Mikaela Mayer vs Silvia Bortot

Mikaela Mayer vs Silvia Bortot in Manchester, England and More News


(Photo by JP Yim)

By David A. Avila

A physically fit Mikaela Mayer waits anxiously like a Thoroughbred at the starting gate of the Kentucky Derby to enter the boxing ring as a welterweight this weekend.

A heavier, stronger and more energetic Mayer (18-1, 5 Kos) faces Italy’s Silvia Bortot (11-2-1) on Saturday Sept. 2, at Manchester Arena in Manchester, England. ESPN+ will stream the Top Rank and Boxxer fight card.

Ever since signing a pro contract in 2017, the tall Southern California blonde, now a brunette, has sacrificed countless meals in effort to make 130 pounds. The sacrifice is nothing new to most prizefighters, but for someone fighting at 5’9” height, it can be taxing.

“It wasn’t easy,” said Mayer while in Las Vegas.

Mayer’s first designs above 130 pounds were to face Katie Taylor or Chantelle Cameron but both could be fighting each other one or two more times. That leaves the welterweights open for conquest.

Because of her experiences including Olympic competition, and winning two world titles in the talented super featherweight division, Mayer is also one of the few women contracted with a powerful promoter.

That means lucrative television deals for whoever accepts a challenge.

If Mayer deigns to fight lightweights, super lightweights or welterweights the lure of possible big paydays enables the Top Rank fighter to lure almost anyone into the boxing ring.

That’s how Mayer enticed Bortot to quickly accept a match within two week’s time.

Bortot, 38, captured a European super lightweight title against an undefeated French fighter in France in 2019. She also lost to an undefeated Belgium fighter in Belgium and an undefeated fellow Italian in Italy. She is a respected veteran capable of presenting a solid contest against anyone.

It’s an important contest for Mayer who now seeks world titles in more weight divisions. Because of her height and fighting ability she can move comfortably up to other weight divisions. She is not alone.

Others like Terri Harper and Natasha Jonas made the jumps to welterweight and beyond. In the lower weights Seniesa Estrada, Yokasta Valle and Tsunami Tenkai repeatedly hop from weight division to weight division with ease.

One reason the fighters are willing to jump around has been making better matchups. We are in the age of better matchups because it’s profitable.


Kenia Enriquez in Mexico

One of the top female fighters pound for pound without a world title has been Kenia Enriquez. The Mexican flyweight from Tijuana was avoided like pork at a Bar Mitzvah.

Enriquez (26-1, 11 Kos) meets former three-division world champion Ibeth “La Roca” Zamora (33-7, 13 Kos) in La Paz, Mexico on Sunday Sept. 10.

The quest to win a world title begins next week. It’s been eight years since she last held a world title and has since been avoided by every world champion. Every world champion from 108 to 112 pounds. No exaggeration.


More Fight News


Daniela Molina (3-11-3) beat Romina Belen (0-16-2) by decision after four rounds on Friday Aug. 25. The flyweight bout was held at Tandil.

Lucrecia Manzur (9-3) won by knockout over Flavia Quintero (2-6) in the second round on Friday Aug. 25. The super featherweight fight was held at San Miguel.



Taylah Gentzen (4-0) defeated Audrey Mosig (0-2) by decision after eight rounds on Saturday Aug. 26. The Australian lightweight title match took place at Marks Point.

Amber Amelia (3-10) won by decision over Erini Ramirez (1-2-1) after four rounds on Wednesday Aug. 23. The super bantamweight bout took place at Sydney.

On Friday Sept. 1, light flyweights Sarah Higginson (4-3-1) and Renz Dacquel (2-1) meet six rounds at Northbridge. Also, lightweights Katelan Stack (0-1) and Tara Enoka (1-0) meet six rounds.



Kalliopi Kourouni (13-3-1) knocked out Neisi Torres (13-13-1) in the third round on Saturday Aug. 26. The lightweight match was held in Medellin.

Alexas Kubicki (7-1) knocked out Mayelis Altamar (16-5-2) in the second round on Wednesday Aug. 23. The flyweight contest was held at Santa Marta. Also, heavyweight Minellis Blanco (1-0) knocked out Celia Sierra (8-6) in the second round; flyweight Adriana Tobon (2-1) beat Iza Jaimes (0-1) by split decision after four.


Czech Republic

On Sunday Sept. 3, lightweights Lenka Volejnikova (0-0) and Marie Urbanova (0-0) meet four rounds at Podebrady.



Tiia Rantakyla (1-0) defeated Nevena Markovic (0-6) by decision after six rounds on Saturday Aug. 26. The super bantamweight fight took place at Kirkkonummi. Also, super featherweight Serwa Palani (2-0) beat Barbora Mayerova (1-3) by decision after four.



On Friday Sept. 1, lightweights Natalie Zimmerman (10-0) and Edina Kiss (16-17) meet 10 rounds for a title at Gueterrsloh.



Minimumweights Hanako Adams (2-3-2) and Megumi Watanabe (2-0-4) fought to a majority draw after four rounds. The fight was held in Tokyo.

On Saturday Sept. 2, flyweights Miwa Tanaka (0-1) and Akane Kuroda (0-1) meet four rounds at Toyonaka.

On Sunday Sept. 3, minimumweights Sowaka Megumi (0-0) and Kaho Munetoshi (1-1) meet four rounds at Toyonaka.



Yamileth Mercado (22-3) defeated Paulette Valenzuela (16-3) by unanimous decision after 10 rounds on Saturday Aug. 26. The WBC super bantamweight world title match was held in Cuernavaca.


New Zealand

Mea Motu (17-0) won by unanimous decision after 10 rounds versus Ellen Simwaka (12-7-2) on Saturday Aug. 26. The IBO super bantamweight title match was held at North Shore. Also, Lani Daniels (9-2-2) knocked out Razel Mohammed (3-1-2) in the four round to win the IBF heavyweight world title.



Chanttall Martinez (21-8) beat Sara Anti Gabriel (3-3) by decision after six rounds on Saturday Aug. 26. The lightweight match was held in David.



Umi Ishikawa (11-3) knocked out Sothita Sitthichai (8-3) in the third round on Sunday Aug. 27. The minimumweight regional title match took place in Pathum Thani. Also, featherweight Pattarawan Thaosuwan (11-3) knocked out Ganjana Chathenan (0-1) in the fourth round.

Juthathip Sitthichen (5-0) beat Ploypalin Palatsrichuai (0-4) by decision after eight rounds on Sunday Aug. 27. The minimumweight match was held in Pathum Thani. Also, Nitinart Plabplerng (5-1) knocked out Tassana Paladsrichuay (4-15) in the second round; flyweights Suphattra Aunreaun (6-1) knocked out Pailin Tanseemee (0-4) in four; Weerawan Kedsukkee (6-0) knocked out Wraphon Jaiteang (0-2) in three; flyweight Wassana Kamdee (9-9) knocked out Parika Pachai (0-3) in two.

Kate McLaren (4-0-2) beat Anchalee Mankong (2-9) after four rounds on Saturday Aug. 26. The welterweight bout took place at Bangkok.

On Thursday Aug. 31, super flyweights Sheau Ra Yang (4-0) and Kim Actub (8-11-1) meet 10 rounds for a title at Bangkok.


United Kingdom

On Saturday Sept.2, super lightweights Mikaela Mayer (18-1) and Silvia Bortot (11-2-1) meet 10 rounds in Manchester, England.

On Saturday Sept. 2, super bantamweights Roni Dean (1-0) and Wendellin Cruz (6-10-1) meet six rounds at London, England.



Roxanne Ceasear (1-0) defeated Mayra Rodriguez (1-2) by technical knockout after three rounds on Saturday Aug. 26. The lightweight contest was held in San Antonio, Texas.

Carisse Brown (10-6) beat Czarina McCoy (11-2) by split decision after 10 rounds on Friday Aug. 25. The lightweight match took place in Atlanta, Georgia.

On Friday Aug. 1, bantamweights Candace Knepper (1-0) and Kedra Bradley (1-5-1) meet four rounds in San Antonio, Texas.

On Saturday Sept. 2, featherweights Reina Tellez (1-0-1) and Ivana Coleman (1-12) meet four rounds at Natchez, Miss.



Thi Ngoan Luong (2-0) beat Thi Hoai Le (0-1) by decision after four rounds on Saturday Aug. 26. The super welterweight contest was held at Ho Chi Minh City.