Amanda Serrano and Heather Hardy’s Generation Title Fights and More

Serrano and Hardy: The Last of Their Generation, Title Fights and More News


By David A. Avila

Watching the breathtaking action between Brooklyn’s two biggest stars Amanda “The Real Deal” Serrano and Heather “The Heat” Hardy last weekend was a reminder of their generation of American fighters that have mostly disappeared.

As Serrano and Hardy belted each other ferociously, a tinge of sadness crossed over me.

Here were Hardy, 41, and Serrano, 34, now in the last years of their respective careers showing their skills, heart and toughness to millions of appreciative fans in the stadium and in millions of homes. Yet, Hardy and Serrano are two female prizefighters whose generation almost went entirely unnoticed.

A few others from that lost generation are still around like Melissa Hernandez, Chevelle Hallback, and the great Layla McCarter. But most of them have gone away with few of their fights ever seen on a television screen.

All that remain are the photographs and stories written about their fights. Or, the memory of those fights taken from one reporter who attended many those bouts on the West Coast. Though few promoters were willing to stage their fights, and almost none willing to televise, several fighters stand out to me with some riveting performances.


Elena “Baby Doll” Reid

Elena “Baby Doll” Reid was constantly engaged in tremendous contests. A couple of her battles for world titles against Regina Halmich were televised in Europe, but her furious engagements in the US were rarely seen by more than a few hundred fans.

I remember 18 years ago driving hurriedly to the Silverton Hotel Casino in Las Vegas to see Reid clash with Lakeysha Williams. Inside a standing room crowd that included the late, great Diego “Chico” Corrales, fans awaited Reid to fire up against Williams. The fight ended in the fifth round with Reid connecting with a riveting body shot knockout.

Now Reid is the mother of three and heads a youth center in Phoenix, Arizona.


Kaliesha “Wild, Wild” West

In her pro debut, West had just turned 18 and after a successful amateur career there was no where to go but pros. She signed to fight Suzannah Warner at San Manuel Casino and the two let it fly.

After six furious rounds West was tabbed the winner according to the judges and would soon become one of the most popular female fighters in the West Coast. She eventually captured the WBO bantamweight world title at the Staples Center in 2010 and defended it three times. She was forced to abdicate the world title only because she couldn’t pay the sanctioning fees without a promoter. Incidentally, Warner became a champion too.

West is a mother of two and living in Texas. She is currently enrolled in a nursing program.

Her favorite match took place in Peru back in June 2010 against Vannessa Guimaraes. It was a match made with the help of then super featherweight world titlist Kina Malpartida.

“My favorite battle was in Lima, Peru because I felt like I finally experienced what it was to be a respected world champion and not through my own shoes, but being in the shadow of Kina Malpartida,” said West who was added to the show in Peru due to Malpartida who befriended West while training in Los Angeles.

Incidentally, Malpartida now works for the WBA and can be seen presenting the belt to the WBA champions.

Many others fought their hearts out during the same period. It was an incredible era that saw them ignored by most journalists that ironically now cover them today. But the memory of watching them perform and the sacrifices they made led to this moment in women’s prizefighting.

Seeing Serrano and Hardy’s performance recognized and appreciated by millions proved the journey was worth it.



Japan’s Yuko Kuroki (22-7-2) won by majority decision over Mexico’s Montserrat Alarcon (18-5-2) after 10 rounds on Saturday Aug. 5. The WBA and WBO atomweight title fight was held in Kobe, Japan.

It was the first time Montserrat lost in Japan. She had previously won two world title fights there. First, in 2017, she captured the WBO flyweight world title against Nana Nogami. In 2019, she defended the WBA atomweight title against Ayaka Miyao.

Kuroki won the WBO title against Nanae Suzuki in 2022. She made one defense and unified the title with her win over Montserrat.


Yokasta Returns in September

IBF minimumweight titlist Yokasta Valle returns to Southern California and will be engaged in a 10-round match at the Commerce Casino in Commerce, Calif. on Saturday Sept. 16, said Golden Boy Promotions today. No foe was announced.

Tickets go on sale today.


Katie vs Chantelle 2

Matchboxing Promotions announced last week that undisputed super lightweight world champion Chantelle Cameron will rematch undisputed lightweight world champion Katie Taylor on Saturday November 25, at 3A Arena in Dublin, Ireland.

Cameron (18-0, 8 Kos) defeated Taylor (22-1, 6 Kos) last May. It was Taylor’s first loss and showed that moving up in weight is not an easy matter. Can she adjust in her second fight?

It was also announced that WBA and WBO super welterweight titlist Terri Harper and Cecilia Braekhus will meet on Saturday Oct. 7, at Sheffield, England. Their first fight was postponed due to Braekhus being unable to physically compete.



More Fight News


Jennifer Meza (8-3) defeated Yoselin Fernandez (12-4) by unanimous decision after 10 rounds on Saturday Aug. 5. The regional atomweight title fight was held at Buenos Aires.

Florencia Villalba (2-0-1) beat Micaela Torres (0-1) after four rounds on Friday Aug. 4. The bantamweight fight was held at Buenos Aires.

On Friday Aug. 11, super bantamweights Juliana Basualdo (10-3) and Vanesa Taborda (11-15-3) meet 10 rounds for the Argentine title at Cordoba.



Luisana Ascanio (3-1-1) beat Adriana Tobon (0-1) by decision after four rounds on Tuesday Aug. 1. The super flyweight fight was held in Santa Marta. Also, Vanesa Estrada (1-0-1) beat Jenny Vega (0-1) by decision; and lightweights Luz Rojas (0-0-1) and Nancy Bermudez (0-0-1) drew after four rounds.


Democratic Republic of Congo

On Saturday Aug. 12, welterweights Daniella Ntsii (0-0) and Benediction Lulua (0-0) meet four rounds at Goma.



Erica Montalbini (1-0) won by unanimous decision after six rounds against Immacolata Mancusi (0-4-1) on Friday Aug. 4. The super lightweight fight was held at Civitanova Marche.



Yuko Kuroki (22-7-2) won by majority decision over Mexico’s Montserrat Alarcon (18-5-2) after 10 rounds on Saturday Aug. 5. The WBA and WBO atomweight title fight was held in Kobe.

On Friday Aug. 11, super bantamweights Yuka Ota (0-0) and Yukiko Ijuin (0-1-1) meet four rounds at Sakai.



Ambar Mendoza (4-0) won by majority decision against Lorena Gutierrez (5-1) on Friday Aug. 4. The super featherweight bout was held in Tijuana.


New Zealand

Desley Robinson (5-1) beat Nailini Helu (3-5-1) by split decision after eight rounds on Friday Aug. 4. The middleweight bout took place at Auckland.

On Saturday Aug. 12, super flyweights Holly McMath (3-3) and Sarah Watt (3-4-1) meet eight rounds in Auckland.



Juddathip Sitthichen (4-0) knocked out Tassana Paladsrichuay (4-14) in the second round on Sunday Aug. 6. The minimumweight fight was held at Pathum Thani. Also, Ploypailin Palatsrichuai (6-3) knocked out Sutthinee Bamrungpao (4-12-1) in the first round.


United Kingdom

On Saturday Aug. 12, super flyweights Maisey Rose (3-0) and Gemma Ruegg (7-7) meet six rounds in London, England.



Amanda Serrano (45-2-1) defeated Heather Hardy (24-3) by unanimous decision after 10 rounds on Saturday Aug. 5. The WBO, WBA, WBC, IBO, IBF featherweight world title match was held at Dallas, Texas. Also, Shadasia Green (13-0) beat Olivia Curry (7-2) by decision after 10 rounds in a super middleweight match.

Melanie Costa (2-0) defeated Kalindra Faria (1-1) by decision after four rounds on Saturday Aug. 5. The featherweight fight was held at Worcester, Mass.

Oshae Jones (4-0) won by unanimous decision after eight rounds versus Miranda Barber (3-5) on Friday Aug. 4. The super welterweight contest took place at Atlanta, Georgia.

On Thursday Aug. 10, super flyweights Christina Cruz (4-0) and Nancy Franco (19-17-2) meet eight rounds in Manhattan, NY.

On Friday Aug. 11, super flyweights Stephanie Chavez (2-0) and Devany Cuevas (2-4-1) meet six rounds in Atlanta, Ga.

On Saturday Aug. 12, super featherweights Jaime Clampitt (24-6-2) and Josefina Vega (9-5) meet eight rounds at Uncasville, Conn.

On Saturday Aug. 12, bantamweights Nicole Chisolm (4-1) and Cara McLaughlin (1-6) meet six rounds at Sioux City, Iowa.

On Saturday Aug. 12, super bantamweights Reina Tellez (0-0-1) and Uneaka Best (0-1) meet four rounds at Houston, Texas.



On Saturday Aug. 12, super lightweights Sheila Fabiana (0-0) and Daniela Ayelen (1-1) meet four rounds at Montevideo. Also, featherweights Lucia Marrero (0-0) and Micaela Soledad (1-0) meet four rounds.