Alicia Napoleon Returns on Thursday in NYC

Alicia Napoleon Returns  and fights Vashon Living on Thursday in NYC


By Tarrah Zael


A woman of great power and rank is the perfect way to describe, Alicia “The Empress” Napoleon. Her spirit was unwavering and you truly felt her passion and heart from the tone of her words.


Demonstrated as a true ambassador for women in the sport of boxing, in and outside of the ring, Napoleon makes her return and meets Vashon Living (6-3, 1 KO) in an eight round super middleweight contest this Thursday, June 21st at the Melrose Ballroom in Astoria, Queens, New York.


DiBella Entertainment is promoting the card.


Back in March, Napoleon won a unanimous decision for the vacant WBA world female super middleweight title in a 10-round bout against the then undefeated Femke Hermans (7-1, 3 KO).  Her victory was fought on the undercard of the popular and undefeated heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder.


“It was a victorious win; the girls are getting tougher. I am so grateful to finally be able to get to this level”, says Napoleon (9-1, 5 KO) whose only one loss was against Tori Nelson (17-2-3, 2 KO) back in December 2016.


Her return to the ring is highly anticipated as she faces another tough crusader in the sport of boxing in Houston’s Living.


Living has faced other world class title holders such as Christina Hammer and Tori Nelson in her professional boxing career. The experience Living is bringing to the ring Thursday night against Napoleon will be a battle you wouldn’t want to miss. ‘The Empress’ expressed that when she wins this bout against Living, her plans are to go back to defeat Hermans a second time and unify the WBO world female super middleweight title as well.


What does Napoleon know about her opponent thus far, “She’s a strong durable girl with a decent record, she won her last fight. I just have to be prepared to be the best Alicia in the ring and do what I do best every fight and dominate.”


The confidence from Napoleon in her zeal to win this fight is exciting, and more so, for the platform she’s creating for other women and female boxers in the future.


Napoleon has this magnifying attraction that opportunities for recognition are naturally gravitating and knocking on her doors. And in that moment, she is sure to open it and use it. “When I get the recognition, so do other women in the sport,” she says, “it entices the viewer to ask questions. Boxing is a great way to constantly let my voice be heard and especially when it comes to community”.


In a society where people are lovers of themselves, boastful and proud; it is very refreshing and admirable to have a strong female ambassador that is openly using her platform to use her voice to speak of bringing good into the world.


“I really want to be a voice of positivity, strength and empowerment and faith. And let people know that all things are possible when you believe and believe in yourself.”




Aside from her professional career in boxing, Napoleon is the lead trainer and partner at Overthrow New York, a boxing gym based out of New York and another in, Brooklyn. Overthrow is a boxing boot camp that advocates as a place that all people can be drawn to.


“It’s a place for everyone. No matter who you are, we accept everyone and let their voice be heard. We are a big supporter of all types of people”. Overthrow New York amazingly creates a community where all are loved and accepted.


Making an impact on others as well, I asked Napoleon who were some of the women she currently looked up to and she mentioned the great Ann Wolfe. Also, Lucia Rijker and Ronica Jeffrey. All three women held multiple world titles as well.


“Ann Wolf is my favorite. She was the first woman I saw fight on T.V. She was so tenacious and unstoppable. She gave me the idea that if she could do it, I can too.”


With the recent exposure of women fighting on HBO now, females are starting to become more favored in the sport of boxing and more girls coming into the sport are on the rise. Advocates like Napoleon and Jeffrey are paving the way for other young women; giving them someone to look up to and find their own voice in the world. “They (young girls) need to see that role model up on the TV screen, winning world titles and becoming champions. Because, it’s possible.”


“I want to use boxing to catapult me to be that voice and to show not only women but the entire world that we are meant to come together and unify with love. We all have a purpose and passion and we all are supposed to go out there and use it”, says Napoleon.


Napoleon’s belief in keeping the faith to not only empower women but for people of all to unite together and believe in themselves. When it comes to barriers and limits, she has the unmoving ability to show that there are none. Ceilings can never be placed over this confident pugilist who has done so much already for the sport and the people that surround her. There are many layers to unravel regarding Napoleon and boxing is just one of them, which fans get to see this Thursday.


Alicia “The Empress” Napoleon is headed into the right direction of breaking all barriers by having her fists be the voice in the ring and her words as a voice from her heart.

(Photo by Zimbio)

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