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Fresh Faces: Sulem Urbina

Fresh Faces: Sulem Urbina   (Editor’s note: Sulem Urbina’s fight set for Saturday was canceled)   Like my many female fighters before her and surely after her, Sulem Urbina, 26, of Phoenix, AZ, has dedicated her life to the sport she loves.  Her whole life revolves around her strapping on the gloves.   Urbina (3-0) […]

Fresh Faces: Marina Ramirez

Fortunately for 26 year-old former amateur standout Marina Ramirez (2-0) now fighting as a pro, the milestones in her punch for bucks’ career are coming in quick.   Unlike many of her female boxer counterparts, Ramirez has not fought at dingy club shows or buried deep within numerous fight bout cards.  Her pro fight debut […]

Flashback Friday: Christy Martin vs Belinda Laracuente

Flashback Friday: Christy Martin vs Belinda Laracuente at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas March 3, 2000.     For those that follow female boxing, the “Coalminer’s Daughter” Christy Martin needs no introduction.  Arguably the first American female boxer to break through to the mainstream, Martin began boxing after participating in “tough women” contests in the […]