Malissa Smith’s New Women’s Boxing Book and More Fight News

Malissa Smith’s New Boxing Book and More Fight News


By David A. Avila

In the world of female prizefighting, a small but growing cadre of journalists continue to crusade on behalf of the sport like a modern-day Knights Templar.

These journalists come from all over the world in places like Japan, Argentina, Poland, Mexico, the United Kingdom and the USA.

Though small in numbers, they are dedicated and relentless.

Brooklyn’s Malissa Smith is a celebrated member and on Saturday June 15, a launch party for her recently published book “The Promise of Women’s Boxing” takes place at Gleasons Gym in New York City.

A vaunted member of the International Women’s Boxing Hall of Fame organization, Smith has picked up the gauntlet to record and inspire the fans of women’s boxing. It’s a momentous task that allows for future generations to add on.

“I started it about a year ago in August in 2022,” said Smith via phone.

The book details women’s boxing with its inclusion in the London Olympics 2012 to the present period with a few women like Katie Taylor and Amanda Serrano ultimately cracking seven figure purses.

“When women’s boxing was finally introduced in the Olympics a lot of people were like wow, women’s boxing is finally going to really be discovered,” said Smith. “What I talk about in the book is if the promise is realized.”

Smith writes about the period following the London Olympics and how it impacted professional women’s boxing.  She also talks about the failure to televise female boxing during that period until the Rio Olympics in 2016.

“I have a chapter talking about fights in Mexico, Argentina and Japan and how all of the sanctioning bodies began bringing in women’s titles, most of them were won in those countries. Then momentum shifted again to Europe,” said Smith who physically trains regularly in boxing. “Interestingly, how the Covid experience on the one hand was so devastating to the sport, but for a few women became an opportunity to break out like Mikaela Mayer.”

Smith also writes about the numerous fighters of the past and present and the arrival of different promoters and changes in the sport of boxing. It’s a valuable look into the sport which has incredibly survived and adapted.

“I hope they (fans) get an appreciation of how dedicated female boxers are,” Smith said. “They (female fighters) refuse to not be allowed to box.”

The full title of Smith’s book is “The Promise of Women’s Boxing: A Momentous New Era for The Sweet Science.

The book launching includes a panel discussion with  Alicia Ashley, Heather Hardy, Ronica Jeffrey, Sparkle Lee, Maureen Shea, Shelly Vincent and moderator Raquel Cepeda taking place at Gleasons Gym on Saturday June 15, at 7 p.m. Entrance is free of charge.

Those interested in purchasing the book can find it on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and other outlets.


Bantamweight Queen?

Denmark’s Dina Thorslund handily defeated Turkey’s Seren Cetin by unanimous decision after 10 rounds to retain the WBO and WBC titles and firmly establish herself as the preeminent bantamweight in the world.

The two other bantamweight titlists are Japan’s Miyo Yoshida with the IBF title and New Zealand’s Cherneka “Sugar Neetz” Johnson holding the WBA version. Could the world see a tournament featuring these three champions?

Matchroom Boxing’s Eddie Hearn has control of one of the titles and Lou DiBella backs Yoshida, could we see all three meet in a round robin tournament or some kind of unification?



This past weekend social media powered promoters Misfit Boxing staged a boxing card featuring MMA star Paige VanZant against social media star Elle Brooke in the main event and streamed on DAZN. It was an intriguing match that nearly resulted in a first round knockout scored by Brooke.

VanZant beat the count. Barely.

Brooke landed one of her powerful rights that immediately floored VanZant when it connected. But the former UFC star now turned bare knuckle fighter survived and used her experience to turn things around and manage a split draw.

Several other female bouts took place including another MMA fighter Bi Nguyen against boxer Silvia Fernandez in a super flyweight match. Though both fighters only had one pro fight under their belts they each displayed pretty decent boxing skills in a very close four-round bout. Nguyen won but it could have been scored the other way.

It’s sad that only social media-powered boxing seems to be the only boxing promoters showcasing women’s boxing in the USA. Kudos to Misfit Boxing.


More Boxing News


Marianela Ramirez (13-8-2) knocked out Soledad Del Valle (13-15-5) in the first round on Saturday May 25. The featherweight match was held in Rio Cuarto. Also, featherweight Milagros Oller (1-0) beat Dalma Alaniz (1-3) in four.

Lorena Agoutborde (5-7-4) defeated Florencia Zalazar (6-1) by unanimous decision after six rounds on Friday May 24. The lightweight match took place in Buenos Aires.

On Saturday June 1, minimumweights Maria Sol Barmstarh (10-6-1) and Arlenn Sanchez (5-5-4) meet 10 rounds for a regional title at Buenos Aires.



On Friday May 31, lightweights Louise Creaven (0-0) and Usanakorn Thawilsuhannawang (19-5) meet six rounds at Bundall. Also, middleweights Chloe Chaos (3-1-1) and Suchada Panich (3-0) meet four rounds.



On Saturday June 1, super featherweights Denise Stanojev (9-0) and Nana Dokadze (4-21) meet six rounds at Vienna.



Asha Roka (8-0-1) defeated Lulu Kayage (8-13-4) by decision after six rounds on Saturday May 25. The super flyweight fight was held in Dhaka. Also, featherweight Rima Sarkar (1-0) beat Noushin Tasnim (0-1) by technical knockout in four; and minimumweight Sanjida Jannat (3-0-2) knocked out Rubina Akhter (0-1) in the fourth.



Jordan Dobie (5-0) defeated Valgerdur Gudsteinsdottir (7-5) by split decision after six rounds on Friday May 24. The lightweight fight took place in Edmonton.

On Saturday June 1, bantamweights Amanda Galle (9-0-1) and Edith De Jesus (7-21) meet eight rounds at Niagara Falls.



Ana Reyes (4-0) beat Yuliana Echeverry (1-3) by decision after eight rounds on Sunday May 26. The lightweight fight was held in Florida. Also, welterweight Andrea Velasquez (1-1) beat Valery Cabrera (0-1) in four.



Dina Thorslund (22-0) defeated Seren Cetin (11-1) by unanimous decision after 10 rounds on Saturday May 25. The WBC and WBO bantamweight world title fight was held in Copenhagen. Also, heavyweight Mathias Hansen (5-0) knocked out Admir Oglic (3-21) in the first round.



On Saturday June 1, super lightweights Hagar Elsayed (4-0) and Ghada Ahmed (2-1) meet eight rounds at Cairo.


El Salvador

Susana Panameno (4-2) won by split decision after seven rounds versus Hilary Romero (1-4-1) on Saturday May 25. The light flyweight fight took place in San Salvador.



On Saturday June 1, featherweights Serwa Palani (3-0) and Maja Pandurov (0-1-1) meet six rounds at Jarvenpaa. Also, super featherweights Johanna Huttunen (0-0) and Katerina Dvorakova (2-1) meet four rounds.



Flora Pil (9-0) defeated Djemilla Gontaruk (16-10-2) by decision after 10 rounds on Saturday May 25. The super lightweight regional title match was held in Ajaccio.

Victoire Piteau (12-2) won by decision after six rounds versus Bojana Libiszewska (7-64) on Saturday May 25. The welterweight fight was held in Onet le Chateau.

Lila Cherifi (2-0) won by decision after four rounds against Alkesandra Ivanovic (0-9-1) on Saturday May 25. The super lightweight match was held in Saint Etienne.

Priscilla Peterle (10-0) knocked out Brenda Lorenzo (1-8) in the fourth round on Friday May 24. The super welterweight fight was held in Guines.

On Friday May 31, lightweights Elhem Mekhaled (16-2) and Eva Cantos (9-15-1) meet six rounds at Lyon.



Melina Maibaum (10-0) knocked out Sabine Hempel (0-9) in the first round on Sunday May 28. The bantamweight match was held in Karlsruhe. Also, lightweight Patricia Lager (2-0-1) knocked out Diana Kulinova (4-11) in the first round.

On Friday May 31, super lightweights Mandy Bohm (3-0) and Mariami Nutsubidze (1-5) meet six rounds at Oberhausen. Also, lightweights Madeleine Mohrhardt (4-0) and Orsolya Moldovan (1-2) meet four rounds.

On Saturday June 1, welterweights Michaela Kotaskova (6-0-2) and Bianka Nagy (2-4) meet eight rounds at Allgaeu.



Fabiola Aggio (4-1) beat Jessica Bellusci (5-3) in eight rounds on Sunday May 28. The featherweight fight was held in Cantu.

Vittoria Parigi (5-1) won by split decision after 10 rounds versus Consuelo Portolani (5-6) on Saturday May 25. The minimumweight regional title fight was held in Piemonte.



On Friday May 31, super flyweights Clara Bessina (0-0) and Chloe Smith (0-1) meet four rounds at Ta Qali.



On Thursday May 30, atomweights Norj Guro (12-8-1) and Phunnakran Karnjanawong 4-2-1) meet 10 rounds for a regional title at Bangkok. Also, super bantamweights Sheau Ru Yang (5-0) and Tanwarat Saengiajit (9-5-1) meet 10 rounds for a regional title; light flyweights Carleans Rivas (8-7-4) and Panumad Bubpamalo (4-4) meet 10 rounds for a regional title; and super flyweights Angelina Lukas (9-1) and Harma Yesti (1-3-1) meet eight rounds.


United Kingdom

Eilish Tierney (2-0) defeated Kerry Orton (0-7) by decision after six rounds on Saturday May 25. The super featherweight bout took place in London.

Tysie Gallagher (8-2) defeated Stevi Levy (10-3) by unanimous decision after 10 rounds on Friday May 24. The super bantamweight regional title fight took place at Bethnal Green.

On Saturday June 1, super welterweights Annabelle Lloyd (0-0) and Ester Konecna (4-28-2) meet six rounds at Swindon. Also, featherweights Elaine Harrison (1-0) and Jamillette Janitza (3-13-2) meet four rounds.



Featherweights Paige VanZant (0-0-1) and Elle Brooke (0-0-1) fought to a split draw after five rounds on Saturday May 25. The match took place in Houston, Texas. Also, welterweight Alysia Magen (1-0) beat Jessica Campana (0-2) in four; super flyweight Bi Nguyen (2-0) beat Silvia Fernandez (0-2) in four; welterweights Lauren Baker (0-0-1) and Alana Potocnik (1-0-1) fought to a draw.

On Saturday June 1, super featherweights Wildalys Rivera (0-1) and Hannah Rapp (1-0) meet four rounds at Keshena, Wisconsin.