Best Female Fighters Pound for Pound

Female Fighters Pound for Pound Rankings June 2024 and More News and Notes


By David A. Avila

We seldom publish new Pound for Pound rankings.

Our last rankings were a year ago and a few changes have taken place. But the top ranking fighter still remains Claressa Shields.

We base our rankings on one simple rationale: if all the fighters were at the same weight, who would beat who? Shields remains the number one fighter in the world simply because she has dominated every opponent since her pro debut.

No other fighter in the top 12 rankings can say they dominated every opponent.

A few changes took place including Seniesa Estrada moving up due to her victory over fellow pound-for-pound fighter Yokasta Valle. Their incredible battle was worthy of watching again and again, but in slow motion. Both fighters have incredible speed.

One new addition to our list is England’s Sandy Ryan who continues to improve at a rapid pace. Her knockout win over Terri Harper was her entry into the rankings. Few fighters have improved like the tall welterweight from Derby.


Pound for Pound Best Fighters

1.Claressa Shields (14-0, 2 KOs) USA – When Shields fights on July 27 it will be more than a year since her last action. Can she continue to dominate as a heavyweight? When speed is your greatest asset and you gain considerable weight, those extra pounds can diminish your quickness and agility. Remember when Roy Jones Jr. moved up to heavyweight and won the championship. He was never the same super quick fighter after that. It’s a risky move for Shields. But she remains the most talented fighter in the world pound for pound.

2.Amanda Serrano (46-2-1, 30 KOs) USA – Twice the greatest Puerto Rican fighter in history had fights canceled for unforeseen reasons. When the Jake Paul versus Mike Tyson fight was postponed, it derailed the long-anticipated rematch between Serrano and Katie Taylor. The Brooklyn-raised Serrano is now 35 years old and at the height of her fight game. Can the super rematch still be made? Don’t ever forget Serrano fought at 115 pounds five years ago and now she is going up to 140 again to face Katie Taylor. It’s an incredible feat.

3.Katie Taylor (23-1, 6 Kos) Ireland – The rematch with Amanda Serrano will have to wait. The incredible Irish fighter who helped raise women’s boxing to another level was eager to face Puerto Rico’s Serrano again, but it remains to be seen when their rematch will take place. Who can forget their first encounter at Madison Square Garden that will forever remain as the greatest female world championship fight in history. It’s a fight that will forever be my favorite.

4.Seniesa Estrada (26-0, 9 Kos) USA – She is now the undisputed minimumweight world champion, what direction does she go now? How about a rematch with Costa Rica’s Yokasta Valle who battled furiously with the East LA fighter for 10 rounds. It was a remarkable display of speed and fight strategy that if it had been 12 three-minute rounds could have resulted in a different ending. Estrada is truly one of the most skilled fighters on the planet.

5.Chantelle Cameron (18-1, 8 Kos) UK – Her two battles with Katie Taylor exemplified the skills and determination the British fighter possesses. Throughout her career she’s accepted any opponent anywhere to prove her talent. Cameron truly exemplifies the meaning of a real prizefighter. Whenever she steps in a boxing ring, fans can always expect entertainment. She never fails.

6.Alycia Baumgardner (15-1, 7 KOs) USA – Once the suspension ends the next question for Baumgardner is in what weight division will she return? She has the ability to fight in higher weight categories and could win another world title in a different weight class. Now based in Las Vegas, she has become a fighter other champions seek to avoid. Aside from her fighting skills, she also has one-punch power and that never goes away.

7.Savannah Marshall (13-1, 10 KOs) UK – Though she’s delving into MMA, the big-punching Marshall can return to the boxing world at any time. Her victory over Franchon Crews-Dezurn was well earned and proved her abilities. Hopefully the tall fighting machine returns soon to the prize ring.

8.Mikaela Mayer (19-2, 5 KOs) USA – Twice she’s lost in the United Kingdom and twice there was serious debate about the scoring. Regardless, the tall blonde fighter based in Las Vegas remains one of the most entertaining fighters in the world and can fight at 140 pounds to 154 pounds. Any time Mayer steps in the boxing ring she brings fire and entertainment with her boxing skills. She also is one of the best interviews in boxing. That is a skill in itself.

9.Dina Thorslund (22-0, 9 Kos) Denmark– The boxing world needs to see Thorslund in action. The Danish fighter is one of the biggest secrets in women’s boxing and has decimated the super bantamweight and bantamweight divisions so far. Thorslund currently holds the WBC and WBO bantamweight titles. A bout against IBF bantamweight titlist Miyo Yoshida or WBA titlist Cherneka Johnson would be surefire battles of the ages. Hopefully a match can be made with either.

10.Sandy Ryan (7-1-1, 3 KOs) UK – With only nine pro fights Ryan has made some incredible leaps. Beginning in 2022 when Ryan fought Argentina’s talented Erica Farias, the tall British fighter has transformed into a talented and aggressive welterweight with a draw against Jessica McCaskill and a knockout win over Terri Harper. At 30 years old, Ryan is now ready for anyone in the world in the welterweight division.

11.Yokasta Valle (30-3, 9 KOs) Costa Rica – The speedy and athletic Valle engaged in one of the most incredible fights of 2024 when she fought Seniesa Estrada this past March. Their speed and agility was off the charts. Both fighters made adjustments and showed off their fighting skills to a loud and supportive crowd. A rematch between the two talented fighters would be electric.

12.Kenia Enriquez (28-1, 11 KOs) Mex – Though Mexico’s Enriquez has no world title don’t blame her. Now fighting at flyweight, none of the champions dare fight her. It’s been 10 years since any world champion agreed to fight her despite her being ranked the number one contender as a light flyweight and now a flyweight.  A match with IBF flyweight titlist Gabriel Fundora would be exciting. Or current WBC, WBA and WBO champion Gabriela Alaniz of Argentina would be good too. Who will step up to face Enriquez?


Honorable Mention Fighters

Franchon Crews-Dezurn, Ebanie Bridges, Marlen Esparza, Natasha Jonas, Tsunami Tenkai, Jessica Nery Plata, Mizuki Hiruta, Daniela Bermudez, Delfine Persoon, Gabriela Alaniz, Kim Clavel, Layla McCarter, Skye Nicolson, and Clara Lescurat,


More Shields

Claressa Shields will be facing WBC heavyweight titlist Vanessa Lepage-Joanisse of Canada for the title on July 27, at Little Caesars Arena in Detroit, Michigan it was announced on Tuesday by Salita Promotions. DAZN will stream the event.

“The Queen of Boxing is back! I’m so excited to return to the ring, especially after my MMA victory in February.” said Shields. “I’m excited to bring another entertaining fight to Little Caesars Arena. Last time 12,000 fans filled the arena.”

Shields is the undisputed middleweight world champion and will be moving up to the heavyweight division that includes fighters above 175 pounds.

The two-time Olympic gold medalist in 2012 and 2016, last fought on June 2023 when she defeated Maricela Cornejo in a riveting battle held in Detroit.


More Fight News


Maria Baumstarh (11-6-1) defeated Arlenn Sanchez (5-6-4) by unanimous decision after 10 rounds on Saturday June 1. The minimumweight regional title fight took place in Buenos Aires.

On Saturday June 8, minimumweights Sol Cudos (7-0-2) and Veronica Ruiz (5-0) meet 10 rounds at Buenos Aires for a regional title. Also, lightweights Maria Ferreyra (8-0-1) and Pamela Benavidez (10-14-3) meet six.

On Saturday June 8, welterweights Erica Alvarez (5-8) and Maria Ruiz (5-18-1) meet six rounds at Los Charruas. Also, super bantamweights Antonella Molina (3-19-2) and Rocio Rodriguez (0-3) meet four rounds.



Louise Creaven (1-0) beat Usanakorn Thawilsuhannawang (19-6) by decision after five rounds on Friday May 31. The welterweight fight was held in Bundall. Also, middleweight Chloe Chaos (4-1-1) knocked out Suchada Panich (3-1) in the second round.

Deanha Hobbs (12-2-1) won by majority decision after eight rounds versus Angel Rushton (4-2) on Wednesday May 29. The regional super featherweight title fight was held in Southport.

On Thursday June 6, super featherweights Sara Jalonen (5-2) and Jaki Toth (1-2) meet 10 rounds at Bella Vista.

On Friday June 7, light flyweights Jemma Peart (3-0) and Wanchit Kumya (0-0) meet six rounds at Surfer’s Paradise.



Sara Bellotti (7-0) won by decision after six rounds versus Eva Hubmayer (5-9-1) on Saturday June 1. The super lightweight fight was held in Enzersdorf.



Amanda Galle (10-0-1) beat Edith De Jesus (7-22) by decision after eight rounds on Saturday June 1. The bantamweight match was held in Niagara Falls.

On Thursday June 6, super welterweights Mary Spencer (8-2) and April Hunter (7-1) meet 10 rounds at Montreal for a regional title.



On Saturday June 8, bantamweights Eleanor Boutell (1-0-1) and Mariah Turner (5-0) meet six rounds at Foshan.



On Friday June 7, super flyweights Amber Summers (1-0) and Daila Vasquez (0-3) meet four rounds at Cali.

On Friday June 7, heavyweights Minellis Blanco (4-0) and Celia Sierra (9-6) meet 10 rounds at San Onofre.


Czech Republic

On Saturday June 8, lightweights Viktorie Jilkova (1-0) and Nikola Izova (3-3-3) meet four rounds at Brno. Also, super flyweights Katerina Cavajdova (1-0) and Angela Cannizzaro (6-21-1) meet four.

On Saturday June 8, featherweights Lenka Volejnikova (3-2) and Tereza Dvorakova (4-10) meet 10 rounds at Prague.


Dominican Republic

On Saturday June 8, featherweights Dyana Vargas (18-1) and Marcela Nieto (6-3-1) meet eight rounds at Puerto Plata.



Serwa Palani (4-0) won by decision after six rounds against Maja Pandurov (0-2-1) on Saturday June 1. The featherweight fight was held in Jarvenpaa. Also, super featherweight Johanna Huttunen (1-0) beat Katerina Dvorakova (2-2) in four.



Ingrid Brodu (1-0) beat Lorena Surmanidze (0-1-1) by decision after six rounds on Saturday June 1. The lightweight match was held in Nantes.

Elhem Mekhaled (17-2) won by decision after six rounds against Eva Cantos (9-16-1) on Friday May 31. The lightweight fight took place in Lyon.

On Saturday June 8, flyweights Selma Renier (5-0) and Gordana Marjanovic (8-10) meet six rounds at Herault.

On Saturday June 8, welterweights Serdia Sanogo (0-0) and Aleksandra Ivanovic (0-9-1) meet four rounds at Neully en Thelle; and Fanny Galle (1-0) and Kesnija Madic (3-3-1-2) meet four.



Michaela Kotaskova (7-0-2) defeated Bianka Nagy (2-5) by decision after eight rounds on Saturday June 1. The welterweight match took place at Wangen.



Mika Yagio (5-3-1) beat Ran Higuchi (2-3-2) by decision after six rounds on Monday May 27. The flyweight fight was held in Tokyo. Also, bantamweight Chiyomi Wada (2-0) beat Miku Nagasaki (1-3) in four.

On Sunday June 9, bantamweights Terumi Nuki (14-5) and Makoto Kikuchi (4-1) meet eight rounds for a regional title at Tachikawa.



Balaussa Muzdiman (4-0) knocked out Monika Singh (5-2) in the first round on Saturday June 1. The bantamweight fight was held in Almaty.



Karen Rubio (9-1) defeated Neftali Nava (0-5-1) by decision after eight rounds on Friday May 31. The bantamweight fight took place at Tijuana.



On Friday June 7, flyweights Sabrina Urustimova (0-0) and Ayna Kakaeva (0-0) meet six rounds at Moscow.



On Saturday June 8, super lightweights Laura Reoyo (1-1) and Katherine Quintana (0-28-1) meet five rounds at Madrid.

On Saturday June 8, bantamweights Ana Acevedo (3-0) and Marta Vucic (1-0) meet four rounds at Huelva.


South Korea

Jae Rin Lee (1-0) defeated Kyung Joo Bae (0-1) by decision after four rounds on Saturday June 1. The super bantamweight fight was held in Uijeongbu.

On Sunday June 9, middleweights Kyung Suk Yuh (5-2-1) and Kyung Jin Son (6-13-2) meet four rounds at Seoul. Also, welterweights Won Suk Lee (0-0) and Keun Tae Lee (0-1) meet four rounds.



Norj Guro (13-9-1) defeated Phunnakran Karnjanawong (4-3-1) by decision after eight rounds on Thursday May 30. The regional atomweight title fight was held in Bangkok. Also, bantamweight Angelina Lukas (10-1) beat Harma Yesti (1-4-1) in six; light flyweight Carleans Rivas (9-7-4) knocked out Panumad Bubpamalo (4-5) in four for a regional title; and Sheau Ru Yang (6-0) beat Tanwarat Saengiamjit (9-6-1) in eight for a regional super bantamweight title.


United Kingdom

Victoria Perkins (2-1) won by decision over Kerry Orton (0-8) after six rounds on Saturday June 1. The featherweight match was held in Cardiff, Wales.

On Saturday June 8, bantamweights Jasmina Zapotoczna (6-1) and Gemma Ruegg (7-11-1) meet eight rounds at Oldham. Also, Sylwia Doligala (3-1-1) and Ivanka Ivanova (6-26-3) meet six.

On Saturday June 8, Lauren Parker (8-1-1) and Kamaljeet Kaur (2-1) meet six rounds at Bethnal Green.

On Saturday June 8, welterweights Jade Grierson (3-0) and Marija Zivkovic (1-20-1) meet six rounds at Nottingham.



Hannah Rapp (2-0) beat Wildalys Rivera (0-2) by technical knockout in the third round on Saturday June 1. The super featherweight fight took place in Keshena, Wisconsin.

LeAnna Cruz (9-0) won by decision after six rounds versus Nancy Franco (19-21-2) on Friday May 31. The super bantamweight fight took place in Houston, Texas.

On Friday June 7, super featherweights Kallioppi Kourouni (17-3-1) and Edith Mathyssee (18-16-1) meet 10 rounds at Hollywood, Florida.

On Friday June 7, minimumweight fighters Lupe Medina (6-0) and Ashley Felix (4-2) meet four rounds in Santa Ynez. UFC Fight Pass will stream the 360 Promotions bout.

On Saturday June 8, featherweights Perla Lomeli (5-1) and Chiara Dituri (8-1) meet eight rounds at Atlantic City.

On Saturday June 8, \middleweights Nisa Rodriguez (1-0) and Jordanne Garcia (4-3-3) meet four rounds at New York City.


(Photo by DAZN)