Poula Estrada in Action in Palmdale, Calif.

Poula Estrada in Action this Saturday in Palmdale, Calif. – If you are involved in Southern California boxing circles you know Hervi Estrada. Whether in a capacity of a trainer, manager or a matchmaker, Hervi is a fixture at most fight cards in Southern California.  What you don’t know is that his daughter is a professional prizefighter. Poula Estrada is 23. She turned professional two years ago and so far has amassed a perfect record of 5 wins and zero loses.


“I train in Palmdale, California at the AV Boxing Club,” said Poula Estrada during our phone interview on Tuesday. “My trainer is my dad Hervi Estrada. I grew up with it. My dad had a boxing gym when I was younger, so I was always around that environment.”


Tall and dainty the flyweight doesn’t look like a professional boxer outside the ring, but the sweet science must be in her blood.


“I love it,” said Estrada:” I do have a day job, so I just do it for fun!”


She is going to square off against Paola Ortiz(1-5-1) this Saturday, July 16th at the Pioneer Event Center in Lancaster California, the same place where she debuted as a professional two years ago. It will be a part of the Top Rank card, but will not be televised.


“I honestly don’t know anything about her,” said Estrada. “I can tell you we have the same first name. Other than that I don’t know anything about her. I’ve just been training for a fight.”


Despite her opponent’s insignificant record Estrada is not taking the challenge ahead lightly.


“Every fight is a big fight,” she said.


In spite of being around boxing all her life Estrada seems to relish every moment of her pugilistic days.


“Amateur career was a pretty awesome experience,” she said. “I got as far as the Olympic trials. I got to travel quite a bit.”


Using that amateur experience she quickly turned into a professional that is a handful for anyone in the ring. She uses her long reach and versatile boxing skills to handle opposition, but as any fighter of Mexican descent, she is not averse to mixing it up.


“I go both ways, orthodox and southpaw,” said Estrada when asked to describe her style. “So I am pretty complicated. It depends on what my opponent brings out of me and what I have to do to get through the fight. If I have to be a brawler I will be a brawler. If I have to box you I will box you. I could go both ways. Yes, I am pretty complicated.”


So far no one has been able to figure her out in the ring.


The young fighter from Palmdale has lofty goals.


“I just want to take it as far as I can go,” she said. “I just want to represent women and show that we can fight just as much as men can and sometimes even better.”


American women of boxing have not gotten the respect they deserve. From TV networks to ignorant boxing fans, to promoters, women fighters get little respect or recognition. Even though her father is a matchmaker and knows everyone in the sport, Poula acknowledges the challenges of finding opponents.


“It’s difficult finding someone to fight,” she said. “That’s why any opportunity I get I try signing a contract.”


The contract is signed. She is fighting this Saturday. Don’t miss this beauty from Palmdale in action. She brings along a large cheering section.



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