Amanda vs Katie and Other Big Fights on the Horizon

Big Female Fights on the Horizon – Katie, Mikaela, Amanda and More


By David A. Avila

Let’s not forget that prizefighting began on the British Isles several centuries ago. But female prizefighting only gained traction in the last 40 years.

Ireland claims the mighty Katie Taylor but the United Kingdom also has a number of its subjects punching their way into the worldwide boxing spectrum.

With Tyson Fury and Anthony Joshua claiming all the men’s heavyweight world titles let’s not forget about the women such as Terri Harper the newly crowned WBC and IBO super featherweight titlist or lightweight Chantelle Cameron and super middleweight Savannah Marshall shooting up the ranks.

All are important players in the women’s arena and could be contending for world titles late this year or next year. Expect it sooner not later.

Harper may not be ready for the likes of Mikaela Mayer though she has the fighting tools with her speed and punching power to be a problem for anyone in the 130-pound division or higher. Two weeks ago the 23-year-old from Yorkshire, England unseated the WBC titlist Eva Wahlstrom in a 10 round scrap. It started slow and ended with a roar.

Is she ready for Mayer, Amanda Serrano or Melissa St. Vil?

Based on her promoter’s actions they don’t believe so. They have her pointed in the direction of Katherina Thunderz.

That’s OK. Plenty of time for the others.

Mikaela vs Melissa

Mayer has a date against former multi-division world champion Melissa Hernandez who emerged from retirement to hand Selina Barrios her first defeat.

Mayer and Hernandez meet on Tuesday March 17, St. Patrick’s Day at Madison Square Garden’s Hulu Theater in Manhattan, New York.

This is not an easy fight for either pugilist.

Hernandez has decades of experience and was the last to defeat the incredible Layla McCarter back in 2007. She has more moves and counter moves than most. And she loves to teach lessons in the boxing ring.

The much taller Mayer has a sizzling jab, basketball player length, and packs power in her slender frame. She also has a mean streak and once the fight gets torrid those punches come nonstop.

It’s going to be a tactical affair for a while. ESPN will show the co-main event.

One person who might be attending will be Amanda Serrano.

Amanda vs Katie

Puerto Rico’s Serrano has a date set to meet Ireland’s Katie Taylor in late April. No site has been determined or announced but New York City or London were two destinations murmured.

According to a source connected to Katie, there’s an unsubstantiated rumor that the Irish speedster won’t be able to fight until May. That would squash any Serrano-Taylor bash in New York. It also could possibly force a re-negotiation of their contracts.

But it’s only a rumor at this point.

Hopefully the fight remains headed to New York City on April 25, where a female clash of epic proportions can get its due recognition. DAZN is slated to stream the female mega fight that will help women’s boxing attract more fans in the USA.

Great Britain has a solid female boxing following, but the U.S. still lags behind when it comes to the women’s side. A Serrano-Taylor clash in New York City would definitely amp interest in American female prizefighting.

Serrano does not care whether it’s New York or London. Either destination suits her.

“I’m not one of those that worry about judge’s decisions,” said Serrano.

Claressa and Laila

It seems there’s some traction to the possibility of current female super star Claressa Shields meeting Laila Ali in the boxing ring if someone can muster $2 million dollars.

Ali said she would come out of retirement for the right amount of money. Shields is like a gunfighter with an itchy trigger finger. She just wants a showdown.

Showtime has a deal with Shields.

The last time Ali laced up the gloves was more than 13 years ago when she knocked out Gwendolyn O’Neil who ironically is fighting this weekend in a heavyweight fight against Laura Ramsey in Florida.

Ali knocked out her last 13 consecutive opponents. Of the 24 foes she faced she sent 21 unconscious or stopped. She was no joke.

Shields remains one of the most talented female fighter’s I’ve ever seen. Plus, she is only 24 years old soon to be 25 in a few weeks.

Money talks.


More Female Fight News


On Friday Feb. 28, bantamweights Daniela Bermudez (27-3-3) and Alys Sanchez (16-6-1) meet 10 rounds for the WBO world title at Santa Fe. This is Bermudez, 30, sixth defense of the title since winning it on October 2017.She is also a former super flyweight titlist.



Taylah Robertson (1-0) won by first round knockout against Ranee Klinratree (0-4) on Saturday Feb. 22. The featherweight match was held at Chandler, Queensland.



On Saturday Feb. 29, super lightweights Adriana Dos Santos (5-0) and Estheliz Hernandez (6-0) meet 10 rounds for the WBC Silver title at Sao Paulo. Also, lightweights Rose Volante (14-1) and Claudia Andrea Lopez (26-11) meet eight rounds. Plus, super bantamweights Lila Neuza Dos Santos (0-0) and Luana Barbosa (0-0) meet four rounds.



On Saturday Feb. 29, minimum weights Thi Thu Nhi Nguyen (3-0) and Kanyarat Yoohanngoh (7-4) meet 10 rounds for a WBO regional title at Bavet.



Tania Walters (2-0) won by unanimous decision after four rounds against Erika Hernandez (5-6-1) on Saturday Feb. 22. The lightweight bout was held at Brampton, Ontario.

Leila Beaudoin (2-0) won by decision after four rounds against Maria Del Angel (1-1) on Friday Feb. 21. The lightweight match was held at Rimouski, Quebec.



Rima Ayadi (2-0) beat Emma Gongora (0-1) by unanimous decision after six rounds on Saturday Feb. 22. The lightweight fight was held at Levallois-Perret.

On Saturday Feb. 29, lightweights Rima Ayadi (2-0) and Karina Kopinska (13-31-4) meet six rounds at Cabourg.



On Saturday Feb. 29, bantamweights Urvashi Singh (5-2) and Jai Shree Chouhan (0-1) meet six three-minute rounds at New Delhi. Also, minimum weights Maya Lal (0-0) and Diksha Parihar (0-0) meet four rounds.



On Saturday Feb. 29, super lightweights Annette Pabello (3-5) and Dayana Gonzalez (6-3) meet six rounds at Tijuana.

On Saturday Feb. 29, bantamweights Karina Fernandez (13-4-1) and Victoria Torres (10-1) meet eight rounds at Juarez.

On Saturday Feb. 29, featherweights Jacqueline Maximo Silvestre (2-0) and Arely Jazmin Rodriguez (1-4-1) meet four rounds at Villa Del Alvarez, Colima.

On Saturday Feb. 29, minimum weights Nora Cardoza (15-7-2) and Itzel Reyes (1-4) meet four rounds at Durango.


New Zealand

On Saturday Feb. 29, super lightweights Tania Reid (2-2-1) and Karen Te Riki (1-1) meet eight three-minute rounds for New Zealand title at Auckland. Also, super bantamweights Holly McMath (0-0) and Elli-Bliss Reynols (1-0) meet four rounds.



On Friday Feb. 28, bantamweights Wendellin Cruz (1-0) and Eveling Ortega (0-1) meet four rounds at Managua.



Panida Chatluang (3-3) defeated Panidda Pachai (0-1) by decision after six three-minute rounds on Sunday Feb. 23. The light flyweight bout was held in Bangkok.

Saule Tolegen (2-1) was the winner by decision after six rounds versus Somwang Sawinchai (2-1-1) on Saturday Feb. 22. The lightweight contest took place in Bangkok. Also, Nastaran Fathi (3-0) beat Phakamat Suepsoda (0-2) by decision after six round featherweight fight.

Manatsavee Srithongkham (1-1) defeated Suvanan Akapunya (0-2) by knockout in the second round on Saturday Feb. 22. The minimum weight fight was held at Pathum Thani.


United Kingdom

Cathy McAleer (4-0) won by decision after four rounds against Teodora Hristova (2-10-2) on Saturday Feb. 22. The super bantamweight fight was held in Birmingham. Also, a welterweight bout saw Kirstie Bavington (4-1-1) draw with Vaida Masiokaite (2-7-4) after four rounds.

Gabriella Mezei (10-23-5) beat Cheyenne Hanson (6-1) by decision after four rounds on Friday Feb. 21. The super featherweight fight was held at Yorkshire.

On Friday Feb. 28, super flyweights Carly Skelly (2-0) and Claudia Ferenczi (20-74-8) meet four rounds at Liverpool.



On Friday Feb. 28, flyweights Marisa Messer-Belenchia (1-0) and Shawna Ormsby (0-0) meet four rounds at Worcester, Mass.

On Friday Feb. 28, bantamweights Shurretta Metcalf (8-3-1) and Britain Hart (3-3-3) meet four rounds at Irving, Texas.

On Saturday Feb. 29, middleweights Sonya Dreiling (2-0) and Kayla Williams (0-4-1) meet four rounds at Gadsden, Alabama.

On Saturday Feb. 29, super welterweights Schemelle Baldwin (3-1-1) and Sarah Rueda (0-1) meet four rounds at Hockessin, Delaware.

On Saturday Feb. 29, heavyweights Laura Ramsey (10-7-1) and Gwendolyn O’Neil (19-7-2) meet six rounds at St. Petersburg, Florida.


(Photo by Ed Mulholland/Matchroom Boxing)