Claressa Shields, Savannah Marshall and Company Smash UK Viewing Numbers

Claressa Shields and Savannah Marshall Ignite Fan Appeal in London and More News


By David A. Avila

(Photo by Al Applerose)

She’s once, twice, three times undisputed.

That old Lionel Ritchie riff fits Claressa Shields new status as undisputed middleweight champion and it’s the third time she’s held the distinction as the real champion of the division.

In this age of multiple world title organizations and declarations it’s a welcome status for not just the fighters but the fans as well. People want to know who the real champions are, not who holds an alphabet label.  Credit must go to the fighters, their management and the sanctioning organizations as well for allowing it to occur.

Once again women sold out a huge arena as the all-female fight card at O2 Arena proved that an audience does exist that want to see championship fights, regardless of gender. A crowd of near 20,000 filled the London sports palace to witness the battles.

According to Sky more than 2 million viewers in the United Kingdom alone watched the epic boxing card featuring all women fighters. No word on how many watched on ESPN+.

“In addition to selling out the O2 Arena with 18,000 plus fans and generating a women’s sports record 2 million + viewers, Sky confirmed to me that Shields vs Marshall was the second most watched boxing event since 2014 on their platform.  The glass ceiling wasn’t just broken, it was shattered.  This is a monumental moment in the history of women’s sports.  In the UK, where boxing has a tremendous history of success and has a fanatical fan following, to generate viewership which exceeds every male boxing event on Sky except one since 2014 is game-changing and truly historic.  This was the shot heard round the world and the repercussions will be felt in the US and worldwide from this day forward.  Bravo to the GWOAT Claressa Shields and all the women who fought on Saturday October 15,” said Mark Taffet, co-manager of Shields and former head of HBO pay-per-view boxing.

Of course, it helped that Alycia Baumgardner and Mikaela Mayer were co-featured on the card and both battled in a super featherweight clash that fittingly ended in a split decision victory for Baumgardner. It was that close.

For the second time this year women headlined a major card and crushed it.

Last April, it was Ireland’s Katie Taylor and America’s Amanda Serrano who sold out Madison Square Garden and obliterated rival boxing cards that day including a Top Rank card in Las Vegas. The boxing company learned its lesson and were part of this historic boxing event in London.

On that earlier New York City fight card on April 30, Taylor and Serrano were supported by Franchon Crews-Dezurn and Elin Cederroos fight for the undisputed super middleweight crown. Crews won that night and could be seen in London this past Saturday hailing Marshall and asking for a future match.

Crews already has fought Shields and a future clash between the two now friends could be a potential sell out. We shall see.

Women prizefighters are crashing the party or better yet, they are making their own gala and fans are now captivated.


Women’s Hall of Fame in Las Vegas

The ninth annual International Women’s Boxing Hall of Fame takes place on Saturday Oct. 22, at the Orleans Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada.

A number of the best female fighters being inducted include Tori Nelson, Susi Kentikian, Eva Jones-Young, Margaret Sidoroff, Eliza Olson, Hannah Fox, Fredia Gibbs, Brooke Dierdorff, Tracy Byrd, Yvonne Reis, Delia Gonzalez, and Cora Webber.

Those inducted in the non-fighter category are Rose Byrd, Tom Gerbasi, Jimmy Finn and Rose Trentman. Also, awards to Lupi Gutierrez, Eddie Montalvo, and Bonnie Canino will be given and a posthumous award to the great Jerry Hoffman.

The hall of fame for women was started by Sue Fox of WBAN who has crusaded for decades on behalf of female prizefighting. She is a former boxer and was voted into the International Boxing Hall of Fame in Canastota, New York. She has also been recognized by Ring Magazine as one of the most important figures in women’s boxing.

Sue Fox started the IWBHOF because women were being ignored for years by the boxing community and did not include women until just a few years ago. Thankfully, the other hall of fame group is now inducting women.

The history of women’s boxing has a lengthy resume and every year (except 2020) the ceremony has attracted lovers of the sport from all over the world. Among those previously inducted were Lucia Rijker, Laila Ali, Barbara Buttrick and many others.

Tickets are still available at this link:


Heather is Back

Heather “The Heat” Hardy returned to the boxing ring and won by unanimous decision over Calista Silgado last week in New York City.

The very popular former blonde featherweight world champion based in New York City now fights at lightweight and proclaimed to have her best camp. She won handily in front of her fans at the Sony Hall in NYC.


Televised Fantasy Springs

Golden Boy Promotions recently announced Anabel Ortiz will fight Maria Santizo on Thursday Oct. 20, at Fantasy Springs Casino in Indio, Calif. The boxing card can be seen live on DAZN.


More Fight News


On Friday Oct. 21, welterweights Lucia Perez (1-0) and Claudia Lopez (26-13) meet 10 rounds for the Argentine title at Bahia Blanca.

On Saturday Oct. 22, flyweights Solange Fernandez (0-0) and Micaela Cuello (0-2-1) meet four rounds at Buenos Aires.



Cherneka Johnson (15-1) defeated Susie Ramadan (29-4) by unanimous decision after 10 rounds on Sunday Oct. 16. The IBF bantamweight world title fight was held in Melbourne.

Skye Nicholson (5-0) won by unanimous decision over Krystina Jacobs (6-4) in a 10-round fight on Saturday Oct. 15. The regional featherweight title fight took place at Brisbane.

Toan Pham (1-0) won by majority decision after four rounds versus Sitthidet Phanaensa (0-2) on Saturday Oct. 15. The lightweight bout took place at Flemington.



Oshin Derieuw (17-0) defeated Karina Szmalenberg (14-55-4) by unanimous decision after eight rounds on Friday Oct. 14. The super lightweight match was held in Ghent.


Costa Rica

Julianna Rodriguez (5-0) knocked out Sayda Mosquera (9-5-1) in the eighth round on Thursday Oct. 13. The bantamweight title fight took place in San Jose. Also, light flyweight Eveling Ortega (4-4) beat Silvia Duran (2-1) by split decision after six rounds.



On Saturday Oct. 22, welterweights Ivana Habazin (20-4) and Diana Prazak (14-4) meet 10 rounds for a regional title at Zabok.



Amelia Yara (1-0) beat Inise Kaunimara (1-2) by decision after four rounds on Saturday Oct. 15. The super welterweight fight took place at Nidi. Also, Vikali Varo (1-0) beat Litiana Bakaniyasa (0-1) by decision.



Flora Pili (6-0) won by split decision after eight rounds versus Elsa Hemat (4-8-2) on Saturday Oct. 15. The super lightweight bout was held at Campbon. Also, Souad Masmoudi (3-0) beat Gordana Marjanovic (0-2) in a six round light flyweight bout.

On Friday Oct. 21, bantamweights Delphine Mancini (5-0) and Mailys Gangloff (6-3) meet 10 rounds at Lyon for a European title.

On Friday Oct. 21, featherweights Elodie Bouchlaka (7-1-2) and Eva Canots (4-7-1) meet six rounds at Perpignan.

On Saturday Oct. 22, welterweights Marine Beauchamp (3-0) and Mariami Nutsubidze (1-0) meet four rounds at Marseille.



On Saturday Oct. 22, bantamweights Bilgenur Aras (7-1) and Oksana Romanova (10-33-1) meet six rounds at Frankfurt. Also, featherweights Lucy Wildheart (10-1) and Angela Cannizzaro (6-17-1) meet six rounds.



Silvia Bortot (10-1-1) won by decision over Aleksandra Vujovic (5-21-2) after six rounds on Friday Oct. 14. The super lightweight fight took place at Monza.



Riho Yoshida (1-0-1) beat Moemi Inukai (2-2) by majority decision after four rounds on Sunday Oct. 16. The minimumweight fight was held at Kariya.

Pei Yi Wu (2-0) defeated Eun Kyung Shi (0-1) by knockout in the second round on Sunday Oct. 16. The lightweight fight took place at Ashikita-gun.

On Tuesday Oct. 18, featherweights Kimika Miyoshi (16-13-2) and Yoshie Wakasa (7-3) meet six rounds at Tokyo.



On Saturday Oct. 22, super lightweights Sarah Achieng (14-2) and Chiedza Homakoma (6-3-2) meet 10 rounds at Nairobi. Also, super bantamweights Consolota Musanga (8-5-4) and Grace Nabasumba (0-0-1) meet eight rounds.



On Friday Oct. 21, middleweights Jesikah Guerra (1-0) and Vanessa Rodriguez (0-2-1) meet four rounds in Tijuana.

On Saturday Oct. 22, minimumweights Esneidy Rodriguez (2-0) and Norma Vazquez (4-9) meet four rounds in Veracruz.


New Zealand

On Friday Oct. 21, featherweights Mea Motu (13-0) and Usanakorn Thawilsuhannawang (16-2) meet eight rounds in Auckland.



Teresa Almengor (8-1-2) won by decision over Maribela Smith (3-3-1) after four rounds on Saturday Oct. 15. The super featherweight fight was held at David.


South Korea

On Wednesday Oct. 19, super featherweights Hyun Mi Choi (19-0-1) and Vanessa Bradford (6-3-2) meet 10 rounds for the WBA world title at Seoul.



Siriphon Chanbuala (14-12-2) won by unanimous decision after six rounds versus Wilaiwan Naemkrathok (0-3) on Saturday Oct. 15. The super featherweight match was held at Pathum Thani. Also, Arasa Nimnoi (6-6) beat Somwang Sawinchai (2-6-1) by decision in a super featherweight fight. Featherweight Skye Falzon (2-2) beat Arisa Camna (0-2).



On Saturday Oct. 22, bantamweights Angelina Lukas (1-0) and Olena Gurieva (1-2) meet eight rounds at Istanbul.


United Kingdom

Claressa Shields (13-0) defeated Savannah Marshall (12-1) by unanimous decision after 10 rounds on Saturday Oct. 15. The IBF, WBA, WBC, WBO, middleweight world championship fight took place in London, England. Shields is again undisputed middleweight champion. Also, Alycia Baumgardner (13-1) won by split decision after 10 rounds against Mikaela Mayer (17-1) to unify the WBC, WBO, IBF and IBO super featherweight world titles. Other results April Hunter (6-1) beat Erica Alvarez (3-7) and Georgia O’Connor (3-0) beat Joyce Van Ee (2-1-1) in super welterweight bouts; Ginny Fuchs (2-0) beat Gemma Ruegg (5-5) and Shannon Ryan (3-0) beat Buchra El Quaissi (3-3-3) in super flyweight bouts; Caroline Dubois (4-0) knocked out Milena Koleva (10-15-1) in the fifth round of their lightweight fight; Lauren Price (2-0) knocked out Timea Belik (6-7) in the fourth round of their featherweight match; Ebonie Jones (3-0-1) beat Jasmina Nad (11-26-5) in a featherweight bout; Sarah Liegmann (6-0) defeated Bec Connolly (3-16) in a super bantamweight fight.

Johanna Wonyou (6-0) won by decision after six rounds against Wendellin Cruz (5-1-1) on Saturday Oct. 15. The bantamweight fight was held in Glasgow, Scotland.

Nina Hughes (4-0) knocked out Flor Machela (7-10) in the second round on Saturday Oct. 15. The regional super bantamweight title fight was held in Grays, London. Also, welterweight Dee Allen (4-0) defeated Cindy Reyes (4-1) by decision after 10 rounds in a regional title fight.

On Saturday Oct. 22, featherweights Linzi Buczynskij (3-1) and Riya Rani (2-0) meet six rounds at Oldham. Also, super bantamweights Jasmina Zapotoczna (1-0) and Jamileth Vallejos (1-8-2) meet four rounds.



Maria Ines Ferreyra (4-0) won by decision over Lorena Agoutborde (3-3-3) after four rounds on Saturday Oct.15. The lightweight fight was held at Pasco.



Mikiah Kreps (4-0) won by unanimous decision after six rounds against Carmarie Matos (3-1) on Friday Oct. 14. The bantamweight match was held at Niagra Falls, New York.

Heather Hardy (23-2) won by unanimous decision over Calista Silgado (20-16-3) after six rounds on Thursday Oct. 13. The lightweight match took place in New York City.

On Thursday Oct. 20,

Minimumweights Anabel Ortiz (32-5) and Maria Santizo (10-1) meet eight rounds at Indio, California. DAZN will stream the fight.

On Saturday Oct. 22. Bantamweights Stefanie Cohen (2-1-1) and Paola Ortiz (1-7-1) meet four rounds at Ontario, Calif. Also, flyweights Agnesa Kirakosian (5-0) and Esli Cervantes (0-1) meet four rounds.