Alejandra Jimenez Use of Banned Substance Confirmed

Mexico’s Alejandra Jimenez Dirty Sample Confirmed


By David A. Avila

No doubt, super middleweight contender Alejandra Jimenez of Mexico has tested dirty in a second sample for a banned substance.

After more than a month of waiting, the B sample for Jimenez’s PED test taken by VADA (Voluntary Anti-Doping Association), was opened on Wednesday and once again resulted in a positive test for a banned drug, according to the World Boxing Council.

VADA had performed the testing for both WBO and WBC super middleweight titlist Franchon Crews and Jimenez before and after their fight on Jan. 11, at San Antonio, Texas. After 10 rounds Jimenez was awarded the win by split decision in a very close fight that saw Crews land many more blows.

Jimenez was ruled the new WBC and WBO super middleweight titlist, but two weeks after the fight, it was revealed that a banned substance called stanozolol was detected in her system, a substance on VADA’s banned list. It’s a recognized performance enhancement drug or PED. Often this drug is used by body-builders, it reduces fluid from the body and is also used as a performance enhancement drug in horse racing. Its effects are detected for at least 10 days.

Crews tested clean in all her tests.

“An adverse finding from a test conducted on Jan. 11, 2020 on Alejandra Jimenez as part of the testing protocol for her fight vs. Franchon Crews-Dezurn,” was found according to a statement released by the World Boxing Council (WBC) back in January. The B sample was opened on Wednesday February 19, by VADA.

The WBC also stated that it initiated a response under the Clean Boxing Program but did not state what the response entails. The WBO does not test women in world title fights.

This second sample was opened to ensure that the first sample opened was not in error. Instead, it verified the first sample that showed stanozolol in Jimenez’s system and aided her in the win over Crews.

Jimenez, 32, was the former WBC heavyweight titlist who dropped down in weight to find more competition. After becoming the second Mexican heavyweight champion she was unable to fight frequently so decided to drop down to the super middleweight division by losing more than 60 pounds.

After a November 2007 fight against Maria Jose Velis in the heavyweight class weighing 216 pounds, her next fight took place in April 2018 against Irais Hernandez and Jimenez weighed 176 pounds. She fought to a draw. Two subsequent fights took place in the next 12 month span under 168 pounds and Jimenez won both fights.

The WBC posted on social media on Thursday Feb. 20, the following statement: “The WBC is maintaining its provisional suspension of recognizing her (Jimenez) as world champion her as world champion pending its ongoing investigation.”

Numerous attempts to obtain a response by Golden Boy Promotions were not answered. Nor would they confirm.

However, Franchon Crews did respond.

“I just want what’s rightfully mine, what I worked my whole life for.”


(Photo by Tom Hogan/Hogan Photos)