Marlen Esparza vs Gabriela Alaniz for Flyweight Titles

America’s Marlen Esparza Battles Argentina ‘s Gabriela Alaniz to Unify Flyweight Titles

(Photo by Al Applerose)

By David A. Avila

In a quest to become undisputed flyweight world champion Marlen Esparza must past through dangerous punching Gabriela “Chucky” Alaniz of Argentina.

It’s yet another South American fighter but Alaniz is one of the truly hard-punching fighters from the southern continent.

Houston’s Esparza (13-1, 1 KO) faces Argentina slugger WBO flyweight titlist Alaniz (14-0, 6 Kos) on Saturday July 8, at AT&T Center in San Antonio, Texas. DAZN will stream the Golden Boy Promotions card.

Alaniz can really crack.

One thing about Texas native Esparza, she can take a punch.

Against hard-hitting Seniesa Estrada she absorbed blow after blow without going down. She also slugged it out with Japan’s Naoko Fujioka and Mexico’s Ibeth “La Roca” Zamora. None were able to knock out Esparza.

Of course, the Texan who won a Bronze medal in the 2012 London Olympics only has one knockout of her own. She relies on speed, agility and controlling the ring. Against Alaniz, she will need all those skills to be on point.

Alaniz has speed on her punches and can be deadly accurate. She brutalized Tamara DeMarco from the opening bell. She disposed of one of the Bermudez sisters in Roxana Bermudez in five rounds. And she stopped Debora Rengifo in the ninth round last September. It was her first defense of the WBO world title.

Fighting Esparza in Texas, the Argentine fighter will have to convince the judges with proof of dominance by more than just accurate blows. Alaniz will need at least a knockdown. Only “La Roca” Zamora was able to floor Esparza who then took over the fight and won by decision.

Over the years Esparza has adapted to the pro style and learned how to deal with fighting in the pocket when necessary. Her last two battles against Eva Guzman and Naoko Fujioka showcased what she’s learned. The days of running around the ring are no longer evident.

Now as a pro, Esparza has proven to be very durable and knows how to adapt. One thing missing has been power. But not all fighters have power. And so far, only one former foe Seniesa Estrada has been able to defeat her.

More than a few think Alaniz is capable of toppling Esparza’s goal of becoming the undisputed champion. Regardless, it will be worth watching. The winner will surely face IBF titlist Arely Mucino for undisputed status.


Looking Back at Manchester

Natasha Jonas continues to surprise the boxing world with her skilled attacks and understated power. Her boxing tools allow her to jump up and down weight classes with ease. Now she has the IBF welterweight title.

When the Olympian connected and dazed the very strong Kandi Wyatt, she showed her experience in not emptying her tank. Jonas does have a very good boxing IQ.

She is now right in the middle of two or three weight divisions and able to accept or challenge numerous world champions for some hefty paydays. It’s what prizefighting is all about.


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On Saturday July 8, flyweights Marlen Esparza (13-1) and Gabriela Alaniz (14-0) meet 10 rounds for the WBA , WBO and WBC world titles at San Antonio, Texas.