Amanda Serrano Powers Through Mexico’s Yamileth Mercado

Amanda Serrano Dominates Again, Katie Taylor Ready and More News


By David A. Avila

If any sure thing exists in boxing, a dominating performance by Puerto Rico’s Amanda Serrano ranks at the top.

The Brooklyn-based Serrano (41-1-1, 30 KOs) handily defeated Mexico’s Yamileth Mercado (18-3, 5 KOs) by unanimous decision in front of 16,000 fans at Cleveland, Ohio on Sunday. Her pursuit of an undisputed featherweight continues.

Against the WBC super bantamweight titlist Mercado, who moved up one division, Serrano relentlessly attacked the Mexican fighter from round one until the final bell.

A two-fisted body attack by Serrano was especially savage and despite the multiple shots to the abdomen and below, Mercado continued to stand upright and counter when possible. But for every exchange, a little less seemed to return from the pugilist from Chihuahua, Mexico.

Serrano was dogged in her attack and shot vicious lefts to Mercado’s body every opportunity it presented itself. Mercado had her moments, and was clever in being able to maneuver out of danger when caught on the ropes. But offensively, she could seldom muster a counter-attack to keep Serrano from digging body shots that would have felled a horse.

It was a showcase for women that was given by Jake Paul who fought on the same card against former UFC champion Tyron Woodley. The social media star asked for Amanda Serrano to be put on the same fight card. Many in the audience were pre-teens who had never seen a boxing event before, let alone women exchanging punches. It was a moment that Serrano did not waste.

Though Serrano did not achieve a knockout win as promised, it was not for lack of trying. It just happened that Mercado had enough skill and fortitude to absorb the punishing blows inflicted by the Boricua fighter. After the fight Mercado was sent to the hospital.

“She was a tough Mexican,” said Serrano after he fight. “She’s a world champion in her own weight class.”

Serrano has made it clear she seeks to be an undisputed featherweight world champion, but she needs WBA titlist Erika Cruz to step forward. That may be more difficult after Cruz saw her fellow Mexican fighter Mercado sustain severe punishment for 10 rounds on Sunday.

The Brooklyn fighter Serrano said a move up to fight undisputed lightweight champion Katie Taylor could happen, but first her goal is the undisputed featherweight championship.


Katie Taylor

Speaking of Katie Taylor (18-0, 6 KOs) she defends her world championship against former featherweight world titlist Jennifer Han (18-3-1) on Saturday Sept. 4, in England. DAZN will stream the fight.

The choice to select Han as the next opponent was a surprise especially considering Han had been inactive for two years. She fought Jeri Sitzes on February 2020 who had not fought in six years and won by decision. Yet, somehow El Paso’s Han was selected to face Taylor.

It is a strange development.

Many in the United Kingdom wanted Taylor to face one of their own and not an American with no lightweight division credentials. Still, Taylor, 35, deserves an easier fight after engaging in close wars against Natasha Jonas and Delfine Persoon. Also, the money usually gathered from ticket sales is not available due to the continuance of the pandemic.

Ireland’s premier fighter Taylor continues to draw fans via television or streaming and her promoter Matchroom Boxing knows this. Han represents a credible opponent at a low cost.



Two Mexican fighters suffered injuries over the weekend after fights. The more serious is Mexico’s Jeanette Zacarias who remains in critical condition in Canada after being knocked out in her fight with Marie Pier Houle on Saturday.

Mercado, who fought Amanda Serrano, was also sent to the hospital in Cleveland after their fight for observation and to sew up her cuts. According to a statement on social media, she is on her way home.


More Fights News


Clara Lescurat (2-0) won by decision after four rounds versus Tamara Bustamante (0-1) on Friday Aug. 27. The super flyweight bout took place at Buenos Aires.

On Saturday Sept. 4, light flyweights Ayelen Granadino (6-1-2) and Jazmin Villarino (4-1-1) meet 10 rounds for the Argentine title at Buenos Aires.

On Saturday Sept. 4, super bantamweights Marianela Ramirez (6-7-1) and Lilian Silva (4-8-1) meet four rounds at Cordoba.



Denise Stanojev (1-0) beat Zorana Jacovlevic (0-5) by first round knockout on Saturday Aug. 28. The featherweight fight was held at Vienna.



On Friday Sept. 3, super featherweights Adeline Polys (0-0) and Fanny Gruzelle (0-1) meet four rounds at Amay Liege.



Kim Clavel (14-0) won by unanimous decision after 10 rounds against Mexico’s Maria Soledad Vargas (15-4-1) on Saturday Aug. 28. The light flyweight title fight was held in Montreal. Also, Marie Pier (4-0-1) knocked out Jeanette Zacarias (2-4) in the fourth round. Zacarias was sent to the hospital and remains in critical condition.



Darianis Garcia (3-0) beat Laura Wollenman (0-1) by split decision after six rounds on Thursday Aug. 26. The flyweight bout was held in Medellin. Also, Mirleydis Hoyos (1-3) knocked out Allisa Apps (0-1) in the third round of a super featherweight fight.



Joana Suarez (6-1-1) won by majority decision after 10 rounds against Marie Connan (4-2) on Saturday Aug. 28. The light flyweight title bout took place at Vendome.



Natalie Zimmerman (6-0) won by first round knockout over Nana Dokadze (1-9) on Saturday Aug. 28. The lightweight match was held at Mecklenburg. Also, Lucie Sedlackova (12-1-1) knocked out Ladislava Holubova (0-5) in the first round of a featherweight bout.



On Friday Sept. 3, welterweights Kinga Magyar (10-4) and Olja Kljajic (3-2) meet 10 rounds at Budapest.



On Friday Sept. 3, lightweights Geeta Solanki (2-0) and Muskan Shrivastava (2-2) meet six rounds at Noida.



On Saturday Aug. 4,  super lightweights Poleth Ordaz (0-0) and Claudia Rangel (2-3) meet four rounds at Guanajuato.


New Zealand

On Saturday Sept. 4, super lightweights Karen Te Ruki (3-2) and Michaela Jenkins (1-2) meet six rounds at Auckland. Also, light heavyweights Lani Daniels (4-2-2) and Sequita Hemingway (1-0) meet four rounds.



On Monday Sept. 5, atomweights Nimra Nisar (1-1-1) and Khalida Bibi (0-0-1) meet four rounds at Quetta.



Oshin Derieuw (14-0) defeated Olivia Belkacem (10-2) by unanimous decision after 10 rounds on Saturday Aug. 28. The welterweight title fight was held at Fribourg.



On Friday Sept. 3, bantamweights Flora Machela (6-8) and Aisha Kizango (0-1) meet six three-minute rounds at Dar es Salaam.



Inna Suprunenko (1-0) defeated Karyna Tomashchuk (0-1) by knockout in the second round on Sunday Aug. 29. The light flyweight bout took place at Vyshneve.

Olena Gurieva (1-0) won by decision after four rounds versus Tetiana Perevezentseva (0-1) on Thursday Aug. 26. The super flyweight fight was held at Kharkiv.


United Kingdom

Stevi Levy (4-0) won by decision after four rounds versus Claudia Ferenczi (20-82-8) on Friday Aug. 27. The super bantamweight bout was held at Sheffield. Also, Katie Healy (2-0) beat Karina Kopinska (14-40-4) by decision after a four round super featherweight bout.

On Friday Sept. 3, featherweights Linzi Buczynski (1-0) and Vaida Masiokaite (2-8-4) meet four rounds at Lancashire.

On Saturday Sept. 4, lightweights Katie Taylor (18-0) and Jennifer Han (18-3-1) meet 10 rounds for the undisputed lightweight world championship at Leeds. Also, bantamweights Ebanie Bridges (6-1) and Mailys Gangloff (5-2) meet eight rounds.



Amanda Serrano (41-1-1) won by unanimous decision after 10 rounds versus Mexico’s Yamileth Mercado (18-3) on Sunday Aug. 29. The WBC, WBO, IBO featherweight title fight was held in Cleveland, Ohio.

Carisse Brown (4-1) knocked out Elizabeth Tuani (1-3) in the first round on Saturday Aug. 28. The super featherweight bout was held at Saint Petersburg, Florida.

On Saturday Sept. 4, bantamweights Unique Harris (1-3-1) and Rianna Rios (1-0) meet four rounds at Washington D.C.

On Saturday Sept. 4, super bantamweights Sarah Liegmann (0-0) and Kedra Bradley (1-2) meet four rounds at Omaha, Nebraska.

On Saturday Sept. 4, middleweights Ayanna Tramont (1-0) and Miranda Barber (1-2) meet four rounds at Huntington, New York.

On Saturday Sept. 4, bantamweights Shelly Barnett (4-5-2) and Noemis Bosques (12-16-3) meet eight rounds at Milwaukee, Wisconsin.



(Photo by Amanda Westcott)