Canada’s Kim Clavel Challenges Mexico’s Yesenia Gomez for WBC Title

Can Kim Clavel End Mexican Domination and More Fight News


By David A. Avila

When Canada’s Kim Clavel meets WBC light flyweight world titlist Yesenia Gomez for the championship it will be the first time in nine years the belt will be competed for outside of Mexico.

On Friday, Mexico’s Gomez (19-5-3, 6 KOs) meets number one contender Clavel (15-0, 3 Kos) at the Montreal Casino in Montreal, Canada. The Mexican champion has never fought outside of her country.

This is the Canadian fighter’s first attempt at a world title.

“Friday is a dream come true for me,” said Clavel. “I intend to take advantage of this opportunity.”

Its rare for anyone to fight for the WBC light flyweight title outside of Mexico. Not since March 3, 2013 have two fought for this green and gold belt outside of the former Aztec empire. That’s when Ibeth “La Roca” Zamora fought Japan’s Naoko Shibata in Tokyo and won by split decision.

Mexican fighters have held the title like a birthright for 10 years. Can Clavel break the chain on Friday?

Clavel, though only 5’1” in height, has a style that can best be described as attack dog mentality with a scientific approach. She will be giving up five inches in height to Gomez in the prize ring.

“Gomez is a great champion. I am very proud and honored to face her for the prestigious WBC light flyweight title,” Clavel said. “I had a very good. We have styles that should make for a great fight.”

For Gomez the big question is can she perform outside the comfort of home. Repeatedly over the years her management refused to fight top contenders Kenia Enriquez and Seniesa Estrada.

Many experts expect Gomez to have her toughest fight since Esmeralda Moreno when the two battled twice in close slugfests. Incidentally, it was Moreno who began the Mexican reign of WBC light flyweight champions.

Calvel faces a mighty task but the zesty fighter with boundless energy feels eager to perform.

“Being alert defensively, imposing a good jab and not letting her establish her rhythm,” Clavel said are important factors in the fight. “For the rest, I will keep that to myself. I would not like to let her know our game plan before the fight.”

Will it be Canada or Mexico that becomes home to the world champion?


Atomweight World Title

Undefeated WBC atomweight titlist Fabiana Bytyqi (19-0-1) of the Czech Republic defends against Mexico’s Elizabeth Lopez (10-4-4) on Friday July 29, in Ferizai, Kosovo.

Bytyqi, 26, won the atomweight title on September 2018 and has defended it only twice in four years despite having six fights within that time span.

Lopez, 30, has fought twice for the minimumweight title losing to Yokasta Valle and Kasumi Saeki. This is her time dropping down and fighting for the atomweight title at 102. She fights out of Cancun, Mexico.


Crowded in August 6

WBA, WBC world titlist Marlen Esparza will be defending against Venezuela’s Eva Guzman on Saturday August 6, in Fort Worth, Texas, announced Golden Boy Promotions today.

That particular date will be extremely crowded with other top notch women cards.

First, Amanda Serrano returns to the prize ring on Aug. 6 and faces Argentina’s Brenda Carabajal in defense of the IBO, WBO, WBC featherweight world titles at Madison Square Garden in New York City. Showtime pay-per-view will televise the fight that also features her promoter Jake Paul fighting Hasim Rahman Jr.

In Southern California, on Aug. 6, another marquee clash takes place as Sulem Urbina (12-2-1) meets Jhosep Vizcaino (10-9) at Commerce Casino in Commerce, California.


More Fight News


Evelin Bermudez (17-0-1) defeated Yairineth Altuve (13-4) by unanimous decision after 10 rounds on Saturday July 23. The IBF and WBO light flyweight title fight was held at San Lorenzo.

On Friday July 29, super featherweights Lucrecia Manzur (5-0) and Maria Ferreyra (2-0) meet six rounds at San Miguel.



Angel Rushton (2-0) beat Ayisha Abied (1-5) by decision after four rounds on Wednesday July 20. The super featherweight fight was held at Sydney. Also, welterweight Kate McLaren (1-0-2) beat Connie Chan (1-3) by decision after four rounds; featherweight Shanell Dargan (1-0-1) beat Jaala Tomat (0-2-1) by decision after four; and super featherweight Jessica Adams (1-1-1) knocked out Ashleigh Sims (0-1-1) in the second round.



On Saturday July 30, super bantamweights Catherine Tacone (1-2) and Maria Souza Santos (0-1-1) meet four rounds at Guarulhos. Also, light flyweights Elhem Conceicao (0-0) and Radija Silva (0-0) meet three rounds.



Amanda Galle (6-0-1) and Jaqueline Mucio (7-10-2) fought to a split draw after six rounds on Thursday July 21. The super bantamweight match was held at Toronto.

On Friday July 29, light flyweights Yesenia Gomez (19-5-3) and Kim Clavel (15-0) meet 10 rounds for the WBC world title at Montreal. Also, welterweights Marie Pier Houle (6-0-1) and Timea Belik (6-5) meet six rounds; plus featherweights Caroline Veyre (0-0) and Wendy Cruz (0-3) meet four rounds.



American Tiara Brown (12-0) won by technical knockout in the third round over Paulina Cardona (25-27-7) on Saturday July 23. The featherweight match was held at Melgar. Also, Stevie Morgan (2-0 knocked out Laura Patarroyo (0-1-1) in the first round of a lightweight bout.



On Saturday July 30, super flyweights Laura Pain (2-0) and Maria Domeova (0-5) meet six rounds at Konigsbrunn. Also, featherweights Cheyenne Hanson (11-2) and diana Kulinova (4-2) meet six rounds; and featherweights Kalliopi Kourouni (12-3) and Zorana Jakovlevic (0-5) meet four rounds.



On Friday July 29, featherweights Neha Chahar (2-1-1) and Virpal Kaur (0-1) meet four rounds at Gurgaon. Also, super flyweights Navdeep Kaur (0-1) and Riya Thapa (0-0) meet four rounds; super featherweights Manjot Rattu (0-1) and Gursimranpreet Kaur (0-0) meet four rounds; Jashanpreet Kaur (0-0) and Vijay Lakshmi (0-0) meet four rounds.



On Friday July 29, super bantamweights Maria Cecchi (7-1) and Abigail Quartey (4-0) meet eight rounds at Pagani.



On Thursday July 28, bantamweights Gachiko Haguida (0-1) and Hanako Adams (0-2) meet four rounds at Tokyo.



On Friday July 29, atomweights Fabiana Bytyqi (19-0-1) and Elizabeth Lopez (10-4-4) meet 10 rounds at Ferizaj for the WBC world title.



Silvia Torres (20-3-3) and Tania Garcia (7-6-2) fought to a split draw after eight rounds on Saturday July 23. The minimumweight fight took place at Mexico City.

On Saturday July 30, super bantamweights Karla Castillo (0-0-1) and Milagros Leyva (0-1) meet four rounds at Tijuana.

On Saturday July 30, featherweights Miriam Hernandez (1-0) and Laura Gutierrez (0-0) meet four rounds at Ciudad Juarez.

On Saturday July 30, minimumweights Maria Rendon (1-1) and Yoana Carrillo (0-0-1) meet four rounds at Quiroga, Michoacan.

On Saturday July 30, super featherweights Malena Pech (0-0) and Kimberly Gonzalez (1-1-1) meet four rounds at Cozumel.



Yesugen Oyuntsetseg (1-0) won by split decision after six rounds over Michidmaa Erdendedal (0-1) on Thursday July 21. The super bantamweight bout took place at Mongolia.


South Africa

On Thursday July 28, super lightweights Kholosa Ndobayini (15-10) and Anisha Basheel (9-8) meet six rounds at Johannesburg.

On Sunday July 31, lightweights Bonita Van (5-4-2) and Raider Muleba (4-14-1) meet eight rounds at Soweto.



On Saturday July 30, super lightweights Grace Mwanjwanga (1-0) and Suzana Mahenge (0-1) meet six rounds at Songea.



Kullathid Kueasanor (2-0) won by decision after six rounds against Sothita Sittichai (3-2) on Friday July 22. The minimumweight fight was held at Thani. Also, Jessica Louise (1-0) knocked out Somwang Sawinchai (2-5-1) in the fourth round of their super lightweight fight. Bantamweight Khwunchit Khunya (4-11-1) knocked out Kirada Saksitsakul (0-1) in two rounds. Plus, super bantamweight Benjamat Phakra (11-17) knocked out Arisa Camna (0-1) in the second round.


United Kingdom

Gemma Ruegg (5-4) won by knockout over Panagiota Zervoudak (0-4) on Saturday July 23. The super flyweight match took place at Bournermouth, England.

Linzi Buczynskyj (3-1) won by unanimous decision after 10 rounds against Chelsey Arnell (1-1-1) on Saturday July 23. The super featherweight match took place at Oldham, England. Also, Jasmina Zapotoczna (1-0) won by decision over Claudia Ferenzci (20-96-8).

Kerry Haley (1-0) won by decision over Karina Szmalenburg (14-52-4) on Saturday July 23. The welterweight fight was held at Newcastle, England.

On Saturday July 30, super bantamweights Nina Hughes (2-0) and Tysie Gallagher (4-0) meet 10 rounds at Grays for a regional title.

On Saturday July 30, lightweights Caroline Dubois (2-0) and Happy Daudi (11-10-1) meet six rounds at Bournemouth, England.



Shurretta Metcalf (11-4-1) defeated Alicia Acero (3-2) after six rounds on Saturday July 23. The super bantamweight fight was held at Nashville. Also, Kailia Attry (7-0) beat Kim Colbert (3-23) by decision after six rounds in a super featherweight fight.

On Thursday July 28, super flyweights Jasmine Artiga (8-0-1) and Amy Salinas (4-1) meet six rounds at Fantasy Springs Casino in Indio, California. Plus, flyweights Gabriela Fundora (7-0) and Lucy Hernandez (7-12) meet six rounds.

On Friday July 29, middleweights Jenna Gaglioti (3-0) and Miranda Barber (2-4) meet four rounds at Rutherford, New Jersey. Also, lightweights Michelle Cook (2-3-2) and Elizabeth Tuani (2-7) meet four rounds.



On Thursday July 28, super featherweights Nguyen Thi Thanh (0-0) and Skye Falzone (1-1) meet four rounds at Ho Chi Minh City. Also, welterweights Huynh Ngoc Yen (0-0) and Jessica Louise (1-0) meet four rounds.

On Saturday July 30, bantamweights Casey Morton (10-3-3) and Wassana Kamdee (5-6) meet six rounds at Vung Tau.