‘Fight of the Year’ Performance by Claressa Shields and Hanna Gabriels

Female Fight News June 25, 2018 Shields and Gabriels Aftermath


By David A. Avila

All eyes interested in the female fight world were riveted toward Detroit where budding American superstar Claressa Shields and Costa Rica’s national heroine Hanna Gabriels met in a battle for two vacant middleweight world titles.

What fans around the world witnessed was one of the best female prizefights ever produced and this year’s best female fight.

Throughout the years, and perhaps decades, only a small number of fights can stand up to the test of time, especially in the U.S. Last Friday one of the best was seen by millions thanks to Showtime.

Shields and Gabriels walked into the boxing ring with glittering credentials and enough confidence and attitude to fill the Roman Coliseum. And after 10 furious rounds the action and drama they produced was mesmerizing and inspiring.

Shields, the former two-time Olympic gold medalist, walked in already proving she was the best super middleweight in the world. She willingly dropped down in weight to meet Gabriels the best super welterweight who moved up a weight division. It was a match made for prizefight heaven.

The “Amazonian Queen” Gabriels used her experience and skill to sneak a right uppercut through Shields guard and followed it with a left hook that the younger fighter did not see. Down she went for the first time in her brilliant career. Eyes got wider from fans around the world knowing this fight was special.

It took another round for Shields to regain her footing and realize that she was no longer fighting European girls with that straight up style preferred across the Atlantic Ocean. Instead it was a Latin American girl who only had one amateur fight but experience as a professional without head gear that you cannot match in amateur tournaments. It was the American fighter’s first real taste of true prizefighting.

Shields adjusted her style accordingly and Gabriels adjusted her style too, but both never wavered in trying to win by knockout. Fans were delighted by the action.

Prizefighting is not amateur boxing. It’s not about winning by points or running away from action, it’s about entertaining the fans. It’s about trying to win by knockout or in a dominating fashion that proves superiority. That’s what most fans want to see.

When Shields was knocked down she could have shifted into a defensive shell and carefully win each round at a time. But the fighter known as “T-Rex” went for the knockout against Gabriels who was also looking for the knockout. What fans received was the Fight of the Year and one of the best ever produced.

In female prizefighting only a handful of fights can rival last Friday’s action. In July 2004 it was Layla McCarter and Chevelle Hallback at Pala Casino in California; or the first encounter between Mexicans Ana Marie Torres and Jackie Nava in April 2011. Finally, there was Mariana “Barby” Juarez’ clash with Elena “Baby Doll” Reid in June 2003. What they all have in common aside from being close riveting battles, all were televised for American fans to see. They’re as rare as a perfect diamond, but hopefully, last Friday’s action opens the door for even more.


Also on the same Detroit card was Germany’s undefeated Christina Hammer dominating the much shorter Tori Nelson to hold onto her two middleweight world titles. The tall undefeated Hammer has a very European style based on fighting at a distance. Whenever anyone gets within arms distance she’s mastered the ability to hold. No inside fighting for Hammer. It’s a technique used by Wladimir Klitschko for many years and now used by Hammer. It’s not a very entertaining style but still, she is going to be hard to beat.


On Saturday, another American Olympian steps back in the ring as undefeated Mikaela Mayer meets Canada’s undefeated Sheena Kaine in a six round lightweight clash in Oklahoma City. ESPN will televise the matchup.

Mayer has proven to have a very entertaining fight style and is one of those fighters worth watching whenever she performs. Top Rank signed her last summer and is enthusiastic about the blonde female prizefighter. Southern California’s Mayer’s like a lit cherry bomb just ready to explode in any second.

Don’t miss her this Saturday.


Other Female Fight News


Nazarena Romero (2-0) knocked out Elizabeth Britos (1-7-1) in the first round on Friday June 22. The featherweight fight took place in Cordoba.

Daiana Molina (1-0-1) was victorious over Makarena Gallastegui (4-6) by majority decision after four rounds on Tuesday June 19. The featherweight fight was held in Chubut.



On Friday June 29, middleweights Femke Hermans (7-1) and Florence Muthoni (11-6-2) meet in a six round fight at Pamel-Roosdaal. Hermans is the WBO super middleweight titlist but this is a non-title fight.



Die Hu (7-1) beat Arasa Nimnoi (1-2) by decision after six rounds on Wednesday June 20. The featherweight clash took place in DeZhou.



Visila Kolitapa (1-1-2) picked up her first victory as a pro by decision after four three-minute rounds versus Inise Kaunimara (0-1) on Saturday June 23. The middleweight fight was held in Nadi.



Sonia Osorio (11-6-1) won by decision after 10 rounds versus Maria Goreti (4-8) on Saturday June 23. The win gives Osorio the Mexican flyweight title and was held in Colonia Portales, Mexico City.

Diana Fernandez (18-2) won by unanimous decision after 10 rounds against Venezuela’s Olga Julio (26-18-2) on Saturday June 23. The win keeps Fernandez the WBC Latino super flyweight title and was held in Juarez.



Miriam Gutierrez (7-0) defeated Mari Tatunashvili (3-4-2) by decision after six rounds on Saturday June 23. The lightweight bout was held in Madrid.

Joana Pastrana (13-1) was the winner by majority decision after 10 rounds against Oezlem Sahin (24-2-1) on Friday June 22. The win gives Pastrana IBF minimum weight world title and took place in Madrid.

On Friday June 29, bantamweights Eva Naranjo (11-0) and Davinia Perez (6-1) fight 10 rounds for for the WBC International title at Valencia. Also, Katherina Thunderz (9-0) and Tamara Nunez (6-8-3) fight an eight round super featherweight bout; plus Joana Ekedahl (5-0) and Azahara Sanchez (0-1) meet in a six round welterweight clash.


United Kingdom

Chantelle Cameron (7-0) won by technical knockout in round six over Natalia Del Valle Aguirre (8-12-3) on Saturday June 23. The lightweight fight took place in Glasgow, Scotland. Aguirre is from Argentina. Also, Eftychia Kathopouli (1-0) beat Domenika Novotna (0-2).

On Saturday June 30, super lightweights Cherrelle Brown (2-0) and Sylwia Maksym (2-3) meet in a six round fight in Bethnal Green, London, England.


Amanda Pavone (5-0) won by split decision after six rounds against Karen Dulin (3-15) on Saturday June 23. The featherweight fight was held in Gilford, New Hampshire.

Claressa Shields (6-0) defeated Costa Rica’s Hanna Gabriels (18-2-1) to win the vacant WBA and IBF middleweight world titles on Friday June 22. The fight took place at Detroit, Michigan. Also, Christina Hammer (23-0) retained the WBC and WBO middleweight world titles by decision over Tori Nelson (17-2-3) after 10 rounds.

Raquel Miller (6-0) was the winner by unanimous decision over Szilvia Szabados (17-12) after six rounds on Thursday June 21. The middleweight fight was held in Queens, New York.

On Friday June 29, flyweights Tyrieshia Douglas (13-1) and Helen Joseph (15-3-1) meet in a 10 round bout at Woodlawn, Maryland.

On Saturday June 30, lightweights Mikaela Mayer (5-0) and Canada’s Sheena Kaine (5-0) meet in a six round fight in Oklahoma City. ESPN will televise.

On Saturday June 30, welterweights Kali Reis (13-7-1) and Paty Ramirez (11-5) meet in an eight round fight in Uncasville, Conn.

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