Mexico’s Yesica Nery Plata Retains World Titles in Germany

Nery Plata Beats Sarah Boorman by Split-Decision in Germany to Keep WBA and WBC Light Flyweight Titles


By David A. Avila

Behind a scathing left hook Mexico’s Yesica Nery Plata blasted her way to victory by split decision over Germany’s Sarah Boorman and retained her WBC and WBA light flyweight world titles on Saturday.

That Mexican left hook should be patented.

“She was very strong,” said Nery Plata. “I’m very happy with the win in Germany.”

Nery Plata (30-2, 3 Kos) traveled into Boorman’s (17-1, 7 Kos) native soil in Karlsruhe, Germany and convinced two out of three judges she was the superior fighter at Weihnachtscirkus. The championship match was streamed on DAZN.

If you watched Boorman’s previous performances, what stands out is her strength and relentless pursuit. She never goes backwards and bores in with her head down.

From the opening round Boorman did not waver from her straight-ahead style like a bull in a Spanish bullring. Nery backed off with jabs pumping in a counter-punching style to gauge the German fighter’s distance and power.

After the first round, both committed to a formula- Boorman winged overhand rights and Nery Plata slashed left hooks to the body and head. Especially in the last 10 seconds.

Three times Nery Plata delivered right-handed blows after the final bell.

“I think she can’t hear,” said Luis Tapia who advises the Mexican fighter and was accompanied by female boxing great Layla McCarter.

Nery Plata demonstrated how to commit to the left hook with accuracy in all 10 rounds. It was hard to ignore the blows. Meanwhile, Boorman absorbed the blows well and though she never stopped punching, the accuracy of her blows was not equal to the Mexican fighter.

That was the story of the fight.

For the first six rounds both fought on equal terms with the German fighter finding success early in each round and the Mexican fighter letting loose to steal rounds in the last 30 seconds.

In the seventh round Nery Plata changed the formula and opened up early. It seemed to catch Boorman by surprise. Body shots by Nery Plata’s left hook might have taken a toll on Boorman who did not stop punching, but her output had slowed.

In ninth round Boorman began holding the Mexican fighter who kept punching though the referee had asked for a halt. A point was deducted from Nery Plata for continuing to punch.

The point deduction could have cost Nery Plata the fight. It did not.

Nery Plata was deadly accurate with the left hook. Boorman lost her mouthguard during an exchange and it seemed she waned in energy. Nery Plata connected with most of her blows in the final round.

After 10 rounds one judge saw Boorman the winner but two other judges and the crowd ruled Nery Plata the winner. She retains both the WBC and WBA light flyweight world titles by split decision.

It was Nery Plata’s second defense of the titles and third consecutive fight on foreign soil. All victories.

That left hook doesn’t miss.