Analyzing Seniesa “Super Bad” Estrada and Other Light Flyweights

Analyzing Seniesa Estrada and Other Light Flyweights plus Female Fight News


By David A. Avila

A few of the best light flyweights appeared in Tijuana, Mexico last weekend and it suddenly hit me: that very few people outside of the hardcore female boxing fans know about the 108-pound light flyweights, or anybody below 126 pounds for that matter.

American fans in particular are extremely unaware of the smaller weight classes, but European, Latin American and Asian fans are very cognizant of the fighters in the lower weights.

We’re going to give a short analysis on the best fighters in each division below featherweights. But today we’ll concentrate on the light flyweights who are plentiful west of the Rockies in the USA and all over Latin America and Asia.

On Saturday, one of the best light flyweights without a world title was victorious and went virtually unnoticed.

Seniesa “Super Bad” Estrada (16-0, 6 KOs) was born and raised in East L.A. a small town that produces some of the best prizefighters male or female in the world. Estrada has dominated in both the amateur and professional world. Her unorthodox style confuses opponents and champions truly don’t want to face her. But now she has the WBC Silver title and is promoted by Golden Boy Promotions. Champions and fellow contenders can’t avoid her now.

Estrada, 26, knocked down Venezuela’s Yenifer Leon (9-2, 6 KOs) in the first round and battered her until she quit on her stool at the end of the fifth round. Sadly, Estrada’s fight was not streamed by DAZN. It was a very bad decision by the media outfit which is interested in featuring female fights but missed a sterling moment on Saturday in passing over Estrada’s fight.

“I was supposed to fight on DAZN and they didn’t tell me what bout it was going to be on. Golden Boy didn’t have much control on what was going on because it wasn’t their show. I just stayed focused. I had the wraps on for three hours my hands were getting numb,” said Estrada. “I was kind of disappointed my fight didn’t get shown. I had a great performance against a really tough opponent.”

The slippery fast Estrada quickly floored Venezuela’s hard-punching Leon in the first round and cruised to victory by technical knockout. It was another knockout win for Estrada. Knockouts by female fighters are not very common.

“I’m just glad people are able to see the kind of power I have. I’m the hardest puncher at 108,” said Estrada whose four consecutive knockout wins attest to her power. “It felt great, it just shows how strong I am and how much power I really do have.”

Whoever is in charge of DAZN should jot down Seniesa Estrada’s name. Though only 108 pounds soaking wet, she can whack.

Another tidbit, is Estrada can easily make 105 pounds. It’s actually her true weight class but very few minimum weight fighters can be found in the USA.

“I can easily make 105. Our plan was to fight Anabel Ortiz,” said Estrada about meeting current WBA minimum weight champion Ortiz at the 105-weight division. Both Ortiz and Estrada met and defeated Yenifer Leon and Debora Rengifo. “My wins by knockout make a statement. She fought my opponents that I stopped. She went 10 rounds with both of them. It shows our difference. But she is a very good champion. That’s why I want to fight her and show I’m the best.”

Another fighter Estrada would like to face lives in Tijuana.

Kenia Enriquez was assisting one of the female fighters on the boxing card on Saturday on the same card Estrada fought. Enriquez currently holds the interim WBC light flyweight world title and also is extremely talented.

Enriquez, 25, lives and trains in Tijuana, Mexico and formerly held the WBO flyweight title. But opponents were too heavy for her so she dropped down to light flyweight and has dominated. She has a conventional boxing style and uses her speed and power to knock out or dominate the opposition. If given a chance to fight the actual champion don’t bet against her.  Enriquez can defeat most anyone in her weight class and a fight against Seniesa Estrada would be a toss-up.

“It’s difficult to say how good Seniesa is because of the competition so far,” said Enriquez who currently is not signed with a promoter or manager. “She always manages to keep control in her fights.”

Enriquez versus Estrada would be one of the best female fight clashes of the year at any weight division. It’s equal to Claressa Shields versus Christina Hammer and could take place in Los Angeles. It’s a rivalry that has been simmering for a number of years.

Other light flyweight champions

The current champions in the light flyweights are WBC Yesenia Gomez of Mexico, IBF Evelina Bermudez of Argentina, WBO Tenkai Tsunami of Japan and WBA Yesica Bopp of Argentina who in our estimation is the best of all the current titlists and a super star in her native country.

Bopp, 34, told us she dreams of fighting in the US and would be more than willing to clash with any contender or champion on American shores if given the opportunity. For 11 years the perky blonde has been one of the most athletic prizefighters in the world. Her only loss was to Mexico’s Jessica Chavez in a rematch held in Mexico City back in 2013.

“I am looking for big challenges,” Bopp said to’s Felipe Leon last year.  “I want to fight in the United States. I don’t have a lot of time left in professional boxing so I don’t want to leave with a bittersweet taste at the end of my career.”

Both as an amateur and professional Bopp has excelled.

Estrada said a match between her and Bopp would be exciting.

“Hopefully we can make that happen,” said Estrada. “Or, Kenia too.”

The light flyweight division is abundant with many of the most exciting matchups.

Japan also has a number of excellent light flyweights. Just a week ago Erika Hanawa nearly defeated WBC titlist Yesenia Gomez but lost by majority decision. Many felt the Japanese fighter was the victor. The Asian boxing giant also boasts Chaoz Minowa, Nanako Suzuki and Himeki Kameda.

In Europe, Germany’s Sarah Bormann has a little experience but may not be ready for the elite light flyweights this year. Canada’s Kim Clavel has fought decent competition but enjoyed home cooking decisions. Her last win was via TKO. These are some of the talented light flyweights in the world worth mentioning.

Hopefully this gives promoters, matchmakers and media outlets a better view of the light flyweight division and what it offers for fight fans.


More Female Fight News


Yanina Orozco (5-1) was the winner by decision after four rounds versus Maria Angelica Ruiz (5-12-1) on Saturday Feb. 23. The super welterweight bout took place at Pareditas, Mendoza.

Lizbeth Crespo (13-4) beat Marisa Nunez (8-11-2) by unanimous decision after eight rounds on Friday Feb. 22. The lightweight fight took place at Chubut.

Alejandra Zamora (7-3) won by majority decision after six rounds versus Marianela Ramirez (4-4) on Friday Feb. 22. The super featherweight fight took place at Chubut.

Abril Vidal (6-0) was victorious by first round knockout over Roxana Laborde (8-21-3) on Friday Feb. 22. The super welterweight match was held at Rafael Castillo, Buenos Aires.

On Saturday March 2, super flyweights Debora Dionicius (28-1) and Micaela Lujan (7-1) meet in a 10 round fight at Los Antiguos. Dionicius lost the IBF world title by split decision in her last fight in September. She had first won the title in November 2012.



Alicia Holzken (3-0) beat Oksana Romanova (9-25-1) by decision after six rounds on Saturday Feb. 23. The flyweight match was held at Ringkobing.



Jelena Janicijevic (2-1) won by technical knockout over Licia Boudersa (13-2-2) in the fifth round due to an injury from the loser. The featherweight fight took place in Lille. Also, Jeanne D’Arc Kamsi (1-0) won her debut by decision in a four round bout versus Stanislava Sinovec (0-2) in a heavyweight fight.

Anne Sophie Da Costa (28-3) defeated Evgeniya Zablotskaya (8-17) by decision after six rounds on Saturday Feb. 23. The flyweight match was held in Reims.



Elena Ghezzi (1-0) beat Aleksandra Rapaic (0-1) by decision after six rounds on Saturday Feb. 23. The lightweight bout took place at Bergamo.



Kei Sugimoto (1-1) won by split decision over Michiko Abiru (0-3) after four rounds in a bantamweight fight on Monday Feb. 18. The match was held at Tokyo. Also, Ai Sugimoto (1-0) beat Emi Unuma (0-1) in a bantamweight fight.



On Saturday March 2, super featherweights Claire Ciantar (2-5) and Vanesa Caballero (1-4-3) meet in an eight round contest at St. Julians.



American fighter Seniesa Estrada (16-0) knocked out Venezuela’s Yenifer Leon (9-2) in the fifth round on Saturday Feb. 23. The light flyweight match took place in Tijuana and was the fourth consecutive knockout win for Estrada who fights out of East Los Angeles. Also, Sulem Urbina (9-0) defeated Judith Rodriguez (8-14) by unanimous decision after six rounds in a flyweight clash. Urbina fights out of Phoenix, Arizona.

On Saturday March 2, bantamweights Mariana Juarez (51-9-4) and Eva Naranjo (12-0) of Spain meet in a 10 round clash for the WBC world title at Fresnillo, Zacatecas. This is Juarez, 39, seventh defense of the title since winning it on April 2017. The challenger Naranjo, 40, fights out of Valencia, Spain and is a former kickboxing champion.



On Saturday March 2, super featherweights Katherina Thanderz (10-0) and Rachel Ball (4-0) meet in an eight round contest at Arendal.



Ewelina Pekalska (3-0) defeated Halima Vunjabei (7-5-1) by decision after eight rounds on Sunday Feb.24. The flyweight match took place at Poznan.



Sofia Abraamyan (3-1) was the winner by unanimous decision after six rounds versus Simangele Hadebe (5-3-2) on Tuesday Feb. 19. The super flyweight fight took place at Moscow. Also, Anna Levina (2-0) won by technical knockout in the second round over Tamara Melkonyan (0-1) in a bantamweight match.

On Saturday March 2, super lightweights Marina Popova (5-2) and Jelena Janijevic (2-1) meet in a six round contest at Anapa.



On Saturday March 2, lightweights Ksenija Medic (0-11-2) and Nina Pavlovic (2-2-1) meet in a six round bout at Becej.


South Korea

Soo Rin Kim (3-0-1) defeated Hee Eun Gang (0-1) by decision after four rounds on Saturday Feb. 23. The super bantamweight fight was held at Dongducheon.

On Sunday March 3, light flyweights Chan Mi Lim (3-6-1) and Mont Blanc Miki (4-1) meet in a six round fight at Seoul.



Kanyarat Yoohanngoh (5-2) won by knockout in the third round over Umi Ishikawa (7-3) on Friday Feb. 22. The OPBF minimum weight title fight took place at Ngam Wong Wan.


Shelly Vincent (24-2) was the winner by decision after eight rounds versus Hungary’s Edina Kiss (15-10) on Saturday Feb. 23. It was the second time in a year both met. Their first bout ended in a majority decision for Vincent. The featherweight fight was held in Lincoln, Rhode Island. Also, Amanda Pavone (7-0) won by majority decision over Marcia Agripino (3-2-1) after eight bantamweight rounds.

Tamar Israeli (2-0-1) and Karen Dulin (3-16-1) fought to a majority draw after four rounds on Saturday Feb. 23. The featherweight fight took place in Philadelphia, Penn.

A featherweight fight between Alycia Baumgardner (6-1) and Rolanda Andrews (9-8-1) was canceled when Andrews did not show at Dearborn, Michigan.

On Saturday March 2, super flyweights Noemi Bosques (11-13-3) and Samantha Salazar (5-5-2) meet in a six round contest at Tampa, Florida. Also, bantamweights Avrie Mathie (2-0-1) and Ivana Coleman (1-10) meet in six three-minute rounds.

On Saturday March 2, super lightweights Mariah Prussia (1-0) and Katie Newholy (0-1) meet in a four round contest at Fargo, North Dakota.


(Photo by Al Applerose)