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Epic Clash Upcoming in Japan: Yuko Kuroki vs Momo Koseki

Battle of Champions Kuroki and Koseki Set for December 17
A week before Christmas, one of the biggest cards in the history of Japanese female boxing

The Return of Irma “Guerita” Sanchez

Irma “Guerita” Sanchez on the Comeback Trail     By Felipe Leon   Many a times in boxing a fighter retires from the sport when they have reached the end of their peak abilities.  More often than not a fighter stops competing way past that time always hoping against hope for that special night when […]

Kayoko Ebata: Newest Member to Japan’s World Champions Club

Kayoko Ebata: Newest Member to Japan’s World Championship Club   By Yuriko Miyata More than 20 hard years of persistence paid off, finally. Kayoko Ebata (11-7, 6 Kos), a former OPBF flyweight champion, won the WBO strawweight title by unanimous decision over Erika Hanawa (7-1, 2 Kos) who was the top rated OPBF atomweight on […]

Japanese Women Fighting for Relevance

Japanese Women Fighting for Relevance     By Yuriko Miyata   Though Japan seems one of the most active areas of female boxing in the world, fighting women are still struggling with a harsh reality to remain relevant, but in quite a positive way.   During the first weekend of February, the Boxing Girls Meeting […]