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Melissa St. Vil to the Rescue

In boxing, one of the biggest perks for champions or journeymen alike is the opportunity to travel. To see new lands, meet new people, live new experiences while getting paid and doing what you love might be the best part of the sport, besides a hefty paycheck.  It looks like Brooklyn, New York’s Melissa St. […]

Christy Martin: A Retrospective Look

Christy Martin A Retrospective Look at Hall of Fame Career   Another first will be lived this weekend in Las Vegas, Nevada, when the “Coalminer’s Daughter”, Christy Martin, is inducted as the first female fighter to the Nevada Boxing Hall of Fame.   The ceremony is set to take place on Saturday night, July 30th, […]

Five Landmark Dates in Women’s Prizefighting

Five Landmark Dates in Women’s Prizefighting – A version of boxing has been around since time immemorial.  There is evidence of it in the Middle East Before Christ.  Records of actual prizefighting go back as far as the 16th century. But the boxing we recognize and know today, with its rules and weight divisions, began with […]

Poula Estrada in Action in Palmdale, Calif.

Poula Estrada in Action this Saturday in Palmdale, Calif. – If you are involved in Southern California boxing circles you know Hervi Estrada. Whether in a capacity of a trainer, manager or a matchmaker, Hervi is a fixture at most fight cards in Southern California.  What you don’t know is that his daughter is a […]

Pound for Pound Best Female Fighter Layla McCarter in Mexico City

Pound for Pound Best Female Fighter Layla McCarter in Mexico City – Sixteen months zipped by since Layla “The Amazing” McCarter stepped into a boxing ring to show off the skills that catapulted her to the best female prizefighter pound for pound. McCarter hasn’t been absent from fighting just absent from the boxing ring. Last […]

Female Fight Chatter April 11, 2016

Female Fight Chatter April 11, 2016 – A female middleweight world title bout between Kali Reis (8-5-1) and Maricela Cornejo (4-1) leads a seven female bout card at Auckland, New Zealand on April 16. A total of four bouts will be for titles. It’s a promising fight card that also features the renowned Mia St. John […]

Tania Enriquez is in action this Friday in Tijuana

Nineteen year old Tania Enriquez (7-0, 4KO’S), nicknamed “La Chula”, is set to enter the ring as a professional prize fighter for the eighth time this Friday, April 8th. She will be defending her undefeated record against Mary Gastelum (4-1-1, 2KO’S) at Billar El Perro Salado in Tijuana, Mexico. “She is the one with a […]

Female Fight Chatter April 4th

Female Fight Chatter April 4th – WBA female super lightweight titlist Ana Laura Esteche (11-4-3, 2 Kos) retained the world title after 10 rounds with Farida El Hadrati (9-0-1, 5 KOs) ended in a draw. Esteche, 25, lives in Buenos Aires, Argentina and El Hadrati, 34, lives in France. Esteche floored Hadrati in the third […]

Boxing Sisters Kenia and Tania Enriquez of Tijuana

Boxing sisters Kenia and Tania Enriquez of Tijuana – Just like America’s duo in tennis the sisters Venus and Serena Williams, another pair of siblings from Mexico, Tania and Kenia Enriquez dream of dominating the sport of boxing. But unlike Venus and Serena, the Enriquez sisters vowed to never fight each other in the squared circle. “I would never fight […]

Female Fight Chatter March 21st

Female Fight Chatter March 21st – Southern California’s Mikaela Mayer and Michigan’s Claressa Shields earned their spots as U.S. Olympians. Shields win in the semi-finals guaranteed her a spot and Mayer accomplished the feat with three wins in Argentina. Both will participate in the Olympics in Rio De Janiero this summer along with 2012 London Games.  […]