Adelaida “Cobra” Ruiz Invades Super Fly Division

Adelaida “Cobra” Ruiz Seeks Fourth Straight KO on Saturday


By David A. Avila

A mere whisper of three little words sends panic through the streets especially if those words are Adelaida “Cobra” Ruiz.

In a little less than two years Ruiz has sent fear and avoidance among the bantamweight division throughout the Southwest and Mexico.

Here’s more bad news, she is dropping down to super flyweight.

Ruiz (6-0, 3 KOs) headlines the All Star Boxing fight card on Saturday Nov. 3, when she faces Ecuador’s Jhosep Vizcaino (7-7) in a scheduled six round super flyweight bout at Quiet Cannon in Montebello, Calif.

I guess Ecuador hasn’t heard about La Cobra.

Bad news for super flyweights, but good for Ruiz who despite being 5’5” in height can make the lower weight of 115 pounds.

“I’m actually already on weight,” said Ruiz who lives in Los Angeles. “Depending on how I feel on this fight I may fight at this weight. My body is trying to get used to this lower weight.”

Since returning to boxing 19 months ago at the very same venue in Montebello, a city bordering East L.A., the mother of three has shown that she’s not just another boxer but an ultra-athletic prizefighter with plenty of speed, agility and surplus power. It’s the power that sets her apart.

Beginning in 2018, three foes faced Ruiz and three were unable to hear the final bell. All were stopped in violent endings including two that have become instant classic knockouts on social media.

La Barby

In her last fight the great Mariana “Barby” Juarez was in town for a WBC event and heard that Ruiz was fighting and drove 30 miles through Los Angeles traffic to watch her in person.

It caught Ruiz by surprise but it was a pleasant meeting between the two tall bantamweights who can both fight in the lower weight divisions. Juarez is a former super flyweight world champion but now holds the bantamweight world title. Super flyweights fight at 115 pounds and bantamweights fight at 118. In boxing that three pounds can be a significant difference.

Ruiz, who just turned 30, would like to fight Juarez down the road but has plans for chasing the super flyweight world title if all goes right.

“Yes I do want to fight Mariana. But I’ve been wanting to fight at 115 or staying around that weight,” said Ruiz who talked with Juarez last June when the Mexican icon visited. “Right now we’re juggling and I might want to drop to 115 and fight the WBC champion. But I want to fight Guadalupe Martinez more than Mariana Juarez.”

Who would have thought it possible two years ago that Ruiz would even be considered as a possible foe for Juarez or any world champion. The mother of three had been busy parenting and had been away from boxing for 10 years.

In her first year back it was clear that Ruiz had speed and skills but the timing was off and the power seemed average. But once the rust was shaken off and she dropped down to her normal weight class the power arrived. And it was shocking power. But which is her proper weight class?

Super fly

Ruiz hopes to find out on Saturday if super flyweight or lower is a possibility.

So far, two bantamweights and one super flyweight have met with abrupt endings within four rounds. Three consecutive knockout victories have proven Ruiz to be a danger to all in her weight classes whatever that may be.

Former world champion Sindy Amador, who has seen several of Ruiz’s fights including two devastating knockouts, said it’s clear the talent is real.

“I think she has great boxing technique. Plus speed and power obviously. She trains and works really hard and she gives 100% in the gym,” said Amador a retired former light flyweight world champion. “Her discipline and passion will take her as far as she wants to go. I see her as an undefeated world champion even moving up to different divisions.”

On Saturday, the confident prospect with heavy hands takes an important step toward super flyweight stardom.

“I’m trying to see if I can go lower,” said Ruiz about her first super flyweight test. “We’ll see how I feel.”

That’s bad news for future foes, but good news for fans.

Doors open at 7 p.m. For more information call (323) 816-6200 or go to: