New World for Female Prizefighting and New Problems

New World for Female Prizefighting


By David A. Avila

Once upon a time very few boxing fans paid attention to the female prizefighter world and those that did, were labeled kooks.

Those days are gone and female prize fights are being televised and streamed but there are changes that come with it. Important changes.

Headlines were made by female boxers for two different reasons this past week, with superstar Claressa Shields suffering a cancellation due to a sneak attack on her rival’s boxing trainer, and in another completely different prize fight episode, a PED drug test returned showing Heather Hardy had taken a banned substance.

It’s a different world ladies and gentlemen.

Hardy, 33, one of the most popular and likeable prizefighters in the world unknowingly ingested a substance that was not allowed by VADA. Though use of it does not enhance a fighter’s physical abilities, it is banned for other reasons.

It was an innocent oversight and easily overlooked, especially for women who are not accustomed to being tested for substances.

“I asked for the VADA testing,” stated Hardy on social media. “It’s something I’ve wanted for years.”

We’re in a new age of PED testing, something that female fighters never had to worry about. Now, all women should contact VADA to obtain a list of banned substances. There are even food products that cannot be ingested. Read the list and memorize the ingredients and drugs that cannot be ingested. If you are a boxer, this is important to your career.

The Brooklyn former featherweight champion learned a valuable lesson on behalf of all female prizefighters. Hopefully the lesson will not be repeated by other fighters.

“When I was tested I told the screener (VADA) that I had recently taken a prescription version of Midol (an over-the-counter PMS diuretic and pain medication). I had no idea that what I took was banned,” stated Hardy, adding that she uses the ingredient to stop bloating. “It was my first time being tested and I was shocked when I found out a water pill was not permitted.”

All prizefighters should go to the VADA site and read and study the list of banned products. It will prevent any surprises.

Dozens and dozens of men have failed the test. Recently BJ Saunders of Great Britain had been tested under a European testing group and passed. But when tested by VADA that has an even larger list of banned products, he failed. The speedy southpaw has moved up a weight division and is ready to contend for another world title, but now armed with knowledge on VADA’s PED testing.


Middleweight world champion Claressa Shields learned the cold hard facts of how a title fight can be lost due to outside circumstances.

Just before the weigh-in for Shields and Ivana Habazin in Flint, Mich. an argument ensued between James Ali Bashir and a female. The two were separated and Shields departed to another room. Meanwhile, an unknown male attacked Bashir from behind and left him unconscious and severely injured. The injured trainer was rushed to a hospital and surgery was performed. Habazin withdrew from the fight and was at Bashir’s hospital bedside.

Several lessons were learned by last Friday’s debacle: security was lax, too many people aside from boxing officials were allowed by the scale, and supposed friends or supporters can be your worst enemies and derail a $300,000 televised world title fight.

It was a horrible lesson.

“We can set our dream in motion and still, one person, one split second, can unravel it all,” stated Shields on Saturday. “I ask for your prayers and support to help make something positive come from this tragedy.”

Fans are great, but overzealous fans can be dangerous and a major hindrance.


Female WBC and WBA super lightweight titlist Jessica McCaskill (7-2, 3 KOs) meets Argentina’s Erica Farias (26-3, 10 KOs) in a rematch but this time there are two titles at stake on Saturday Oct.12, at Wintrust Arena in Chicago. DAZN will stream the fight.

It’s a hometown fight for McCaskill who defeated Farias a year ago in the same arena to rip the WBC title away from one of Argentina’s best fighters. Then the Chicago stock market official took the WBA title away from another Argentine fighter Anahi Sanchez.

Argentina must be a little angry at Chicago.

McCaskill has proven to be a multi-skilled fighter capable of slugging it out or using her ever-growing arsenal of boxing tools that she showed in her first confrontation with Farias.

One thing about the Chicago fighter has been her willingness to compete with anyone regardless of reputation. She’s absolutely fearless and one of the most dangerous fighters in the world.


Female WBC bantamweight titlist Mariana “Barby” Juarez meets Argentina’s Carolina Duer a former bantamweight champion on Saturday Oct. 12, in Zacatecas. Televisa will show the fight.

Juarez, 39, will be making the ninth defense of the title since acquiring it on April 2017. Duer, 41, formerly held the WBO version and needs a win to remain relevant in the international boxing world that is finally opening up.

More on this fight later this week.

Southern California

Adelaida “La Cobra” Ruiz (8-0) meets Mikayla Nebel in a six round super flyweight fight at Pico Rivera, Calif on Saturday Oct. 12. It can be watched on Red Boxing Promotions Facebook page.

Ruiz, 30, had her four-fight knockout streak snapped in her last fight. Now she faces another solid fighter in Nebel who has never been stopped despite fighting former featherweight world titlist Heather Hardy twice, Nydia Feliciano and Shelly Vincent.

It’s not an easy test for either fighter.


More Female Fight News


On Friday Oct. 11, super bantamweights Nazarena Romero (8-0) and Silvia Zacarias (8-22-5) meet in a six round fight at Catamarca.

On Friday Oct. 11, bantamweights Micaela Sarfati (1-0) and Eliana Orecchia (0-1) meet in a four round fight at Coronda.



Kylie Hutt (5-1-2) knocked out Donna Sadler (0-4) in the first round on Friday Oct. 4. The super welterweight clash took place at Northbridge, Western Australia. Also, Linda Winmar (1-2) beat Kanittha Ninthim (1-11) by decision after a four round lightweight match.

On Saturday Oct. 12, super bantamweights Bianca Elmir (4-1) and Shivani Dahiya (1-1) meet in a four round fight at Cessnock, New South Wales.

On Saturday Oct. 12, super bantamweights Ebanie Bridges (1-0) and Laura Woods (0-0) meet in a four round bout at Punchbowl, New South Wales.



Oshin Derieuw (12-0) won by unanimous decision after eight rounds over Olena Medvedenko (6-8) on Friday Oct. 4. The super lightweight contest took place at Ghent.



On Saturday Oct. 12, super flyweights Daniela Asenjo (10-3-2) and Aixa Adema (3-2-4) meet in a 10 round clash at Punta Arenas.



On Saturday Oct. 12, featherweights Sarah Mahfoud (8-0) and Enerolisa De Leon (5-2-2) meet in an eight round fight at Hilleroed.


Dominican Republic

On Saturday Oct. 12, super welterweights Claribel Mena (1-1) and Maritza Alvantara (0-0) meet in a four round bout at Nagua.



On Friday Oct. 11, super middleweights Sanna Turunen (5-3-1) and Elene Sikmashvili (5-8) meet in an eight round bout at Helsinki.



Estelle Mossely (6-0) defeated Argentina’s Ana Guichapani (13-1-1) by unanimous decision after 10 rounds on Saturday Oct. 5. The IBO lightweight title fight took place at Enghien.

Victoire Piteau (3-1) won by technical knockout over Kristina Svarc (0-3) in the second round on Saturday Oct.5. The super lightweight fight was held at Blois. Also, Marie Connan (1-0) beat Marie Priaulo (1-1) by decision after a four round featherweight bout.



Phannarai Netisri (2-0) beat Sanja Cebic (0-2) by decision after four three-minute rounds on Sunday Oct. 6. The super bantamweight fight took place in Hamburg.

On Saturday Oct.12, welterweights Jessica Schadko (6-0) and Linda Dostalkova (2-0) meet in a six round fight at Nuremberg, Bayern.



Maria Cecchi (1-0) was the winner by decision after six rounds versus Marijana Dasovic (0-2) on Saturday Oct. 5. The bantamweight fight was held in Lazio.



On Saturday Oct. 12, bantamweights Mariana Juarez (53-9-4) and Argentina’s Carolina Duer (19-5-1) meet in a 10 round clash for the WBC bantamweight world title at Fresnillo, Zacatecas. This is Juarez’s ninth defense since winning it on April 2017. Duer is a former WBO world champion.


New Zealand

Geovana Peres (8-1) knocked out Canada’s Claire Hafner (4-2) in the eighth round on Friday Oct.4. The WBO light heavyweight world title fight took place at Auckland. Also, middleweights Lani Daniels (4-2-2) and Tessa Tualevao (1-6-2) fought to a split draw after eight rounds for the New Zealand title. Plus, welterweight Gentiane Lupi (6-3-1) beat Karen Te Ruki Pasene (1-1) and Desley Robinson (2-0) beat Trish Vaka (1-6) in a middleweight bout.

On Friday Oct. 11, middleweight Toni Moki (0-1) and Talia Smith (0-0) meet in a four round match at Auckland.



Ewa Brodnicka (18-0) won by split decision after 10 rounds versus Argentina’s Edith Matthysse (16-11-1) on Friday Oct. 4. The WBO super featherweight world title fight took place at ul.Zuzlowa. It was Brodnicka’s third title defense.



Ekaterina Paltseva (1-2) beat Breeanna Locquiao (4-1) by decision after three three-minute rounds on Monday Oct. 7. The minimum weight fight took place at Ulan-Ude. Also, Ravven Brown (4-2) beat Paola Calderon (1-4) by decision after three three-minute rounds in a welterweight fight.



Ema Kozin (18-0-1) defeated Sweden’s Maria Lindberg (18-6-2) by decision after 10 rounds on Sunday Oct. 6. The WIBA super middleweight title fight took place in Ljubljana.


South Korea

On Saturday Oct. 12, super flyweights Soo Rin Kim (4-0-1) and Jinyan Gao (2-1) meet in a 10 round title fight at Yanggu.



Thaksaporn Intachai (1-0) won by fourth round technical knockout over Thanaporn Chaikaew (0-2) on Thursday Oct. 3. The bantamweight bout was held in Bangkok.

On Wednesday Oct. 9, minimum weights Tassana Paladsrichuay (4-4) and Umi Ishikawa (7-3) meet in a 10 round title fight at Bangkok.


United Kingdom

On Saturday Oct. 12, bantamweights Amy Timlin (2-0) and Sonia Klos (1-6) meet in a four round fight at Staffordshire.



Hannah Rankin (8-3) won by unanimous decision over Erin Toughill (7-6-1) after six rounds on Saturday Oct. 5. The super welterweight fight took place at Flint, Michigan.

Unique Harris (1-3) won by split decision over Karen Dulin (3-21-1) after four rounds on Saturday Oct. 5. The super bantamweight bout took place at Hockessin, Delaware.

Randee Morales (1-1) defeated Mayra Rios (0-1) by decision after four rounds on Thursday Oct. 3. The super flyweight match was held in Denver.

On Friday Oct. 11, middleweights Amy Lemenager (0-0) and Kayla Brady (0-1-1) meet in a four round bout at Duluth, Minn.

On Saturday Oct. 12, super flyweights Adelaida Ruiz (8-0) and Mikayla Nebel (2-7) meet in a six round fight at Pico Rivera, Calif. Also, lightweights Chelsey Anderson (1-0) and Tess Kielhamer (0-0) in a four round bout.

On Saturday Oct. 12, super welterweights Kristine Ion-Rood (1-0) and Daisha Duran (0-0) meet in a four round fight at Davenport, Iowa.

On Saturday Oct. 12, super lightweights Jessica McCaskill (7-2) and Argentina’s Erica Farias (26-3) meet for the WBC and WBA world titles at Chicago, Illinois. This is a rematch. Also, Jenna Thompson (1-2-1) and Summer Lynn (0-0) meet in a four round welterweight fight.