Katie Taylor vs Chantelle Cameron in Dublin

Battle of Undisputed: Taylor vs Cameron; Harper vs Braekhus and More News 


By David A. Avila

Two crackerjack fighters Katie Taylor and Chantelle Cameron expect to be tested to the full extent when they collide in the prize ring in a few days.

“I’m too much for Katie Taylor,” said Cameron who is defending her titles.

Undisputed champions Taylor (22-0) and Cameron (17-0, 8 KOs) meet on Saturday May 20, at 3Arena in Dublin, Ireland for the super lightweight championship. DAZN will stream the clash of champions and other Matchroom Boxing contests.

In Europe, this is a mega fight. And for the rest of the world who love women’s prizefighting this match shines brightly.

It’s only fitting that Ireland hosts this showdown.

Since becoming a professional Ireland’s born and bred Taylor has never fought on her home shores. Expect every seat to be sold.

Taylor was spearheading the women’s prizefighting movement internationally, almost singlehandedly with her blazing speed and fighting skills. But, the lightweight phenomenon never fought in her native Ireland.

Crowds in London, New York and Cardiff, Wales witnessed Taylor’s amazing fight prowess but she never fought one single round in Ireland.

That all ends on Saturday.

Taylor defeated Cameron each time as amateurs. But boxing in the amateurs is quite different from the prize ring. The pro style of fighting is more about punching with power than hit and run tactics.

Both champions have made the transition.

When Taylor first fought professionally she would run around and punch as she was moving away. Cameron also had the same amateur style. Both transitioned into the pro style with their current trainers.

Taylor’s mentor Ross Enamait, has carefully sculpted an effective fighting style for the lightning quick Irish woman. In her battle with Amanda Serrano a year ago, several times during the fight they changed tactics on the go.

Cameron’s trainer Jamie Moore also made changes to her style. She can fight inside or outside as she demonstrated on her march toward undisputed status against champions like Melissa Hernandez, Mary McGee and Victoria Bustos.

Perhaps her toughest was against undisputed welterweight champion Jessica McCaskill. Though Cameron dominated the first half, the Chicago fighter changed tactics and the fight suddenly got tight.

Still, Cameron prevailed.

Taylor had her toughest match against Serrano when they battled toe-to-toe in a slugfest. Though the Irish fighter expected to use her agility to move out of range from the dangerous Puerto Rican, her pivot exit to her left was cut off by Serrano.

They slugged it out for 10 rounds in a screamer.

Will this battle resemble last year’s epic fight at Madison Square Garden?

“We’re going to see the best Chantelle Cameron and we’re also going to see the best of Katie Taylor,” said Taylor, 36.

Cameron knows that 90 percent of the crowd will be against her.

“It’s going to be hostile, but it is what it is,” Cameron, 32, said to DAZN. “Definitely for this fight I upped the gears.”

Those extra gears will be important, especially in the later rounds when weariness sets in and victory is in reach.

“This is the stuff of dreams. This is generally a 50-50 fight,” said Taylor.


Harper vs Braekhus

Also, in a co-main feature, Terri Harper (13-1-1, 6 KOs) defends the WBA super welterweight title against former undisputed welterweight champ Cecilia Braekhus (37-2, 9 KOs).

Harper is 26 and Braekhus is 41 years old.

When Harper made the jump from super featherweight to super welterweight it seemed extreme. But the extra weight seemed to suit her fine and she captured the title with a solid performance against Scotland’s Hannah Rankin last September.

Norway’s Braekhus had problems with the pressure style of McCaskill when they met two times. This past December, she returned after almost two years and seemed a little rusty but regained her smooth boxing style.

Both Harper and Braekhus can end a fight with one punch.

England’s Harper is younger and should be able to go 10 rounds without a hitch. But she was knocked out by Alycia Baumgardner back in 2021.

Braekhus has never been stopped but slowed considerably in the later rounds when she fought McCaskill.

Look for this match to end in knockout.


More Fight News


Lucia Benegas (1-0) won by decision after four rounds versus Sofia Cabrera (0-1) on Friday May 12. The minimumweight match was held at El Talar de Pacheco.



Kim Clavel (17-1) defeated Naomi Arellano (9-3) by unanimous decision after 10 rounds on Friday May 12. The light flyweight title fight took place at Laval. Also, featherweight Carolina Veyre (4-0) beat Emma Gongora (6-3) by decision after eight rounds; and flyweight Linda Contreras (3-3-2) defeated Alexas Kubicki (6-1) by unanimous decision after six rounds.



Bethy Franco (7-5-1) knocked out Luz Duarte (0-2) in the second round on Friday May 12. The bantamweight fight took place at Tolima.

Liliana Palmera (31-14-3) knocked out Angie Barcas (2-18) on Thursday May 11. The lightweight fight was held at Cartagena.



Justine Lallemand (9-2-1) defeated Amy Naert (8-2) by decision after eight rounds on Friday May 12. The bantamweight fight was held at Charleville.

Selma Renier (1-0) knocked out Jovana Zravkovic (0-8-1) in the second round on Thursday May 11. The bantamweight contest was held at Castelnau-le-Lez.

On Wednesday May 17, super flyweights Clara Lescurat (8-0) and Daniela Aguiar (7-1) meet 10 rounds for the WBA world title at Paris.



Sarah Boorman (16-0) defeated Yadira Bustillos (7-1) by decision after 10 rounds on Saturday May 13. The minimumweight title fight took place at Offenbach.

On Saturday May 20, lightweights Songuel Ayten (2-0) and Nikolett Szabo (0-5) meet four rounds at Munich.



On Saturday May 20, super lightweights Chantelle Cameron and Katie Taylor meet 10 rounds for the undisputed world championship at Dublin, Ireland. DAZN will stream the fight. Also, super welterweights Terri Harper and Cecilia Braekhus meet 10 rounds for the WBA world title; and flyweights Maisey Rose (2-0) and Kate Radomska (3-1) meet six rounds.



On Sunday May 21, light flyweights Miona Okamoto (0-0) and Eri Yoshimoto (0-0) meet four rounds at Osaka.



On Friday May 19, super welterweights Miriam Gutierrez (14-2) and Patricia Martin (1-0) meet eight rounds at Torrelodones. Also, super featherweights Alba Sanchez (4-0) and Yaiza Souto (0-5) meet six rounds.

On Saturday May 20, super bantamweights Karla Merida (5-1-1) and Marian Herreria (3-2) meet at Revilla de Camargo; also minimumweights Maria Luz Peral (0-0) and Great Del Fabbro (0-2) meet four rounds.


United Kingdom

Dee Allen (5-0) won by decision after six rounds versus Marija Zivkovic (1-14-1) on Saturday May 13. The welterweight fight was held in Canning Town.

Paige Murney (2-0) won by decision after six rounds versus Halanna Dos Santos (14-10) on Friday May 12. The welterweight fight was held at Leicester.

On Saturday May 20, lightweights Harli Whitwell (1-0) and Bec Connolly (3-18) meet six rounds in London.



Shamara Woods (2-0) took the win by unanimous decision after four rounds against Simone Aparecida (17-25) on Friday May 12. The welterweight contest took place in Orlando, Florida.

On Saturday May 20, bantamweights Merari Vivar (5-0) and Haley Pasion (2-3) meet six rounds at Long Beach, Calif.

On Saturday May 20, bantamweights Mikenna Tansley (7-2) and Brittany Sims (3-3) meet eight rounds at Philadelphia, Pa. Also, flyweights Ashley Sciscente (6-3) and Amy Salinas (4-4) meet eight rounds.

On Saturday May 20, featherweights Melanie Costa (0-0) and Daisy Preston (0-5-1) meet four rounds at Cranston, Rhode Island.



(Photo by Mark Robinson/Matchroom Boxing)