Seniesa Estrada Defeats Yokasta Valle

Seniesa Estrada Battles to Win Over Yokasta Valle to Become Undisputed Champion 


By David A. Avila

GLENDALE, Az.-East L.A.’s Seniesa “Super Bad” Estrada used high-caliber defense and unorthodox offense to destabilize the superb athleticism of Costa Rica’s Yokasta Valle and walk away the undisputed minimumweight world champion on Friday.

It’s a title that no woman ever achieved in that weight class.

Incredible quickness and reflexes were on display as Estrada (26-0, 9 Kos) navigated through the constant in and out pressure of Valle (30-3, 9 Kos) in front of more than 7,000 rabid fans at Desert Diamond Arena.

It was a unanimous decision win for Estrada, but many in the crowd felt otherwise. It should be noted that Valle had strong fan support.

Both fighters walked into the boxing ring with two world titles in the minimumweight category and both were confident of winning.

In the first round, during an exchange of blows Valle grabbed Estrada and that caused the two to collide heads. The Costa Rican fighter walked back to her corner with a large gash on her forehead.

“I had to struggle through that for the last nine rounds,” said Valle, 31.

It was a bad start for Valle.

Estrada began in a southpaw stance and switched to orthodox repeatedly throughout the bout. It took several rounds before Valle could adjust to the varying defensive stances and land a solid blow. Meanwhile Estrada targeted the body with shots and escaped under the counters by Valle.

“I knew she would come in and be aggressive like she always is,” said Estrada, 31. “That’s her style and I knew I would take everything away that she does best.”

It’s been a while since Estrada faced someone as quick and speedy as Valle. She maintained a specific distance and used shots to the body and left hook counters when Valle attacked.

The left hook seemed to be the favorite weapon for Estrada who used it to the body and head effectively. Valle never stopped attacking and firing blows. But she missed far more than Estrada throughout the fight.

Defense was the difference in this fight.

Both fighters showed off their quickness in close. Valle connected often with big rights but not often enough to counter the left hooks to the head. During their fierce exchanges Estrada would land two but Valle would respond. No one escaped unscathed

Defensively, Estrada slipped and moved out of range like a ghost.

Combination punching was the key. That proved the difference in the fight. And though bleeding every round Valle ignored the blood dripping down her face through the entire fight and never slowed her pace.

After 10 rounds with no knockdowns all three judges scored 97-93 for Estrada who becomes the first woman to become undisputed minimumweight world champion.

Many fans booed the decision, but all three judges saw Estrada the winner seven to three rounds. Still, Valle’s fans were not pleased. Maybe because of the taunts by Estrada late in the fight when she pretended to be a matador and motioned with her arms.

Still, a new undisputed champion was declared and Estrada becomes the first ever to hear those words. And she earned it against a superb athlete in Valle.

“I’m beyond overwhelmed and happy,” said Estrada.

(Photo by Top Rank)