Next Seniesa Estrada and Yokasta Valle Should Be Three-Minute Rounds

If Seniesa Estrada Fights Yokasta Valle Again, Make it 12 Three-Minute Rounds


By David A. Avila

Fans gathered from throughout the southwest and beyond to witness Seniesa “Super Bad” Estrada and Yokasta Valle battle for the undisputed minimumweight world championship in Glendale, Arizona.

It was like watching two furious tornados erupt with speed and punches for 10 short rounds. Ten two-minute rounds.

World title fights, let alone undisputed world title fights should be held at 12 rounds and definitely not two-minute rounds. Basically, Estrada and Valle had little time to display their craft and incredible athleticism last Saturday.

It was like seeing a delicious banana split and only getting to lick the spoon.

Women’s boxing needs three-minute rounds. And championship fights should be at 12 rounds just like the men. Fans, judges and fighters need more time to determine who is winning and to savor the excitement.

When you have two incredible athletes like Valle and Estrada the more rounds the better. Every time they unleashed blows it took concentration to decipher who was connecting, slipping and winning the rounds. I was sitting in the second row and could see the action clearly, but the fighter’s speed was incredible to watch.

As the rounds mounted it was clear that adjustments were being made by each fighter and it got more interesting every round. But it was over so quickly.

Early on Valle was cut when she clinched while grabbing Estrada’s head causing a collision. A cut opened above the talented Costa Rican fighter’s eye. Blood was Valle’s enemy along with Estrada’s combination punching.

Valle adjusted.

The second half of the fight saw Valle connect with the overhand right during exchanges. It was her best weapon. Her stamina was incredible.

Throughout the championship fight fans shouted and roared for their favorite fighter. The arena was full and the cheers and boos rained down for all 10 electrifying rounds. And when the scores were read in favor of Estrada they cheered and booed some more. It was a history-making fight.

It was a great night for the smaller weight fighters.

I thought of all the incredible female boxers of the past that would have loved to be part of this moment. Minimumweight fighters from the 1990s and early 2000s like Wendy Rodriguez, Tracey Stevens, Yumi Takano, Yvonne Caples and Vaia Zaganas who sacrificed their best years for little in return.

Last Saturday night the minimumweight fighters had their moment to shine and they did. Too bad it wasn’t for a few minutes longer. Twelve three-minute rounds isn’t too much to ask for. Is it?

And if a rematch is made let’s do it for 12 three-minute rounds. Amanda Serrano set the tone and other champions should follow. Fans deserve it.

Promoters, it’s on you.


Vacant WBC featherweight title

Australia’s Skye Nicolson (9-0) and Denmark’s Sarah Mahfoud (14-1) meet 10 rounds for the vacant WBC title at the Fontainebleau Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada. DAZN will stream.

Nicolson, 28, is the big favorite to capture the WBC featherweight title vacated by undisputed featherweight world champion Amanda Serrano. The WBC organization refuses to sanction three-minute rounds or 12 round championship fights and Serrano wants 12 three-minute round challenges so she vacated it.

The WBC title is up for grabs.

The southpaw fighter from Queensland, Australia is athletically gifted but still maintains an amateur style bent on running around the boxing ring. She did seem to adjust at one point, but after fighting Spain’s Tania Alvarez she reverted back to sprinting around the ring at full speed. And when you only fight two minutes and clinch in tight quarters, there is little action.

Hopefully she can adjust to a more crowd-pleasing fighting style as Vasyl Lomachenko did when he turned pro. Or she can go the way of Shakur Stevenson whose last fight turned off many fans. And he did it in three-minute rounds.

Mahfoud, 34, is a solid fighter whose only loss came to Serrano two years ago. Her last fight took place last October against legendary Argentine fighter Marcela Acuna who she defeated by unanimous decision. Denmark’s Mahfoud can fight but hasn’t tangled against anyone with Nicolson’s mobility.


Kim Clavel

Former light flyweight world titlist Kim Clavel returns for the first time since losing a challenge against WBO and IBF titlist Evelin Bermudez last October.

You have to hand it to Clavel she goes after the best.

Clavel (17-2, 3 Kos) faces Spain’s Fara El Bousairi (8-3) on Thursday April 4, at Montreal, Canada. Both have faced top competition in their weight class. Clavel is 33 and Bousairi is 30.

It should be a fun fight to witness.


More Fight News


Super flyweights Taylah Robertson (9-1-1) and Gloria Gallardo (14-2-3) fought to a split draw after 10 rounds on Wednesday March 27. The IBO title match was held in New Farm and remains vacant.



On Saturday April 6, welterweights Michaela Kotaskova (5-0-2) and Erica Alvarez (5-7) meet 10 rounds for a regional title at Vienna.



On Saturday April 6, bantamweights Ana Vaz De Moraes (5-0) and Ediana Meel Andrade (1-1) meet 10 rounds at Sao Paolo.



Carolyn Redmond (7-2) defeated Claudia Lopez (26-17) by decision after six rounds on Saturday March 30. The welterweight match was held in Hamilton. Also, super flyweight Meilyn Sanchez (1-0) knocked out Soledad Macedo (17-19-2) in the third round.

On Thursday April 4, light flyweights Kim Clavel (17-2) and Fara El Bousairi (8-3) meet 10 rounds at for a regional title at Montreal. Also, super lightweights Marie Pier Houle (9-1-1) and Marisa Portillo (20-18-3) meet 10 rounds.


Dominican Republic

On Saturday April 6, super welterweights Claribel Mena (11-1) and Lilliana Palmera (31-15-3) meet 10 rounds at Santo Domingo.



On Thursday April 4, lightweights Rimpy Kaur (0-2) and Manjot Rattu (4-1) meet four rounds at Tarn Taran Sahib.



Dilleta Cipollone (3-0) defeated Stefany Sale (0-1) by decision after six rounds on Friday March 29. The featherweight fight was held in Romagna.

On Friday April 5, lightweights Pamela Noutcho (6-0) and Jordan Barker (7-2) meet 10 rounds at Bologna. Also, featherweights Biancamaria Tessari (0-0) and Slobodanka Jovanovic (0-0) meet six rounds.



Akane Fujiwara (6-3-1) beat Kimika Miyoshi (17-15-2) by majority decision after six rounds on Monday April 1. The featherweight match took place in Tokyo.

On Tuesday April 2, atomweights Madoka Wada (0-0) and Pimchanok Thepjanda (8-4) meet eight rounds at Tokyo.

On Sunday April 7, minimumweights Misato Sawaki (0-0) and Kokono Tado (0-1) meet four rounds at Kariya.



On Saturday April 6, bantamweights Maria Atilano (3-10-3) and Fatima Martinez (3-5) meet six rounds at Guanajuato.



Marta Vucic (1-0) won by decision after four rounds against Nikolina Stevanovic (0-1) on Sunday March 31. The super bantamweight fight was held at Majdanpek.


South Korea

On Sunday April 7, minimumweights Ji Youn Min (3-0) and Shi Yun Ryoo (2-0) meet four rounds at Gwangju.



Mary Romero (10-5) won by decision after eight rounds versus Basilia Mancilla (6-10-2) on Saturday March 30. The super bantamweight fight was held at Aguilas.



Gabriela Timar (11-1) beat Sarafina Bela (6-7-1) by unanimous decision after 10 rounds on Friday March 29. The light flyweight match was held at Berne.



Angelina Lukas (8-1) defeated Tanwarat Saengiamjit (8-5-1) by decision after eight rounds on Saturday March 30. The super flyweight match was held in Bangkok. Also, Phannaluk Kongsang (14-13-1) defeated Jittamat Phomta (3-3) in eight; Saowaluk Nareepangsri (18-23) beat Loetizia Campana (6-9) by majority decision in eight; flyweight Jessebelle Pagaduan (13-2-1) beat Panumad Bubpamalo (3-4) in four; and super featherweight Ghazal Rezaei (1-0) knocked out Ratsami Phrmmat (0-4) in three.

Hin Ting Chan (5-0) knocked out Kanyarat Nunoi (6-5) in the fourth round on Thursday March 28. The light flyweight fight took place at Bangkok.

Paksa Upatam (5-5) knocked out Kanokkan Wichaiyo (0-2) in the third round on Wednesday March 27. The super flyweight fight was held in Lam Luk Ka.

On Thursday April 4, minimumweights Roma Yousaf (5-1-1) and Phakamat Suepsoda (1-2) meet six rounds at Bang Pakong.



LeAnna Cruz (8-0) won by unanimous decision after six rounds versus Josefina Vega (9-9) on Saturday March 30. The super flyweight match was held in Chester, Penn.

Seniesa Estrada (26-0) won by unanimous decision after 10 rounds versus Yokasta Valle (30-3) on Friday March 29. The WBA, WBO, WBC, IBF undisputed minimumweight world championship fight took place in Glendale, Arizona.

Oshae Jones (6-0) knocked out Sonya Dreiling (6-5) in the fifth round on Friday March 29. The super welterweight fight was held in Atlanta, Georgia.

On Friday April 5, lightweights Stephanie Han (6-0) and Wendellin Cruz (6-11-1) meet eight rounds at Bethlehem, Penn.

On Friday April 5, super featherweights Carmen Vargas (4-1-1) and Clarice Morales (1-3-1) meet six rounds at Houston, Texas.

On Saturday April 6, featherweights Skye Nicolson (9-0) and Sarah Mahfoud (14-1) meet 10 rounds for the vacant WBC title at Las Vegas, Nevada. DAZN will stream.


(Photo by Top Rank)