesday June 6. Among those in attendance were former world champions Maureen Shea and Sindy Amador.

Here’s what they saw and what they thought of the pair of female bouts:


Maureen Shea an analysis:  


“I really appreciate and respect the platform that 360 Promotions is providing for young female boxers in promoting and giving them the opportunity to stay active and progress.


In only her second professional fight, super lightweight, Elvina White (2-0) has a great foundation under the tutelage of renowned trainer Buddy McGirt.  I see McGirt’s influence in White’s effective boxing style and defensive movement.  I am looking forward to watching the journey and rise of this young professional.


Light flyweight, Lulu Hawton (8-1, 4KOs) looked comfortable and happy to be back after a hard fought loss to Anahi Torres back in February at the Forum for the WBC International Female Light Flyweight Title.


Lulu’s fluid movement and energetic style was effective against a game Elvia Trevino, Wednesday night at the Avalon Hollywood.  This specific tactic worked  against a flat footed opponent who is  hesitant on initiating the first punch.


If granted the rematch with Anahi Torres (who defeated Lawton last February),  I would like to see LuLu continue to keep her jab, faints and lateral movement sharp. Lulu’s timing will play a big part in the rematch as Torres is effective when punching with her opponent.  I look forward to what’s next for this charismatic Former world champion and will definitely be ringside at her next fight!



What Maureen is doing now: 


I have  been in talks with different organizations about possible opportunities within the boxing community.   I intend to be a voice for female boxing.


I have therefore put my boxing career on hold for the last few months but I do intend to get back in the ring.



Sindy Amador an analysis: 


Annette Pabello (0-3) lost to Elvina White (2-0.


Although Pabello, the little Tijuana girl did not give an easy fight, the 18-year-old fighter known as “La Chaparra” surprised everyone because she fought with an aggressive style and heart. Even with the discomfort of having her hair all over her face during the fourth and final round. During that round the action had to be stopped to allow a corner man to fix Annette’s hair.


The result of the bout was given in favor of White by unanimous decision. 40-36


Although she was very unhappy with her performance I give credit to the Tijuana native for being so aggressive and tough.


Elvia Trevino (2-4, 1 KO) lost to Lulu Hawton (8-1) by knockout in the fourth round.

In my opinion Lulu’s opponent was too small and inexperienced, but was very resilient.

I agree with Maureen that Hawton has great charisma and a lot of personality.  People love her, even I love her personality. But she was showing off in the fight which is fine, but I felt it was  a bit disrespectful to tease and play with your opponent if you think you have the potential and the ability to knock her out.  I don’t think she had to humiliate someone who is not at her level. I don’t think people like to see a fight so unfair.


This was my first time at a 360 Boxing Promotions show. It was amazing for me to see the fights next to the great champion Maureen Shea. I really felt honored and grateful to be next to an exceptional woman with a great knowledge of boxing and a lot to contribute to the sport and humanity.

(photo by Carlos Angel)

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