Ibeth Zamora: A New Triple Division Winner and Female Fight News

Female Fight News for May 28, 2018 Triple Threats


By David A. Avila

A third Mexican female fighter Ibeth Zamora joined the ranks of her fellow countrywomen in winning three world titles in three weight divisions.

Zamora joins Mariana Juarez and Yazmin Rivas as those Mexican fighters with three division world titles strapped around them. In a country where female prizefighters dominate it’s a little surprising to know it only recently happened within the past year. (One further note: Zanfer Promotions erroneously claimed Rivas was the first Mexican fighter to accomplish the feat. Rivas was second to Juarez.)

It further illuminates the difficulty of the feat and sheds light on Puerto Rico’s Amanda Serrano and Japan’s Naoko Fujioka who both have five division world titles. Each also has wins over Mexican fighters with three division world title wins. Serrano beat Rivas and Fujioka beat Juarez.

Who would win if Serrano met Fujioka at 115 pounds?

Both Serrano and Fujioka are prizefighters who always look for the most impressive match. If they fought in Japan it would be a tremendous seller. Not as much in the U.S.

More Mexico

The Mexican fighters have shown an ability to win in other countries. They are battle-tested and unafraid of fighting world champions in other countries. All they ask is that they get paid.

Last week, Rivas traveled to Colombia and destroyed IBF super bantamweight world titlist Liliana Palmera by knockout.

In Argentina, another Mexican fighter Guadalupe Bautista (12-10-2) looked like an easy target for local fighter Andrea Sanchez who was knocked out in the eighth round. Despite a 50/50 record Bautista took home the IBF light flyweight world title to the shock of Argentine fans.

In Peru, WBA super flyweight titlist Linda Lecca lost her belt to Mexico’s Maribel Ramirez (12-9-2) by majority decision. Once again a fighter with almost as many losses as wins proved to be too much for the champion.

These fights showed that protecting boxers against tough competition does nothing. Undefeated records mean nothing. The victorious Mexican fighters showed that fighting tough competition builds valuable experience that can be translated into winning world title fights against world champions who have been protected.

American fighters have also proven this too.

Layla McCarter has 13 losses and five draws on her record but since 2007 she’s fought in other countries against featherweights to super welterweights and beaten them all without losing once. It’s why many consider her the best fighter pound for pound.

Recently on social media McCarter and young Claressa Shields have been exchanging challenges. If Shields defeats Hanna Gabriels this coming June 22 for two middleweight titles, a possible showdown against McCarter at the 154-pound super welterweight limit will be the toughest match of her still young career.

Shields, 23, has captured world titles in the super middleweight division and now looks to win the middleweight titles in Detroit. She has not been protected at all. In fact, her toughest match took place in her debut when she fought the very capable Franchon Crews who also was making her debut when they fought on November 2016.

For the two-time Olympic gold medalist Shields, the toughest fights will be in the 154-pound super welterweight division simply because it’s far more crowded than middleweights and above. It’s a numbers game. The super welterweight division has many more fighters with experience. Furthermore, they are much faster.

Lower weights

Another division with problems finding opposition in America is the flyweights, light flyweights and minimum weight divisions.

In the U.S. there aren’t many flyweights and lower. In other countries throughout the world there are numerous light flyweights and minimum weights 105 and lower. American girls west of the Rockies are usually bantamweights and lower. While in the east, they are featherweights and bigger.

It’s a major reason why there’s no sense protecting a fighter. There are not enough fighters to go around so females might as well fight anybody and everybody. No reason being picky.

Last weekend Melissa McMorrow traveled to Mexico once again and though she fell short in a world title fight, the San Francisco-based former world champion proved that undefeated records don’t mean a thing if you don’t have that swing.

American promoters should take heed: stop protecting their female fighters and let them loose on the world. If they lose it’s no big deal. They learn from their mistakes and get better just like Layla McCarter.



Female Fight News


Gabriela Alaniz (1-0) beat Maria Sanchez (1-3) by decision after four rounds on Friday May 25. The flyweight fight was held in Buenos Aires.



Natalie Jenkinsen (3-0) knocked out Nella Priyanto (0-1) in the first round on Saturday May 26. The super welterweight fight took place in Tweed Heads, New South Wales.



Christina Barry (1-4) beat Ariane Goyette (0-1) by split decision after four rounds on Saturday May 26. The super lightweight fight was held in Quebec.

Stephanie Essensa (2-1-1) and Eloisa Martinez (2-8-2) fought to a draw after four rounds on Saturday May 26. The featherweight fight took place in Calgary; also Kandi Wyatt (5-0) beat Erika Hernandez (6-3-1) by decision after six welterweight rounds.

Shelly Barnett (4-0-1) beat Alisah McPhee (4-2-1) by decision after eight rounds on Friday May 25. The win gives American-born Barnett, 34, the vacant Canadian super flyweight title.

On Saturday June 2, super lightweights Jessica Camara (4-0) and Natalie Brown (6-3) meet in a six round bout in Niagara Falls, Ontario.



Helene Lascombe (4-0) defeated Emilie Beaugard (0-1) by decision after four rounds on Saturday May 26. The featherweight contest took place in Angers.

Anissa Benyoub (2-1) beat Marion Montanari (2-5) by decision after six rounds on Friday May 25. The lightweight fight took place in Toulouse.



Beke Bas (11-0) knocked out Monika Antonik (1-12) in the third round on Saturday May 26. The lightweight fight was held in Rinteln. Also, Leonie Giebel (12-0-1) won by technical knockout in the fourth round over Melanie Wagenfuehr (0-4) in a super featherweight match.



On Monday May 28, bantamweights Natsumi Shimauma (1-0) and Aira Midorakawa (1-0) meet in a four round bout in Tokyo. Also, flyweights Marina Sayama (2-1-1) and Sachiko Kondo (1-1-1) meet in a four round bout; plus flyweights  Mont Blanc Miki (1-1) and Natsuki Tarui (2-5-1) meet in a four round contest.



Ibeth Zamora (29-6) was the winner by majority decision after 10 rounds versus Melissa McMorrow (10-7-3) on Saturday May 26. The battle for the vacant WBC flyweight world title took place in Mexico City. Also, a flyweight elimination bout saw Lourdes Juarez (24-2) win by split decision over Jackie Calvo (11-3-2) after eight rounds. This was a rematch. Their first encounter took place in 2014. It was the last time Calvo lost a fight and once again she was defeated by the younger sister of legendary Mariana Juarez.



Ingrid Egner (1-0) defeated Nana Chakhvashvili (5-6) by technical knockout in the second round on Saturday May 26. The lightweight fight was held in Oslo.



Umi Ishikawa (6-2) won by technical knockout in round four versus Sutthinee Bamrungpao (2-4) on Thursday May 24. The minimum weight fight took place in Bacoor. Also, Erica Hanawa (9-2) beat Saranyaphong Theinthong (1-11) by decision after a six round minimum weight fight.



Ewa Piatkowska (11-1) won by majority decision after 10 rounds against Sweden’s Maria Lindberg (16-4-2) in a very close fight on Friday May 25. The WBC super welterweight world title fight took place in Warsaw, Poland. It was Piatkowska, 33, first defense of the world title. Lindberg, 41, is a former GBU and WIBF world titlist.


South Africa

Simangele Hadebe (4-1-2) and Ellen Simwaka (6-3-2) fought to a draw after 10 rounds on Friday May 25. The bantamweight fight took place in Johannesburg. Also, Matchidiso Mokebisi (9-8-1) defeated Sindiswa Ncube (3-1) by technical decision after round six due to an arm injury to Mokebisi.



On Saturday June 2, lightweights Miriam Gutierrez (5-0) and Aleksandra Vujovic (3-5-1) meet in a six round contest at La Coruna, Galicia.



Judy Waguthii (16-8-4) defeated Prisca Vicot (8-5) by unanimous decision after 10 rounds on Saturday May 26. The super lightweight fight for the WBC Silver title took place in Glattbrug. Waguthii, 33, fights out of Kenya.



On Sunday June 3, flyweights Rochnarongnoi Sithsaithong (9-2) and Sornsawan Khunmarn (2-5) meet in a six round bout at Ramkamhaeng, Bangkok.



On Saturday June 2, featherweights Marcia Agripino (1-1-1) and Kailyn Hansen (0-1) meet in a four round bout at Mashantucket, Conn.


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