Female Pound for Pound Rankings by The Prizefighters.com

Top 12 Pound for Pound Rankings and More Female Fight News


By David A. Avila

Female prizefighting has taken giant steps in 2019. We have several unification bouts taking place with more to come. The top world champions are willing to face each other and more explosive pairings are yet to come.

In this edition we had to share the number one position. We’ve never done that before but there is a remedy for the situation. Read on.

Here is our list of the best pound for pound fighters in the world:

1A. Layla McCarter – The Las Vegas prizefighter has ranked as our top female fighter pound for pound since we first published. Don’t look at her record, win and loss records do not mean a thing. Though she recently turned 40, she has not lost a fight in 12 years. She has pure fighting skills learned the hard way in the ring and fighting overseas in numerous countries. Who does that except Layla McCarter? She fights at lightweight to super welterweight. She’s a wee girl but can knock out bigger girls and guys. I’ve seen it.

1B. Claressa Shields – In the decades that I have followed women’s prizefighting the Michigan native continues to astound me with her incredible athleticism. One major difference between Shields and others is her eagerness to fight anybody. The main reason she is not number one is that there is a possibility McCarter could meet Shields and what better way to decide the best than a meeting in the boxing ring to prove it. Why argue? Let them decide in the boxing ring and meet at super welterweight. No one else wants to fight McCarter, but I bet Shields would. They could fight at 154 pounds.

2. Amanda Serrano – The Brooklyn multi-divisional world champion has planted her feet back in the boxing world and dares lightweights and super featherweights to step over the line. After a dalliance in the MMA world, Serrano sees Ireland’s Katie Taylor as the next victim. The Puerto Rican southpaw can crack and box with the best of them. Recently Brazil’s Rose Volante made a reported $150,000 to fight Taylor. That means Serrano should make well above that figure and because she’s a New Yorker the fight would be in Manhattan. That’s a fight worth making and would be a female mega fight.

3. Katie Taylor – We previously had the Irish fighter low on the list but after meeting and easily defeating a real world champion, not the paper variety, Taylor jumps all the way up the rankings after the beat down she gave Brazil’s Rose Volante. It was the first time meeting an opponent that was not a long shot and Taylor blitzed her as easy as all of the others. Her next foe is a very strong test in Belgium’s Delfine Persoon who has the WBC lightweight title. A victory would make Taylor a third undisputed female champion in the world – with an asterisk. What many forget is Serrano held the WBO version and relinquished it. If Taylor beats Persoon then Serrano should be next. The women’s lightweight wars are shaping up.

4. Cecilia Braekhus – Norway’s “First Lady” of boxing has reigned supreme for years and is the undisputed welterweight world champion. She does have options but most include moving up in weight or moving down in weight. Rumors of Braekhus moving up to face Shields at 154 have been growing louder. It’s a very dangerous fight for the very regal fighter who is training in Los Angeles. Other possibilities exist like Layla McCarter, but they include the need for television or streaming networks to help foot the hefty bill that would come from backing a fight of this quality. Braekhus, 37, has almost single-handedly brought women’s boxing back in Europe. Can she do the same in the U.S.?

5. Naoko Fujioka – Japan’s best female fighter has targeted the U.S. and is willing to fight anybody. She still has speed and can fight light flyweights to bantamweights. Recently, the five-division world champion told www.thePrizefighters.com this will be her last year.

6. Yesica Bopp – Argentina’s best known world champion is a super star in South America. She wants to conquer the USA and has challenged American light flyweights and flyweights including East L.A.s Seniesa “Super Bad” Estrada. Could it happen this year? Bopp is a super star.

7. Daniela Bermudez – Argentina’s speedy bantamweight is ready to take over boxing in her country. Bermudez, 29, also has the tools to beat anybody in her weight class. She is fearless.

8. Mariana Juarez – Mexico’s reigning queen of boxing has dominated and wants one big push before retiring. Now 39, Juarez wants to fight for the super bantamweight title to become a three-division world champion. Can she do it?

9. Kenia Enriquez – Mexico’s young super star is avoided by other Mexican champions. That says a lot. Enriquez, 25, wants to fight in the US and is fearless. The light flyweight can afford to sit and wait for the big opportunity. Meanwhile she’s waiting for offers.

10. Jessica McCaskill – Though Chicago’s super lightweight world champion has only eight pro fights she already has fought two pound for pound fighters. McCaskill lost to Katie Taylor in a competitive fight and then defeated Argentina’s ultra-tough Erica Farias to win her world title. That’s impressive stuff. She will be in a unification bout on May 25 in the U.S.

11. Delfine Persoon – The Belgian fighter has reigned as lightweight champion for years and will face Katie Taylor next month. She recently defeated America’s Melissa St. Vil who was the first real challenge to Persoon in years. Now she has a unification bout with Taylor on June 1 in New York City. This could be a battle of wills.

12. Christina Hammer – Losing to Claressa Shields was not a step backwards, but a step forward for the German fighter and for women’s boxing. Hammer will be back. Others like Franchon Crews-Dezurn, Alicia Napoleon and Raquel Miller await her. She has a lot of talent.


Other Female Fight News


Yohana Alfonzo (17-2) defeated Gladys Segui (3-7-1) by unanimous decision in a six round bout on Saturday May 4. The super welterweight match took place in Villa Parque, Santa Ana.

On Saturday May 11, bantamweights Florencia Juarez (3-0) and Eliana Cuello (3-2) meet in a four round match at Buenos Aires.



On Saturday May 11, featherweights Krystina Jacobs (1-1) and Sally Bunt (0-0) meet in a six round fight at Hobart, Tasmania.



On Friday May 10, super lightweights Elfi Philips (10-5-3) and Karina Kopinska (12-28-4) meet in an eight round fight for the Belgium title at Ghent.



Annie Mazerolle (7-3) was the winner by decision after six rounds versus Claudia Ramirez (1-6) on Saturday May 4. The heavyweight fight was held in Miramichi.



On Sunday May 12, light flyweights Nanako Suzuki (3-1) and Renz Dacquel (1-1) meet in a four round fight at Hong Kong.



Aurelie Froment (1-0-1) and Helena Claveau (0-1-2) fought to a draw after four rounds on Saturday May 4. The lightweight fight took place at Marseillan.

Sandra Morcet (1-0) defeated Romane Geffray (1-1) by decision after four rounds on Saturday May 4. The lightweight contest was held at Perros Guirec.

Eve Debacker (2-0) beat Marina Dekic (2-6) by decision after four rounds on Saturday May 4. The lightweight contest was held at Allouagne.



Sarah Bormann (11-0) defeated Anne Sophie Da Costa (28-5) by decision after 10 rounds on Saturday May 4. The light flyweight title match was held in Frankfurt. Also, Sophie Alisch (3-0) beat Bojana Libiszewska (5-35) by decision after six rounds.



Giulia Grenci (3-1) was the winner on points after six rounds versus Elena Ghezzi (2-1) on Sunday May 5. The super lightweight fight took place in Rome.


New Zealand

Ashley Campbell (1-2) was the winner by decision after four rounds versus Dianne Beazley (0-1) on Saturday May 4. The heavyweight match took place at Lake Karapiro.



Tamara Markonyan (1-1) defeated Lidia Sakhonchik (0-2) by decision after four rounds on Monday April 29. The featherweight bout took place in Moscow.



Jasmina Nad (10-21-4) beat Cintia Cinjel (6-1) by technical knockout in the fifth round on Wednesday May 1. The bantamweight title fight was held in Kanjiza. Also, Melita Joo (0-0-1) and Natasa Rothpflug (0-1-1) fought to a draw after a four round lightweight fight.



Nurshahidah Roslie (13-2) won by third round technical knockout over Benjamat Phakra (9-16) on Saturday May 4. The featherweight fight was held in Singapore.


United Kingdom

On Friday May 10, lightweights Terri Harper (6-0) and Claudia Lopez (25-9) meet in a 10 round title fight at Nottingham, England.



Ayanna Vasquez (6-1-1) defeated Cristina Fuentes (9-11-7) by majority decision after 10 rounds on Saturday May 4. The super featherweight title fight took place in San Antonio, Texas.

On Friday May 10, lightweights Alycia Baumgardner (6-1) and Gabriella Mezei (9-17-5) meet in a six round contest at Philadelphia, Penn.

On Saturday May 11, bantamweights Jasmine Artiga (5-0) and Karen Duliin (3-17-1) meet in a four round bout at St. Petersburg, Florida.



On Friday May 10, lightweights Chiedza Hombakomba (2-1-2) and Mimu Adiju (0-0) meet in eight three-minute rounds at Harare.